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8th Annual Cemetery Walk

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Held at Morrisonville Cemetery
in association with the
Morrisonville Historical Society

Oscar Ulrey (1877-1980)  Portrayed by Bill Bullard

Oscar was a family man, farmer, school teacher, Police Magstrate, 
busness man and carpenter.  He kept over 80 years of diaries that
he donated to UIS's Brookens Library, Springfield, IL on his 100th birthday.

Col. James Lowry Donaldson Morrison (1816-1888)  Portrayed by Dale Brocamp

At age 16 he was a Midshipman in U.S. Navy, became Lieutenant-Colonel
in 2nd Illinos Reg. during the Mexican War, and was a State Senator in 1843,
member of the U.S. 34th Congress, filling a vacancy for a short time.  
He donated the land for settlement that would become the town of Morrisonville.

John Conrades Wahl (1876-1952)  Portrayed by Cameron Millburg

Born in Morrisonville he was a self-taught machinist going to St. Louis
to work for the Burroughs Adding Machine Company.  He worked
as a designer for a manufacturer of watchmakers' precision tools.  
He invented the Wahl-Eversharp pen.  
He had been granted over 50 patents for various inventions.

Lowell Mason Greenlaw (1877-1963)  Portrayed by Michael Millburg
Georgia Faye Greenlaw (1883-1949)  Portrayed by Cynthia Millburg

Georgia was born in Morrisonville, moving to Flora in her
early 20's where she met Lowell.  She neer forgot those formative years
in Morrisonville where she had made long lasting friendships and
 often related stories of ther growing up.  
After her death, Lowell wrote a book titled "Georgia Faye"
published by Expositon Press, New York.
(Several copies for sale at as of 9/12/10)

Oscar Leonard Swinger (1887-1971)  Portrayed by his son, Jim Swinger

Enlisted in WWI, February 1918 and became a Corporal
in Co. 1,361st Infantry of the U.S. Army.  Was charter member of
the Leslie/Reddick American Legion in Morrisonville.  
Oscar was Custodian at Morrisonville High School
from 1924 until his retirement in 1953.

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