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Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 34, Number 2

Summer 2011

Contents Page
Hezekiah Middlebrook: a Lasting Influence 35
    Mary Ann Farrell  
Harry Whittier Frees 37
    David W Dellinger  
John Gray of Mecklenburg County 39
    Hobson Scott Wright  
Cumberland Gap 48
   Peter P Summers  
Dining in Dunedin and Other Stuff 52
   Lee Harrison Allen  
1908 Buick 56
   George Byron McDonald  
Dropbox & Evernote 42
   Peter P Summers  
Finger Fiddlin's of the editor 2
On the Record  
   Bible Records - Bihl, Doty 44
Book Reviews  
 Census Substitutes & State Census Records  46
     Gloria Beek  
 The Americans: the Colonial Experience  47
     Dianna Voss  
   Colloquialisms of "Westering" Women 49
Where to Look  
 North Carolina State Archives  50
    David W Dellinger  
The Society Page  
From the President's Desk 54
Brickwalls 55
  Brumer, Rich, Ward, Bryan, Potter, Stowe, Skiles, Morphew, Bonds  

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