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Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 34, Number 1

Spring 2011

Contents Page
The Orphan Trains 3
    Sharon Tate Moody, CG  
Old Soldiers' & Sailors' Homes 5
    Donna Potter Phillips  
All the News That's Fit to Research 7
    Damon Smith Hostetler  
Railroad Lands and Your Ancestor 9
   Paula Stuart-Warren  
Beyond Parish Records 11
   Leslie Albrecht Huber   
Muster Roles 16
   Peter P Summers   
Federal Census Mortality Schedules 21
   Dick Eastman   
Finger Fiddlin's of the editor 2
On the Record  
   Bible Records - Gallagher 14
Book Reviews  
  Who's Who in the Regular Army  18
     Marjorie Wiltsey Hazel   
   New York State Censuses and Substitutes 19
     Esther Ciani Meinhardt  
   The Journey Takers  20
    Leslie Albrecht Huber   
   The Butler Dit It 23
2011 Family History Writing Competition 23
Where to Look  
   Locality Donations - Henrico & Loudon Counties, Virginia  24
    Julie Gallagher   
The Society Page  
From the President's Desk 26
Brickwalls 27
   Greenly, Kirby, Munday, Strickland, Reynell, Orourke, Stringer, Clouther, "bride train"  

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