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Pictures Depicting the Golden Age of Ludowici

Interior of Ludowici Celadon Company Roofing Tile Factory about 1906.  In the front from left to right  the late Arthur L. Davis, Sr., unidentified , the late Harry E. Houston, unidentified boy, unidentified , the late Lee B. Davis, Chief Engineer, and Francis John Chapman, Jr., Book keeper. The roofing tiles in the racks to the right had been molded and ready to be place in the kiln. Photo courtesy of Tommy Houston, nephew of Harry E. Houston

Ludowici Celadon Company Club House, ca 1905 as seen from the tile factory.
Note the upper level observation deck  from where the tile factory could be  viewed.

View of the Ludowici Celadon Company tile factory at Johnston Station, Georgia
(Now Ludowici) that was taken from the observation deck of the Club House. Ca 1905

Allen Johnson House
The Allen Johnston House ca 1858, the o ldest structure in Ludowici was reroofed with Ludowici Clay Tile about 1905.

Ludowici High School
The Ludowici High School Building completed in 1905 and donated by Mr. Ludowici.
It was roofed with Ludowici Clay Tile .It served the community until the 1950’s.

All pictures are copyright Thomas D. Houston, 2002