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Sancho (Gonzales) through Snyder, Philip Edward - Page 17 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
G10-40   Sancho (Gonzales)   S25   Shaw, Mary Ann
G10-35   Sancho, Garcia   K2   Shaw, Norma Marie
G10-35   Sancho, II, King   K2   Shaw, Robert
G10-39   Sancho, II, King of Navarre   F5   Shaw, Ruby Elizabeth
G10-35   Sancho, III, King   H1   Shead, Asa Adelbert
G10-40   Sancho, King of Navarre   H1   Shead, Nora
H20   Sanders, Abigail   H1   Shead, Samuel Loammis
S1   Sanders, Cora Estell   T4   Shearer, Mary
S1   Sanders, David S.   H12   Shellnutt, Jane Elizabeth
S10   Sanderson, Charles   V1   Shepard, Calvin
C2   Sanderson, John   S17-5   Shepard, Hercules
C2   Sanderson, Mary   V1   Shepard, John
S10   Sanderson, Mary E.   V1   Shepard, Mary Jane
A4   Sansoucy, Ignace   E2   Shepard, Nancy
A4   Sansoucy, Josephte Marie   S1   Sheperd, Calvin Theodore
A4   Sansoucy, Pierre   S1 * Sheperd, Carolyn Lee
S11   Sapp, Allen   S1   Sheperd, James H.
S11   Sapp, Bartley W.   S17-5   Sheppard, Comfort
S11   Sapp, George Lawton   D5   Sherill, Mattie Geneva
S11   Sapp, Martha Ellen   H18   Sherman, Alice Marie
O4   Sargent, John   P2   Sherman, Eliza
J1   Sarisee, Ann   B26-1   Sherman, John, Rev.
M1   Sasimowicz,  Petronela   B26-1   Sherman, Mary
M1   Sasimowicz, John   D5   Sherrill, Helen Faye
M1   Sasimowicz, Teofilia (---)   D5   Sherrill, Jason
H17-2   Sauker, Anna Elizabeth   D5   Sherrill, Joseph Leroy
H17-2   Sauker, Unknown   S28   Shields, Archibald
H18-1   Saults, Phebe Ann   S28   Shields, Homer Harley
G10-10   Saunders, Emma   S28 * Shields, Janet Louise
H20   Saunders, Henry   B27   Shields, Janet Louise
S30 * Saunders, Henry   S28   Shields, Phillip Henry
M20   Saunders, Henry   S12   Shields, Walter A.
S30   Saunders, James   R16-1   Shilling, Mary
M3   Saunders, Lydia S.   S26 * Shorey, Beatrice Elaine
K4   Saunders, Sarah   S26   Shorey, Daniel S.
G2   Savoie, Cuthbert   S26   Shorey, Gustavus B.
G2   Savoie, Cyrille   S26   Shorey, Leforest
H3   Savoie, Cyrille   S26   Shorey, Milton Leforest
H3   Savoie, Marie Caroline   L4   Shultz, Elizabeth
G2   Savoie, Marie Caroline   P25-2   Shumake, George W.
G10-6   Sawbridge, Elizabeth   S17-1   Sibe, Wolber
G10-14   Sawbridge, Elizabeth   R8   Siemsen, Elise Sophia Marie
G10-15   Sawbridge, Elizabeth   G8   Simard, Madeleine Marie
G10-15   Sawbridge, William   S20 * Simcoe, Donald
D3   Sawhill, Isabelle   S20   Simcoe, Donna
G6   Sawtelle, Martha   S20   Simcoe, James Carl
L5   Sawyer, James Bean   S20   Simcoe, James Simon
L5   Sawyer, Mary Ella   S20   Simko, Andrew
L5   Sawyer, Theodore   L9   Simko, Elizabeth Amelia
B2-2   Sax, Christian   A4   Simon, Francois
B2-9   Sax, Christian   A4   Simon, Madeleine Magdele
B2-2   Sax, Grietje   Mc4   Simons, Ann Jane
B2-2   Sax, Grietje   Mc4   Simons, James
B2-8   Sax, Grietje   Mc4   Simons, Jane (---)
B2-2   Sax, Margaret   B13   Simons, Tabitha Elizabeth Jane
B2-2   Sax, Peter C.   B1   Simpson, Frances Savanah
B2-8   Sax, Peter Johan   D2   Simpson, Josephine L.
B2-9   Sax, Peter Johan   C11   Simpson, Mary B.
F3   Saxon/Sexton, Anna   D2   Simpson, Thomas
S6   Sayward, Eunice   S7   Sims, Elizabeth
S6   Sayward, Theodore   S29   Sinclair, Harold R.
L2   Schaaf, Margaret   S22   Singleton, Ella Catherine
J2   Schachtschneider, F. W.   T4   Sipes, Benjamin
J2   Schachtschneider, Friederich   T4   Sipes, Mary
O1   Schauffer, Sarah Ann   A2   Siscoe, Clinton Arthur
C12   Schey, Annie   A2   Siscoe, Earnest Fayette
S2   Schindehutte, Anna Katherine   A2   Siscoe, Eleazer
S2   Schindehutte, Ernest John   A2   Siscoe, Mary Williamson
S2   Schindehutte, G.   C4   Sistrunk, Doc
S2   Schindehutte, Martha   S5   Sistrunk, Gosper
K6   Schlegel, Barbara   S5   Sistrunk, Gosper H.
T3   Schloen, Catharina A.   S5   Sistrunk, Henry Jackson
J1   Schloendorff, Adelaide S.   S5 * Sistrunk, Louie Wilson
J1   Schloendorff, George S.   C4   Sistrunk, Marie(Criswell,Illinoy Os
O1   Schmick, Rebecca Ellen   H10   Skiles,  John Gettis
O1   Schmick, Theodore   H10   Skiles, Rebecca Jane Jen
W9   Schmidt, Frank H.   F1   Skillmam, Mary Elizabeth
W9   Schmidt, George   F1   Skillman, Peter
S2   Schmied, Christian William   W13-4   Skinner, Anne
S2 * Schmied, Elisabeth, Anna   P5   Skinner, Edith Jeanette
S9   Schmied, Elizabeth, Anna   G9-3   Skinner, George Washington
S2   Schmied, Frederick John   G9-3   Skinner, Isaac
H2   Schmitt, Catherine Elizabeth   G9-8   Skinner, Isaac
B5   Schneider, Catherine Car   W13-4   Skinner, John
B5   Schneider, Johann Anton   G9-8   Skinner, Joseph
G9-6   Schneider, Margaret   G9-8   Skinner, Joseph
S19   Schneider, Minnie   G9   Skinner, Madelyn Elaine
H1   Schneider, Sarah   G9   Skinner, Marion Chester
J2   Schneidere, Corrine Rose   G9-3   Skinner, Marion Chester
R15   Schoenfeld, Karl Johann   G9-3   Skinner, Marion Collins
R15   Schoenfeld, Thomas Augustus   P5   Skinner, Martha, (---)
T5   Schoff, Charles Prescott   W13-1   Skinner, Nancy Ann
T5   Schoff, Mary Sevilla   P5   Skinner, Orson St.John
M18   Schofield, Frederick   P5   Skinner, Orson St.John, Sr,
M18   Schofield, Nettie   P5   Skinner, Orville B.
M18   Schofield, Thomas   W13-5   Skipworth, Jane
K5   Schomakern, Catharina D.   W13-5   Skipworth, Richard
S25   Schoonover, Frank Henry   P8   Skubanova, Anna
S25 * Schoonover, Franklin Jr.   S21   Slagle, Abraham
S25   Schoonover, Jacob   S21 * Slagle, Betty Mae
S25   Schoonover, Marcus Henry   S21   Slagle, John Howard
K1   Schragle, George   S21   Slagle, Merrell
K1   Schragle, George Michael   K4   Sloan, Nancy
K1   Schragle, Minnie Katherine   C7   Small, Ellen
S14 * Schulte  Dolores Marie   F2   Smeds, Marten Matts
S14   Schulte, Joseph A.   F2   Smeds, Matts (Smith)
S14   Schulte, Joseph A., Jr.   G10-6   Smith (Smythe), Agnes
S14   Schulte, Peter   S23   Smith (Zelcman), Simon
S3 * Schulz, Bernhardt Edward   Mc4   Smith,
S3   Schulz, Bernhardt Johann Wilhelem S   I1   Smith, Bessie
S3   Schulz, Christlies   S26   Smith, Betsy Lucy
S3   Schulz, Edward August   H10   Smith, Betty (Bette) Jane
S4 * Schwartz, Ann Myrece   Mc4   Smith, Bridget
S4   Schwartz, Louis, O.   H9   Smith, Caroline C.
S4   Schwartz, Mathew   F1   Smith, Charles M.
S4   Schwartz, Walter Arnold   H10   Smith, Damon Freed
S2   Schweinsberg, Maria   Mc4   Smith, Eleanor E.
M23-2   Schwerdtfeger, Bertram Hans   H20   Smith, Elizabeth
M23-2   Schwerdtfeger, Henry   G10-1   Smith, Elizabeth
M23-2   Schwerdtfeger, Louis Charles   F1   Smith, Elizabeth
M23-2 * Schwerdtfeger, Robert Hans   F1   Smith, Ella
M23-2   Schwerdtfeger, William Richard   C9   Smith, Ella Mae
P17-2   Scites, Christopher   F2   Smith, Elsie Elaine
P17-3   Scites, Christopher   S6 * Smith, Everett Phoenix
M8   Scott, Barbara   S6   Smith, Frank
P16   Scott, Charles   H10   Smith, George Washington
M9   Scott, Hannah   R3   Smith, Georgia Ida
M9   Scott, James Townsend   E4   Smith, Hannah
S31   Scoville, Anna Phoebe   W9   Smith, Helen B.
E2   Scribner, Clara Matilda   S6   Smith, Henry
E2   Scribner, John   S6   Smith, Ivory C.
E2   Scribner, William   S23 * Smith, Jacob
W13-2   Scrimpshire, Elizabeth   I1   Smith, Jacob
H26   Scullin, Matilda   W5   Smith, Laura Althea
K2   Seddon, Amy   B14   Smith, Marion Helen
K2   Seddon, Elizabeth Ellen   G6   Smith, Mary Lucy
K2   Seddon, Thomas   S22   Smith, Mattie A.
P5   Seekin, Mary Ann   W5   Smith, Nelson A.
B2-3   Seeley, Amy   G6   Smith, Peter Elkins
W3   Seibel, John B.   G10-1   Smith, Richard
W3   Seibel, Matilda Victoria   B29   Smith, Sarah
Y1   Seibert, George   S6   Smith, Susie May
Y1   Seibert, George J.   C9   Smith, Vernon
Y1   Seibert, John   F1   Smith, William
P15-1   Sellers, Laura   G10-6   Smith, William F.
B10   Senda,   H10   Smith, William, Sr.
B10   Senda, John   S24   Smithem, Emilia
B10   Senda, Mary   S24   Smithem, John
B10   Senda, Michael   G10-13   Smythe (Smith), Agnes
H19-1   Seriven, Elizabeth   T1   Snider, Emily Ellen
A2   Seward, Addie Karr   T1   Snider, Freeman
A2   Seward, Cargill B.   T1   Snider, George W., Jr.
A2   Seward, Edward Cress   T1   Snider, Marion
F1   Shahan, Emogene Mae   M6   Snook, Sarah Ann
G4   Shahan, Mary   S15   Snooks, Hannah
E1   Shamleffel, Anna Elizabeth   G9   Snow, Alta Mae
G11   Shankland, Virginia   S7   Snow, Charles
G10-2   Shapleigh, Alexander, Capt.   S7   Snow, Charles Edwin
G10-2   Shapleigh, Catherine   S7   Snow, Charles Lucius
Mc4   Sharpe, Sarah Ellen   S7 * Snow, Rosemary
Mc4   Sharpe, Stewart   S13   Snyder, Conrad
P2   Shaw, Asenath   O1   Snyder, Fietta
P2   Shaw, Barbara   S13   Snyder, Lester Theodore
K2   Shaw, Eli   P26   Snyder, Myrtle E.
K2   Shaw, Frederick   S13   Snyder, Philip Edward

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