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Hi,  my name is Katy Hestand and I am your District Administrator for the Central Midwest District.  I graduated high school and had my son, Matthew in Rockford, Illinois, then we moved to Oklahoma.  If you need to contact me I can be reached at

The States in this District are:


Volunteering To Be A State or County Administrator

What are my responsibilities as a State or County Administrator?

First and foremost, you need to have some knowledge of html and be able to create and upload web pages, either through your own html or a software package, such as Front Page, Dreamweaver, etc.


1. The ability to work well with the public and answer general questions about the State. We don't expect you to do research for people, but, you should have a general knowledge of where researchers might look for information they may need, such as the library, newspapers on microfilm, county building, genealogical and historical societies, etc. The ability to work well with the County Administrators.

2. Being the general overseer of the State pages. Maintaining them and seeing that they are up to date. Providing your State logo at the *top* of your main page, as well as links to all your county pages.

3. Recruiting County Administrators for your State.

4. Assisting County Administrators in getting a place to house their county pages, and offering any needed assistance, so that they will feel comfortable in what they are doing.

5. Visiting the county pages to make sure that they are up to date and broken links taken care of. Since we want our patrons to come back, we need to try and keep things as up to date as possible.


1. Try to provide a County History to give your visitors a little background on your County.

2. Providing raw data to the website. This can be in many forms: Cemeteries, Census, Vital Records, Biographies, Maps, Photographs, Churches, Obituaries, News Articles. As a researcher, you know what you like to see on a genealogy web site, so generally other people will want to see the same thing. This can come in the form of what you can provide, as well as adding what others send to you. Make sure you provide the name and email of the contributor on the page unless requested to do otherwise.

3. You must provide a link to the main State Page and a Trails to the Past logo at the top of your main page.

Last, but not least, if you are interested in either being a State or County Administrator, contact me and I will assist you in obtaining free web space.


What if I am Unable to adopt a County, but would like to help?


There are many other ways in which to help, such as sharing some of your research or typing for the County Administrator. Contact the County Administrator or the State Administrator, if the county isn't hosted, to find out what help is needed.


Special Projects include

Photo Archive Project



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