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  Finley Cemetery

Finley Cemetery is one of two graveyards located on the SangChris Lake property in South Fork Township of Christian County Illinois.  When the lake was built, the stones were mapped and removed.  After the ground was built up, the stones were put back in their original places.  
Unlike it's counterpart, this cemetery has been abandoned and is nearly inaccessible.  In April 2009, a small group from CCGS fought our way through the brush and undergrowth to find the cemetery and photograph the stones.  With out the use of GPS, we would have failed in even locating it.
While the information on some stones can be read, we were unable to get to others to read them.  Still others were rendered unreadable when a recovery attempt, of sandblasting the stones to clean them, erased the writing almost completely.

Nelvin, our fearless leader!

A listing of burials for this cemetery is available in our library.
Tombstone photos and burial information can be found at US Cemetery Project.

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