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PGS Help Desk

Do you need some assistance in a particular area of your genealogy research? If so, maybe we can help. The PGS members below have volunteered to try to help in the areas shown. There is no charge for this service but, if you feel that you have been helped, donations to the PGS are encouraged and gratefully accepted.

Remember that you don’t have to be an expert in the strict sense in order to help someone. You only need to know a little more than the person asking the question! If you would like to participate in this as a volunteer, please email Bob Bryan with: your name, area of interest, phone number (if you are agreeable to being contacted by telephone) and any comments. If you are a library volunteer, please indicate the days you work. If you would like to add a genealogy topic not shown below that you can help in, please let us know.

Area of Interest

Persons who can help

Becoming a Certified Genealogist Kelley
Canada (Eastern) Grandmaison
Canada (Ontario Leeds & Grenville Counties) Mackey
Colonial Dames Kitchen
Computer Basics for Genealogy Bryan, Summers, Hostetler
Czech, translate Czech and oold German and Latin Nelson
DAC (Daughters of American Colonists) Kitchen
DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) Kendall, Monroe, Strait
Digital Photography Summers, Hostetler
Email Questions Bryan
Excel Spreadsheet Bryan, Grandmaison, Summers, Hagner, Hostetler
Family Tree Maker Program Bryan, Grandmaison, Evan
General Genealogy Questions Bryan, Miller, Hagner
German Research Hagner
Getting Started in Genealogy Bryan, Miller, Summers
Internet online research Bryan, Evan
Ireland Kostelnik
Mayflower Society Kitchen
Midwestern US Research Hagner, Hostetler
Native American Genealogy Coil
New England Research Grandmaison, Filz
Organization of computer files Bryan, Miller
PAF Program Grandmaison, Summers
Photograph Editing, Restoration Bryan, Grandmaison, Summers, Hostetler
Roots Magic Program Summers, Hagner, Hostetler
SAR (Sons of the American Revolution) Hooper
Scanning Grandmaison, Summers, Hostetler
Scrapbooking Jones, Miller
Spain and Latin America (research and translation) Wyatt
Swedish Research—Genline, Emibas, Swedish Census 1890 Charest
The Master Genealogist Program Deming
Translators - French Charest, Grandmaison
Translators - German Hagner
Translators - Spanish Dellinger, Greenwood, Perricone
UDC (United Daughters of the Confederacy) Kitchen, Byther
Word Processing Bryan, Grandmaison, Hostetler , Evan (MSWord only), Summers
Writing & Publishing Family History Grandmaison, Shorey, Hostetler, Shields

Pinellas Genealogy Society Points of Contact

David W Dellinger, President 727-834-8774;
Millard Russell, Vice President 727-698-5957;
Bob Bryan, Director of Education 727-595-4521;

Contact Information




Bryan, Bob 727-595-4521
Byther, Diana 727-391-5044
Charest, Alice 727-393-1838 (Nov-April)
Coil, Gary  
Dellinger, David 727-834-8774
Deming, Ed 727-586-2347
Evan, Gladys 727-398-2700
Filz, Betsy  
Grandmaison, Charlie 727-343-2776 (Oct-May)
Greenwood, Rita  
Hagner, Debbe  
Hooper, Dan 727-744-4996
Hostetler, Damon

Jones, Kristin  
Kelley, Jean 813-805-9142
Kendall, Angela 727-585-2244
Kitchen, Mary 727-733-5383
Kostelnik, Pat  
Mackey, Pat 727-343-1252 (Nov-April)
Miller, Brenda 727-595-9121
Monroe, Pat   727-376-1055
Nelson, Judy 727-641-4456
Perricone, Nirma  
Shields, Beth 727-397-0800
Shorey, Bobbie  
Strait, Pat 727-546-3461
Summers, Peter 727-535-3093
Wyatt, Roger  

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