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Bits and Pieces, additional Salem History, $15.00 (soft cover)

The Little Cherry Seed's Grand Adventure, $5.00 (A children's book based on the true story of a cherry seedling that survived the Lewelling move to Oregon.)

Memories are Made of This ... 2006, Bob Mendenhall's life story written for his grandchildren $15.00. (It is of particular interest to those who know Bob and grew up and attended school in Salem in the 1940s and 1950s.)

Cedar Creek Friends And Its People, by Jean Leeper, 2007, 311 pages book $35.00. This book tells the history of the early Quakers in Henry County, especially those of the Cedar Creek/Salem area. It contains biographies on pastors, family histories, membership records, cemetery records and many interesting pictures and documents.

A Dictionary of Iowa Place-Names, by Tom Savage 2007 $20.00

Looking Back - Abandoned Towns of Henry County, Iowa 2004 (Reprint) $30.00

DVD - The Oregon Trail-One Boy's Journey $10.00

Booklet - William Hockett Remembers The Oregon Trail - Journey of 1847 $2.00

Our Town CD $5.00

Other Items

LQM t-shirts, light blue, dark blue picture of the house $5.00 - most sizes including XL sizes.

LQM coozies, red, blue with white picture - $1.00

LQM belt buckles, pewter or bronze - $20.00

Postcards of LQM - smaller 25 cents each larger 40 cents each.

If interested in any of these contct LQM and they will tell you postage and etc. Tele: (319) 258-2000 or

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