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A collection of Springfield, IL Newspaper
Clippings from the WWII Era.

This collection was donated to the Christian County Genealogical Society by Jerry Banfield.
The clippings are a product of Jerry's Grandmother, who lived in
Springfield during the time of WWII and saved the articles,
that appeared, of area service men & women.

The CCGS is proud to have received this collection and to be able to make
them available to the public.  For prints, contact us at

Contact our Webmaster to report missing or mis-directed links.

Groups of City Board 3, County 1 Instructed
County Board 2 Selectees Report to Draft Officials
City Board 3 Selectees report for Instruction

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Page A-1
Adams, George  * Adcock, William H.  *  Alewelt, Eugene W.
Alexander, Charles H., Jr.  *  Alexander, Otto  *  Allen, Jack T.
Alley, Orthello C.  *  Allison, Robert A.  *  Anderson, Dorothy
Andrusavitch, Edward  *  Antonacci, Walter H.

Page B-1
Babicky, Thomas  *  Bailess, Oliver T.  *  Baker, Robert W.
Baker, Roy William  *  Baliva, Ralph A.  *  Baptist, John
Barrinton, Robert C.  *  Bartlett, Glenn W.  *  Bauer, Roland W.
Bender, John (Jack)  *  Bennett, Fred H.  *  Berger, Myron H.

Page B-2
Best, Florence  *  Beynon, John Alfred  *  Blair, James L.
Blakeman, John A.  *  Blankenship, Dean Theodore  *  Boarman, Joseph A.
Boblitt, Clyde A.  *  Boehmer, Karl E.  *  Borgstrom, Boyd G.
Boston, Pete  *  Boynton, Stribbling  *  Brand, Ellsworth

Page B-3
Brand, Willard  *  Brian, Tony J.  *  Broch, Peter
Brockhouse, Albert  *  Brodie, George S.  *  Brown, Floyd E.
Brown, George  *  Bruckner, Anthony  *  Bruckner, Leslie W.
Bumgardner, Melvin L.  *  Burnett, William E.

Campo, Peter
Canady, Melvin
Carbagal, Joseph
Carlock, Amon
Carlock, Amon P.
Chapin, James R.
Clark, Jerry
Clement, Henry P., Jr.
Cline, Glenn
Cloyd, Wayne
Cody, Francis J.
Coffill, Aloyzy D.
Cole, Kenneth R.
Collard, Carl L.
Collard, Wilbert J.
Connolley, Oliver P.
Constant, Burdette M.
Conwill, William D.
Cooper, Blonnie Ray
Cothern, Lyle W.
Cox, William G.
Crowe, Charles R. #1
Crowe, Charles R. #2
Cumming, Neil
Cunningham, Thomas

Daley, William
Davis, Billy J.
Davis, Harold A.
Davis, John
Dawson, George D.
Day, Clifton A.
Deichmann, Wiliam
Denton, William A.
Deornella, Earl H.
Dill, Bobby
Dodson, Robert E.
Donahue, Cecil Edward
Downing, Ted
Drake, Roy W.
Duvall, James

Early, Joseph A.
Eddington, Charles F.
Edwards, Gilbert E.
Eggleston, George
Emerson, Edward M.
Emmett, Jerald
Ervin, William
Evans ,William J.
Ewing, Leslie E.

Fagg, Otto R.
Farnworth, Ralph W.
Fore, Milford E.
Forestner, John J., Jr.
Fortner, Gene
Foster, Paul
Foster, Thomas E.
Fox, Robert
Fredericks, Marvin D.
Freitag, LaRue H.
Furry, Claude Edward

Gabriel, Franklin T.
Gaines, Leo W.
Gardner, Delmar #1
Gardner, Delmar #2
Gardner, Delmar #3
Gardner, John
Gee, Reece
Geist, Louis
Geletka, Nick
Gerlach, Kenneth E.
Giardina, Ralph
Gill, Harry W.
Gill, Russell
Gingold, William S.
Goering, Carl
Grabner, Louis
Greening, Alfred H.
Griffin, Howard W.
Groesch, Robert H.

Hacker, George Robert
Hackl, Joseph L.
Hankins, L T William
Harbour, Bud
Harnett, Robert
Harriss, George E.
Hart, Robert W.
Hayes, Ernest
Hedrick, Walter O.
Heinrich, William Jr.
Heisler, Kurt
Henderson, Elmer
Henderson, George F.
Herter, Edward C.
Hewitt, Ross
Hill, Robert H.
Hill, Sylvester I.
Hinds, Ferren Ralph
Hoffman, Eugene F.
Hoke, William
Hoyt, Betty L.
Hurton, Eugene

Ingram, Robert F.
Ingram, William Jr.
Irwin, Glenn D.

Jaeger, Albert
Jallas, Joseph John
Johnson, Stephen J.
Jones, John K.

Katzenburger, Floyd N.
Kerasotes, Anthony
Kern, Merle
Keys, George Joseph
King, Robert
Knight, Paul
Kochman, Karl E.
Kovalik, Jack
Kovalik, Jack E.
Kuhns, Russell
Kusch, Fred William

Lair, Terry W. (MIA)
Lamb, Ora
Landers, Charlie
Lane, Clifford E.
Langen, Gerald E.
Lanham, Lewis A.
Laurenzana, Joseph
Lawson, Fred Kelly, Jr.
Leach, Melvin L.
Lear, Robert H.
Lentz, Russell
Little, Joe H.
Livingston, William #1
Livingston, William #2
Lomelino, Louis
Long, Edward J.
Lovejoy, Leonard
Luken, James L.

Madonia, Anthony J.
MaGee, Tom R.
Manning, Bill
Manning, Wayne E.
Matthews, Glenn
Maurer, Howard L. #1
Maurer, Howard L. #2
McCandless, James
McCarthy, Joseph M.
McCarty, Herschel
McCormick, Howard
McCoy, Charles W.
McGill, Bernard P.
McKinney, Eugene
Meador, William Henry
Miler, Paul L.
Miles, Floyd
Miller, Alfred A.
Miller, John M.
Miller, Robert E.
Miller, William Owen
Mitchell, Edward S., Jr.
Mondin, Leon
Morrissey, Joseph #1
Morrissey, Joseph #2
Mrosko, Fred
Muncy, Thomas
Mundstock, William M
Myers, Samuel J.

Newell, James R. #1
Newell, James R. #2
Noll, Donald E.
North, Jimmie
Nuccio, Samuel J.

O'Brien, Melvin H.

Painter, George F.
Pari, Tony
Parker, John W.
Parscenski, Paul C.
Partain, Thornton
Patton, Leonard S.
Paul, Harry W.
Peratt, Garrett Hobart, Jr.
Phelps, Ulysses S. (Pete)
Polistina, Amato
Pompei, David A.
Powers, Bill Wilbur
Priddy, Leon
Pritchard, Bruce A.
Proctor, John (Jack) S.

Race, Robert
Ransdell, Helen V.
Rath, William T.
Ravely, Sheryll
Reed, Clyde R.
Reed, Philip G.
Reynolds, Matthew Gerald
Richards, Ray H.
Richards, William H.
Riva, Barney
Roach, Alvie, Jr.
Robert, Henry K.
Rodgerson, Robert L.
Rogers, Ernest
Rogers, L. C.
Roll, James E.
Ruckman, George F.
Rusciolelli, Tony
Russell, Brooks
Rutherford, Eart T.
Ryan, Harold F.

Sahs, Robert A.
Saladino, Joe
Santarelli, Julian J.
Sapp, Whitney P., Jr.
Schleyhahn, Loyd
Scott, Charles
Scott, James
Sharp, George
Sharp, Richard
Sheppard, Robert
Sidener, John S.
Skadden, George
Skoda, George F.
Snyder, William Clayton
Spudich, Steve
Staten, George E.
Stevens, Floyd J.
Storts, Richard Price
Strate, Ernest Frank
Stratton, Elbert R.
Strazar, Tony
Stritzel, John
Stuper, John S.
Sullivan, Harold Walter
Sullivan, John
Sutphin, John W.
Sutton, Charles Leonard
Szoke, Kolman

Terry, Henry L.
Thompson, Donald E.
Timinsky, William E.
Travis, William J.
Truax, Paul

Vala, John B.
VanHuss, Charles
VanMeter, LeRoy
Vowels, Frank C.

Walsath, Elvis E. (Jim)
Walsh, George A.
Ware, Ivan Francis
Welch, Melvin
Wells, John D.
Wells, John Dwayne
Wenneborg, Richard P.
Werner, Fred
Werner, Ray F.
Werner, Robert G.
Werner, Walter C.
White, John B.
Wiest, William H.
Wieties, Robert
Williams, Eddie L.
Williams, Robert I
Williamson, Clyde P.
Wilson, Charles R.
Winterbauer, Francis G.
Wiseman, James R.
Wysocki, Anthony J.
Wysocki, Joseph J.

Yoho, John H.
Young, George R.

Zaeske, Earling W.
Zimmerman, Dwight

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