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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 26, Number 3

Fall 2003

Contents Page
Pinellas Genealogy Society
   Presidentís Corner by Lesleigh L. Butts 59
   Meeting and Activity Schedule for 2003 59
   Awards to PGS Members 60
   PGS Banner Debut 62
   PGS at Orlando Conference 2003 62
   PGS Seminar 2004, Update 64
   Alexander Funeral Home, Book 7 65
   "Camp Was Sanctuary for Fisherman, Owner" 77
   World War I "War to End All Wars" - Part 3 79
   Bridgitte Burkett, Emigrants from Badenand and Wurttenburg - Review 83
Genealogical Miscellany  
   Citizenship - A Glossary of Terminology and its Terms 84
   E-Mail Addresses and Home Pages 88
Queries 89

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