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Ptacek (Stochek), John through Sancho (Garcia), I, King - Page 16 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
C15   Ptacek (Stochek), John   H17-2   Rickes, Franz (Frank)
C15   Ptacek (Stochek), Mary Victoria   H17-2   Rickes, Peter Francis
L1   Pulvermacher, Adam   N1   Ridge, Bridget
L1   Pulvermacher, Lola Thelma   K6   Rieger, Catherine
L1   Pulvermacher, William John   T3   Riener, Anna Maria
D5   Punch, Martha Elizabeth   W1   Rigger, Minnie
G10-11   Purefoy, Edward   T2   Riggs,
G10-11   Purefoy, Mary   O3   Rinker, Susan Matilda
T5   Purinton, Lydia   R4   Rippel, Albert
G9-9   Purple, Sarah   R4 * Rippel, Dorner Kenneth
R2   Pyatt, Henrietta   R4   Rippel, Harvery
R2   Pyatt, Matthew   P9   Riquet, Anne Marie
P5   Quantrell, Sarah   P9   Riquet, Francois Laverdu
P3   Quartz, Franz   S28   Rivers, Mark A.
P3   Quartz, Louisa   S28   Rivers, Sarah Elizabeth
P3   Quarz, Johannes   A3   Robert, Arthur
M9   Quimmby, Isaiah William   G10-42   Robert, Duke of FDA
M9   Quinby, Isaiah W.   G10-36   Robert, I, Duke of BDA
M9   Quinby, Josephine Townsend   G10-44   Robert, I, King of Franks
Q1   Quinn, David Thomas   A3   Robert, Imelda Marie
Q1 * Quinn, Edward David   A3   Robert, Israel
Q1   Quinn, John   G10-37   Robert, P.O., II, King
F3   Quirk, James, Jr.   G10-38   Robert, P.O., King
F3   Quirk, James, Sr.   G10-44   Robert, the Strong
F3   Quirk, Margaret Elizabeth   R6   Roberts, Benomi
R11   Radcliff, Tabitha   R6   Roberts, Emily J.
W3   Radish, Annie Elizabeth   F5   Roberts, Emmie
P17-3   Raines, Polly   K4   Roberts, Etolia
P17-4   Raines, Polly   K4   Roberts, George W.
C1   Rains, Benjamin Fred   R14   Roberts, Guy
C1   Rains, Jane (---)   R14   Roberts, Kenneth Clarence
C1   Rains, Minnie Mae   H12   Roberts, Letty Caroline
C1   Rains, William G. G.   P12   Roberts, Letty Caroline
J3   Ralph, Lavinia M.   R12 * Roberts, Letty Caroline
H8   Ramsay, Conrad   K4   Roberts, Marion J.
H8   Ramsay, Matilda M.   K4   Roberts, Martha
F5   Ramsdell, Sarah Emily   R12   Roberts, Miles M.
P16   Randall, Sabra   R14 * Roberts, Patricia Ann
P16   Randall, Sarah   R6   Roberts, Reese
N1   Randle, James  F.   K4   Roberts, Sarah M.
N1   Randles, Allie Belle   R14   Roberts, Thomas
N1   Randles, James Lafayette   R14   Roberts, Tudor
H10   Ransom, Almon Tilford   K4   Roberts, William
A6   Ransom, Lois   D7   Robertson, Edward
H10   Ransom, Mary Eliza   D7   Robertson, Margaret Stark
J1   Rasmussen, Engel Marie   L5   Robertson, Sarah Alice
J1   Rasmussen, Morten   G2   Robillard, Monique
F2   Ratcliffe, Ann Alicia   T4   Robinson,   Nathaniel
H15   Ratliff, Mary Alice   F9   Robinson, Alexander
R1   Raup, Albert John   B30   Robinson, Anna Melissa
R1   Raup, Charles Allen   S1   Robinson, Elizabeth
L4   Raup, Robert Allen   T4   Robinson, Florence Catherine
R1 * Raup, Robert Allen   P18-2   Robinson, Hiram
R1   Raup, William   S17-3   Robinson, Judith
C1   Rawls, Francisa Eulaya   F9   Robinson, Sarah
C1   Rawls, Jesse   D3   Rock, Eunice
K4   Ray, Mary S.   W11   Rockwell, Mindwell
C7   Raycraft, Evelyn I.   P27   Rodgers, Kate
C7   Raycraft, Hugh   M19   Rodgers, Mahala Jane
G10-29   Raymonds, of Burgundy   P16   Rodgers, Samuel
G10-14   Read, Joanne   A5   Rodriguez, Rita
G10-18   Read, Joanne   M7   Rogars, Mary
R13   Ream, Harry Francis   P15-1   Rogers, Daisy
R13 * Ream, Mary   R6 * Rogers, Emily Nollie
R13   Ream, Thomas Richard   R6   Rogers, Enoch Augustus
R13   Ream, William   R7   Rogers, Eugene W.
K3   Reamer, Melissa Jane   R6   Rogers, James D.
R2   Redfern, Hannah   R7   Rogers, John Whitehorn
S13   Reed, Daniel   B15   Rogers, Lucretia
S13   Reed, Louisa   P15-1   Rogers, Nettie Viola
F7   Reed, Mary Ann   R6   Rogers, Olin Deauward, Sr.
S12   Reese, Nancy   R7 * Rogers, Patricia Ann
W3   Reiblich, Annie Sarah E.   P15-1   Rogers, Theodore
W3   Reiblich, Henry Tilghman   P15-1   Rogers, Theodore A.
W3   Reiblich, Johann C.   R7   Rogers, Theron Wilfred
R11   Reichelderfer, Sarah   R7   Rogers, Thomas
S2   Reid, Alexander   C6   Rogerson, Charles R.
S2   Reid, Alexander Linton   C6   Rogerson, Florence
S2   Reid, Alice   G10-41   Rognvald Jarl
B9   Reid, Alice (Jane)   G10-41   Rollo, 1st, Dane
S2   Reid, James   H8   Romaine, John Henry
R16-1   Reineker, Johannes John   H8   Romaine, Mary Louisa Gantry
P9   Renaud, Anne Marie   H8   Romaine, Philip
P10   Reneau, Pierre Noe   G10-45   Romanos, II, Emperor
R11   Renick, Benjamin Franklin   B12   Roof, (---)
R11 * Renick, Marianne   B12   Roof, Rebecca
R11   Renick, Seymour   B12   Roof, Unk
R11   Renick, Thomas   L6   Roos, Charlotta Kristina
R11   Renick. Benjamin Franklin   K3   Root, Georgianna
R16-1   Reniker, Johann Adam   M8   Rose, Gail Arthur
R16-1   Reniker, Paulus   R8   Rose, Johann Christian
R16   Renneckar, Calvin Charles, Sr.   R8   Rose, Johhannn, Friedrich Christian
R16 * Renneckar, Cheryl Ann   R8   Rose, Sophie Maria Christina
R16   Renneckar, Elias   S13   Rosho(e)n, Cora
R16-1 * Renneckar, Elias   S13   Roshon, Isaac
R16   Renneckar, Samuel Thomas   S13   Roshon, John
R16   Renneckar, Wilson Emerson   R13   Ross, Ann Elizabeth
R2 * Renner, Edith Elizabeth   B25   Ross, Anna
R2   Renner, Frank Extelle   R13   Ross, Charles
R2   Renner, Joseph   M14   Ross, Margaret
R2   Renner, Joseph, Sr.   M15   Ross, Margaret
R15   Renney, John William   R13   Ross, Robert Grieve
R15   Renney, Samule Perry   D2   Roth, Jean A.
R15   Renney, William Andrew   M6   Rothe, Albert James
R15 * Renney, William Samuel   R8 * Rothe, Albert James
K4   Rentz, Minnie   R8   Rothe, John Godlief August
R10 * Reppy, Alice Jean   R8   Rothe, Thomas John
R10   Reppy, John David, Capt. USN   G10-46   Rotrou, Moa
R10   Reppy, John Hamilton   G10-51   Rotrou, Moa
R10   Reppy, Samual Andrew   G10-52   Rotrou, Moa
J2   Reske, Emelia/Amelia   R9   Roux, Albert Frederick
S28   Respass, Sarah H.   R9   Roux, David Lewis Emanuel
J2   Retzlaff, M. A.   R9   Roux, Jean Daniel
J2   Retzlaff, Otto Frederick   R9 * Roux, Margaret Ann
P2   Reublin, Maria   S5   Roux, Margaret Ann
V2   Reynolds, Julian   K4   Rowan, J. H.
S11   Rheigness, Nancy Ann   B2   Rowe, Anna Mariah
R3   Rhodes, Ernest McLeod   B2-1   Rowe, Anna Mariah
R3 * Rhodes, Kenneth Edwin   B2-2   Rowe, Anna Mariah
R3   Rhodes, Rufus Robert   B2-2   Rowe, Hendrik
R3   Rhodes, Thomas   B2-2   Rowe, Jeremiah
R3   Rhodes, Thomas Cortez   H10   Rowland (Roland), Mary
P1   Rice, Aletha (Leora)   L6   Rowland, Eugenia
B26-6   Rice, Edmund   M1   Rowlinson, Albert James
B26-6   Rice, Frances   M1   Rowlison, John Henry
R5   Rice, Franklin   M1   Rowlison, Marion Irine
R5   Rice, Hartley Billings   R8   Royce,   Mary E.
R5   Rice, Hartley Colson   T1   Royer, Janet Lucy
P1   Rice, Henry Cleveland   S13   Rubendale, Caroline
R5 * Rice, Patricia Arlene (Billings)   B15   Ruble, Elizabeth
B26-6   Rice, Thomas   B4   Ruger, Julia M.
P1   Rice, William H.   W3   Ruhl, Elizabeth
P1   Rice, William Irving   G6   Runnells, Betsy
S11   Rich, Rachel   H18-1   Runnels, Mary
G10-37   Richard, F.D., King   L8   Rupe, Florajane M.
G10-37   Richard, G.D., II, King   L1   Rusch, Emme Henrietta
P9   Richard, Madeleine   S4   Russell, Catherine
M6   Richards, Daniel Willard   S4   Russell, Jeremy
L5   Richards, Lucy Ann   P10   Russell, Joseph
M6   Richards, Lyman Willard   P10   Russell, Margaret
M6   Richards, Phoebe   P1   Rust, Esther
R6   Richards, Ruth   B4   Ruths, Leonard
B7   Richardson,  Deborah W.   B4   Ruths, Olga Virginia
S11   Richardson,  Delia Ann   B4   Ruths, Phillip Henry
G5   Richardson, Eloise Esther   L2   Rutnor, Eleanor
S28   Richardson, Elvira   P15-1   Ryan, Elijah (Liza)
H9   Richardson, John   K2   Ryan, Margaret
B1   Richardson, Mrs. Jemiah   S29   Ryan, Mary M.
B1   Richardson, Patterson   K6   Ryan, Thomas Raymond
A1   Richardson, R.P.   G10-8   Ryse (Rice), John
P5   Richardson, Rebecca   G10-8   Ryse (Rice), Thomas
H9   Richardson, Sarah L.   G10-8   Ryse, Yan
P5   Richardson, Stephen J.   G10-8   Rysse (Rice), Rose
G9-1   Richardson, Susannah   D3   Salisbury, Elizabeth
A1   Richardson, Tressa   D3   Salisbury, William H.
G5   Richardson, William Henry H.   W5   Salmon, James Bedford
B1   Richardson, Zilpha Anna   P4   Salmon, Martha
G5   Richardson. Josephus   W5   Salmon, Ruth Etta
B5   Richmond, Jane   P4   Salmon, Thomas
H17   Rickes, Agnes   W5   Salmon, William
H17-2   Rickes, Agnes Gertrude   S12   Salsman, Lavila
H17-5   Rickes, Agnes Gertrude   H16   Sanborn, Mary
H17-3   Rickes, Agnes Gertrude   G10-35   Sanchez, Garcia, Count
H17-4   Rickes, Agnes Gertrude   G10-35   Sanchia, Princess
H17-2   Rickes, Franz   G10-39   Sancho (Garcia), I, King

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