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Program for 2011 - Classes and educational opportunities can be found here
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For information about our prior seminar (2010), please click here.

15 Jan - Drew Smith - Using and Contribution to Genealogy Wikis (like FaminySearch and Ancestry): What They Can Do For You 19 Feb - Annual Meeting - Reports from the President and Board, with regional discussion groups

12 Feb - Annual Seminar
19 Mar - Liz Coursen - YES, YOU! An entertaining autobiography in three easy steps - The author of The Complete Biography Workbook, Liz is a 1981 graduate of Emory University with a degree in English Literature. The Workbook received a rave review on C-SPAN's BookTV and was the subject of a front-page feature story in the Livings section of the Miami Herald. Liz owns an online art business that has been featured in the St Pete Times, Entrepreneur magazine, Town & County magazine and Southern Living magazine

16 Apr - Al Hamilton - Journey of Discovery - based on his published family history.  How he over came his brick walls.

21 May - David Ellis - Copyright Law 18 Jun - The Armed Forces Military Museum - We will visit the museum - Information and brochures will be available at the May meeting.
16 Jul - Peter Summers - Genealogy Jeopardy 20 Aug - Damon Hostetler - Where is that old Geezer?  I know they're there 17 Sep - Al Hamilton - Journey of Discovery - based on his book
15 Oct - Kim Garvey - Pointing the Way Towards 21st Century Remembrance - Kim is an historian, librarian, lecturer and owner of Tree Trax, a genealogical services company. She has written for several genealogical magazines, such as, the National Genealogical Quarterly and the Florida Genealogy Society Reach Out. She is a graduate of Salt Lake City Institute of Genealogy Research, a member of the National Genealogy Society, the Association of Professional Genealogist and the Florida State Genealogy Society among many others. She specializes in a variety of areas and topics related to historical methods, immigration, ethnicity and cemeteries. 19 Nov - George Morgan - Using the HeritageQuest Online Databases 17 Dec - Holiday Party, Elections and Heirloom Show-and Tell

All meetings, except where noted, begin at 11:00 AM ET in the Jenkins auditorium in the Largo Public Library. Guests are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.
The Computer Interest Group meets at 10:00 AM before the general meeting in the Jenkins auditorium in the Largo Library.

Classes can be found here and 2012 meetings here

**NOTE: There will NOT be a meeting of the Board during June, July, August.**
Prior year calendar may be found here.

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