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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 32, Number 2

Summer 2009

Contents Page
FINGER FIDDLIN'S of the Editor 2
Some Genealogical Lessons Learned Along the Way 3
    Henry Z. "Hank" Jones, Jr  
How Did Orson Meet Ellen Clementine? 6
    Lynn Pippenger  
Cemeteries, Telephone Equipment and Money 7
    Beth Shields  
GenSmarts: A Genealogy Research Assistant 9
    Peter P. Summers  
ON THE RECORD transcriptions & more
Bible Records - Cooper, Fiedler 11
St. Petersburg City Directory, 1912 (Hansen - Keith) 13
Family History Writing Competition 16
Skeletons in the Closet 16
    Evelyn Berg  
Gause & Gause Related Families 17
    Marjorie Wiltdry Hazel  
The Road to Salem 17
    David W. Dellinger  
Finding the Cook House 18
    Sallie Barr Palmer  
TESTING -1-2-3  Quick Quiz  
Using the Federal Census 19
    Joan Baker & Pat Strait  
WHERE TO LOOK  Genealogy Center resources  
The STONE Surname 20
    Gloria Beck  
THE SOCIETY PAGE  steppin' out  
From the President's Desk 23
2009 PGS Educational Seminar 24
    Damon Hostetler  
Family History Writing Competition Rules 27
BRICK WALLS  queries & questions  
PGS Valentine's Day Seminar 2009 28
    Karen Keegan  

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