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Ireland History in Maps
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Family Tree Magazine - Best of 2008 and 2010
IrishKnowledge - The Irish Studies Network

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History meets geography meets genealogy in this site, which starts with "Ice Ages and Arrival of Humans." You also can hunt for surnames by county, barony or castle.
-- Family Tree Magazine

"Excellent resource for the study of Irish history at all levels. The development of the country can be seen on a series of maps organized according to a timeline."
-- Eircom learning.

"If one picture is worth a thousand words, then this site is worth volumes. There is a series of maps, from 150 AD to the present. Each one is accompanied by an explanatory essay and related articles. Very well done and researched. A must site to visit."
-- Study WEB.

"Historical Geography and Genealogy of Ireland, with Maps spanning 2,000 years."
-- The Swift Guide to Ireland.

"Maps of Ireland through the ages. Particularly good site for ancient Irish history. Many links to other sites, historical and genealogical."
-- Dungarvan Museum Society.

"Extensive list of Irish names with Gaelic and Anglicised versions, their county of origin and clan associations. An excellent genealogical resource for those familiar with the geography and history of Ireland."
-- Donegal on the Net.

"Each clearly rendered chronological map is accompanied by historical background. Site also includes sections on Old Irish Kingdoms & Clans, Irish surnames, castles, and much more."
-- Guide to: Medieval History.

"There is an immence amount of detail and history here, this site comes highly recommended. Search for your surname or read about early dioceses."
-- Local Ireland.

"Fascinating site, illustrating different periods of Irish history using maps of the country. "
-- AltaVista, etc. Directory for Society/History/European/Ireland.

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