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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 25, Number 1

Spring 2002

Contents Page
President's Report by President Raup


Pinellas Genealogy Society
   2002 Society Officers 2
   Programs and Meeting Schedule 2
   St. Petersburg Little Theatre 3
   H. P. Bussey Funeral Home Records 1895 - 1909 7
   The Origins of Pinellas County, an Early Attempt at Separation 14
   The Spanish American War, "the Splendid little war of 98" 16
United States
   Are You Out of Your Census? 20
   Other Good News 1901: 1901 Census England and Wales 21
   Lincoln County (NC) Library 22
   Washington Memorial Library 22
   E-Mail Addresses and Home Pages 23
Queries 24

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