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3rd Salzburg Transport
Arrival - 17 Feburary 1736
London Merchant - Captain John Thomas

Arnsdorff, Andreas Lorentz   b. 1677 d. 1737 Palentine
      (Catharina) Dorothea (wife)
      Josef Leitner (married) 1741
      Peter (child)
      Sophia (child)
      Magdalena (child)
      Sanftleben (married) 1740
      (Maria) Margaretha (child) b 1727
      (Catharina) Dorothea (child) b. 1730
Bauer, Andreas   b. 1715 d 1736 Austrian
Cornberger, Johann   d. 1770 Salz
Einecker, (Einegger)   b. 1704
      Leonhard Krause (married) 1736
Einecker (Einegger), Gertraud   b. 1708 Salz
      Johann Cornberger (married) 1736
Ernst, Josef   b. 1708 d. 1741 Bavarian
      (Anna) Maria (wife)
      J Scheffler (married) 1742
      Sabina b. 1733
      Susanna (Catharina) b. 1735
Flerl (Florl), Carl   b. 1705 d. 1764
Flerl, Johann   b. 1712 d. 1770
      Anna Maria Holflinger (wife) b. 1639 d. 1774
Grimmiger, Andreas   b. 1708, Austrian, Departed for PA by 1752
      Sabina (wife) 1736 Austrian
Haberfehner, Frantz   b. 1686 d. 1736, Austrian
      Maria (wife) b. 1694 d. 1736, Austrian
      Maria (child) d 1736, Austrian
      Susanna (child) b. 1722, d. 1740 Austrian
      Magdalena (child) b. 1724, d. 1740 Austrian
Herrnberger, Frantz Sigmund   b. 1698 departed for PA 1740
Holtzer, Susanna   b. 1689 d. 1737
Holtzer, Catharina   b. 1724 d. 1751
Hopflinger, (Anna) Maria   b. 1715
      Hans Flerl married 1736
Krause, Leonhard   b. 1715 d. 1762
Lackner, Martin   b. 1707
Leitner, Josef   b. 1712 d. 1767
Maurer, Barbara   b. 1712, From Salz
Muller (Miller), Friedrich Wilhelm   d. by 1751
      (Watchmaker, master carpenter, cabinet maker, cast zinc spoons,
      made things from bones and iron for Ebenezer, but not a Salzburger).
      Anna Christina (wife) from Franconian
      (Johann) Simon (child) b. 1719 d. 1737 from Franconian
      (Johann) Paul (child) b. 1721 d. 1775 from Franconian
      (Johanna) Margaretha (child) b. 1724 d. by 1773 from Franconian
      (Agatha) Elisabetha (child) b. 1726 from Franconian
      (Anna) Maria Magdalena (child) b. 1773 from Franconian
Ossenecker (Ossenegger), Thomas   b. 1711 d. 1736, From Salz
Pletter, Johann   b. 1715 d. by 1755
Reiter (Reuter), Peter   b. 1715 d. by 1755
Reiser, (Johann) Michael   b. 1704 d. 1748, From Salz
      Anna Maria (wife) b. 1700 d. 1737, From Salz
      Gottlieb (child) b. 1735, From Salz
Schmidt, Johann   b. 1708 d. 1767
      Catharina Zehetner (wife) b. 1705, From Austria
      (Johann) Jacob (child) b. 1733 d. 1736, From Austria
Spielbiegler, Rosina   b. 1685 d. 1740
      Johann (child) departed from Charleston 1740

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