Carter County Wills

1838 - 1886 Extracted Wills

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Note that probated wills appear in the Carter County Order Books (detailed disposition of the decedent's property).

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Select Individual WIll and Inventory Images

Armstrong, Chester A.
Armstrong, George
Armstrong, George W.
Armstrong, Lula Ann (Cobern)
Armstrong, Matt Wylie
Armstrong, R. L.
Armstrong, Tom
Armstrong, William Henry
Barnhill, Milt 1835
Biggs, Douglas 1835
Blankenship, William Riley 1892
Bond, Basil S. 1885
Brown, Low 1841
Brunk, Daniel 1863
Burnett, Avanelle Frances 2005
Carroll, Daniel 1856
Counts, William G. 1919
Davis, David 1898
Duncan, Leroy 1870
Erwin, Ocer 1870
Erwin, Robert D. 1870
Floyd, Thomas 1856
Fultz, G. H. 1951
Glessner, Rachel (Fraley) 1940
Glessner, Ross Alexander 1899
Henderson, James 1871
Hicks, Henry 1890
Hillman, Henry Waterson
Hillman, James
Hillman, John S. Sr.
Hillman, Thelma Marie
Hunt, Reuben Sr. 1826
Kiser, Eliza (Parker)
Kiser, Myrtle
Kitchen, Andrew 1887
Kitchen, Charles 1920
Kitchen, Francis Marion 1961
Kitchen, James B. 1943
Littleton, Andrew 1902
Littleton, James Monroe 1909
Littleton, John 18??
Lucas, Aaron S. 1923
Mauk, Frederick 1866
McLease, Daniel 1859
Moak/Mauk, Samuel 1819
McKenzie, Philip Dean 2000
Porter, Alexander Francis
Porter, Katie
Reeves, Cynthia Ann (nee Blankenship) 1899
Rice, Ezekiel L. 1862
Rice, Tabitha Stewart 1884
Ross, Harlan 1958
Ross, John 1695
Ross, June
Ross, Reuben Fletcher 1936
Ross, Richard Mansfield 2000
Staggs, Ronald 1996
Stamper, William 1906
Stevens, Bethel 1961
Stewart, Charles H. 1889
Tabor, U. S. G. 1996
Zornes, Emma Ethel

Court Orders Relating to the Decedent

Lucas, Henry Kain 1937

Will Book Images For Carter County-related Individuals in Bath County

Will Book Images For Carter County-related Individuals in Fleming County

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