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National Historic Landmark Application


New counter on September 13, 2011

Memo: On August 31, 2007 we were approved and changed from a "locally significant" Historical Site to "nationally significant" Historic Site listing on the National Register of Historic Places. This is the completion of the first step to Landmark status.

The National Park Service in Omaha has prepared a grant allowing our Historic Preservation Office for the State of Iowa to go forward with the nomination as a National Historic Landmark. Sometime within the next two years two committees in Washington DC will review and then forward to the Secretary of the Interior our papers for the final decision. There are 24 places in Iowa that are National Historic Landmarks. It looks promising.

Update: E-mail of January 27, 2009


The National Historic Landmark (NHL) effort is still underway but moving slowly. Much of this last year, to the extent we’ve been working on it, has gone into additional research in Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas newspapers and manuscript collections, either by interlibrary loan or by trips to Columbia Missouri and Lawrence and Topeka Kansas. That phase is now ending and I have been working on editing and adding to the two nominations, beginning with the Tabor Historic District.

Within the next month or so, I’ll be forwarding the first draft of them for National Park Service review. Then another round of revision will follow with a final draft submitted. After that, it all depends when the National Historic Landmark’s program in Washington DC gets to bringing it forward for formal committee review and designation. I would guess that nothing official will happen for another year.

--Lowell Soike

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