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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 27, Number 1

Spring 2004

Contents Page
Pinellas Genealogy Society
   President’s Corner by Lesleigh L. Butts 1
   PGS and New Largo Library Genealogy Center Fund Raising 2
   Greater Largo Library Capital Campaign Contribution Form 3
   PGS Calendar 2004 4
   PGS Miscellaneous Information 5
   PGS Member E-Mail Addresses 7
   Is There A Genealogist in the House? 8
   Robert E. Neld Family, Pinellas Pioneer 9
   Alexander Funeral Home, Book 9 11
   World War I - “War to End All Wars” - Part 5 On the Home Front 23
   Patriots or Villains, Privateers or Pirates 27
Queries 31

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