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This is a listing of the counties in Idaho. Please click on the county of your choice to be taken directly to that counties site.

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County County Seat Established Origins Named For Host Location Mailing List
Ada Boise 1864 Boise Ada Riggs, daughter of H C Riggs, a member of the Idaho Territorial Legislature ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Adams Council 1911 Washington John Adams, second President of the United States ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Alturas Defunct1864 Abolished in 1895 Defunct A huge south-central Idaho county formed in 1864. Abolished in 1895 No Host Defunct No County Mailing List
Bannock Pocatello 1893 Bingham Bannock Native American tribe ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Bear Lake Paris 1893 Oneida Bear Lake on the Utah/Idaho border ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Benewah St Maries 1915 Kootenai Benewah, chief of the Coeur d'Alene Tribe ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Bingham Blackfoot 1885 Oneida Henry H Bingham, American Civil War general and Congressman from Pennsylvania ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Blaine Hailey 1895 Alturas James G Blaine, United States Secretary of State ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Boise Idaho City 1864 Original County Boise River ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Bonner Sandpoint 1907 Kootenai Edwin L Bonner, originator of a 1864 ferry service on the Kootenai River ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Bonneville Idaho Falls 1911 Bingham Benjamin Bonneville, French-born explorer of the American West ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Boundary Bonners Ferry 1915 Bonner Borders Canada on the north ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Butte Arco 1917 Bingham, Blaine, and Jefferson Buttes rising from the Snake River Plain ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Camas Fairfield 1917 Blaine Camassia, a plant species important as a food source among Native Americans and early settlers ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Canyon Caldwell 1892 Ada Disputed, either a canyon of the Boise River near Caldwell or a canyon of the Snake River which forms part of the county's boundary. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Caribou Soda Springs 1919 Bannock Caribou Mountains ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Cassia Burley 1879 Owyhee Disputed, either Cassia Creek or Mormon Battalion member James John Cazier ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Clark Dubois 1919 Fremont Sam K Clark, early settler and member of the Idaho Senate ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Clearwater Orofino 1911 Nez Perce Clearwater River ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Custer Challis 1881 Alturas and Lemhi General Custer mine, named after George Armstrong Custer, US Army general ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Elmore Mountain Home 1889 Alturas Ida Elmore mine, locally noted for gold and silver production in the 1860s Jeanne Hicks Mailing List
Franklin Preston 1913 Oneida Franklin D Richards, early LDS Church apostle. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Fremont Saint Anthony 1893 Bingham John C Frémont, American West explorer. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Gem Emmett 1915 Ada State nickname of "Gem State" ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Gooding Gooding 1913 Lincoln Frank R Gooding, seventh Governor of Idaho, US Senator ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Idaho Grangeville 1864 Original County Columbia River steamship Idaho launched in 1860. Name predates both Idaho Territory and the State of Idaho. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Jefferson Rigby 1913 Fremont Thomas Jefferson, third President of the United States ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Jerome Jerome 1919 Gooding and Lincoln Disputed, either North Side Irrigation Project developer Jerome Hill, his son-in-law Jerome Kuhn, or his grandson Jerome Kuhn Jr ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Kootenai Coeur d'Alene 1864 Nez Perce Kootenai Native American tribe ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Latah Moscow 1888 Nez Perce Latah Creek, Nez Perce for "the place of pine trees and sestle" ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Lah-Toh Defunct 1864 Abolished in 1867 Defunct North Idaho county formed in 1864. Abolished in 1867. No Host Defunct No County Mailing List
Lemhi Salmon 1869 Idaho Limhi, king of the Nephites according to the Book of Mormon ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Lewis Nezperce 1911 Nez Perce Meriwether Lewis, leader of the Lewis and Clark Expedition ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Lincoln Shoshone 1895 Logan Abraham Lincoln, sixteenth President of the United States. Idaho Territory was founded under Lincoln's administration. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Logan Defunct 1889 Abolished in 1895 Defunct Formed by an 1889 partition of Alturas County. Abolished in 1895. No Host Defunct No County Mailing List
Madison Rexburg 1913 Fremont James Madison, fourth President of the United States ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Minidoka Rupert 1913 Lincoln Disputed Native American origin, either Lakota for "a fountain or spring of water" or Shoshoni for "broad expanse" ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Nez Perce Lewiston 1864 Original County Nez Perce Native American tribe. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Oneida Malad City 1864 Original County Oneida Lake in New York state, where many early settlers were from. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Owyhee Murphy 1863 Original County Corruption of Hawaii. Hawaiian fur trappers explored the area in 1819 and 1820 ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Payette Payette 1917 Canyon Francois Payette, Canadian-born fur trader and early settler ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Power American Falls 1913 Bingham, Blaine, and Oneida American Falls Power Plant ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Shoshone Wallace 1864 Original County Shoshoni Native American tribe ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Teton Driggs 1915 Bingham, Fremont and Madison Teton Range and valley ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Twin Falls Twin Falls 1907 Cassia Twin Falls waterfall on the Snake River ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Valley Cascade 1917 Boise and Idaho counties Long Valley located in the county. ADOPTABLE Mailing List
Washington Weiser 1879 Ada George Washington, first President of the United States ADOPTABLE Mailing List

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