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The Pinellas Genealogist

Volume 24, Number 3

Fall 2001

Contents Page
Standards for Sharing Information with Others


Pinellas Genealogy Society
   Meeting Schedule 59
   Summer Meetings 59
   Editor, The Pinellas Genealogist 59
   PGS Member Directory 59
   Largo Library Notes 60
       Ginger Brengle Leaves Library Staff 60
       Genealogy Computers 60
       Books and Other Publications 60
       Volunteers Needed 61
       Genealogy Classes Will Begin in October 61
       United States Census Records 61
   The Marquis and Jackson Family 62
   Florida on the Internet 66
Genealogy Miscellany
   The Old Roll of Fame 70
   Cemetery Symbols 72
   Early Occupations 75
   Epidemics in U.S. - 1657-1918 79
   Naval Aviation Deaths 80
Book Reviews
   Bringing Your Family History to Life Through Social History 81
   E-Mail Addresses and Home Pages 82

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