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Pepin, King of Italy through Prusa, Mary - Page 15 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
G10-46   Pepin, King of Italy   P25-2   Peyton, Samual
G10-6   Perkins, Abigail   P17-1   Peyton, Samual
G10-6   Perkins, Abraham   P17-5 * Peyton, Samuel
L5   Perkins, Clarence LeRoy   P22   Peyton, Samuel F.
L5   Perkins, Daniel M.   P17   Peyton, Sarah
L5   Perkins, Elsie Raelene   P17-2   Peyton, Sarah
G10-6   Perkins, Henry   P17-3   Peyton, Sarah
G10-14   Perkins, Henry   P21   Peyton, Sarah
G10-15   Perkins, Henry   P24   Peyton, Sarah
G10-18   Perkins, Henry   P20   Peyton, Sarah E.
G10-14   Perkins, James   P21   Peyton, Starlen
G10-18   Perkins, John   P17-5   Peyton, Stephen
G10-6   Perkins, John, Sr.   P17-1   Peyton, Stephen
B3   Perkins, Malcolm   P17-1   Peyton, Susan
B3   Perkins, Mary Annis   P17-3   Peyton, Susan
B3   Perkins, Mittie Virginia   P17   Peyton, Thomas
G10-14   Perkins, Thomas   P25-2 * Peyton, Thomas
G10-14   Perkins, Thomas   P25   Peyton, Thomas
L5   Perkins, William   P24   Peyton, Thomas
G10-14   Perkins, William, Lord   P17   Peyton, Thomas
G10-18   Perkins, William, Lord   P17-1   Peyton, Thomas
G10-21   Pernell, Constance   P22   Peyton, Thomas B.
A5   Perricone, Philip J.   P25   Peyton, Valentine
P11   Perrin, Alexander   P22   Peyton, Warren
P11   Perrin, Amos Gould   P21 * Peyton, Wesley
P11   Perrin, Ebenezer   P21   Peyton, Wesley
G7   Perrin, Ebin   P24 * Peyton, Willam R.
P11   Perrin, Ebin Duncan   P17   Peyton, William
G7   Perrin, George   P25-2   Peyton, William
P11   Perrin, George Alexander   P17-4   Peyton, William
G7   Perrin, Hannah E.   P17-3   Peyton, William
P11   Perrin, Hannah Emogene   P17-1 * Peyton, William
G7   Perrin, Pat   P24   Peyton, William A.
M12   Perrin, Patricia Ann   P24   Peyton, William G.
P11 * Perrin, Patricia Ann   P23   Peyton, Yelverton
M16   Perry, Eva Augusta   L4   Pfoutz, Gertrude F.
H11   Perry, George Homer   L4   Pfoutz, Sammuel H.
H11   Perry, Homer   L4   Pfoutz, Simon
S5   Perry, Maria   S17-7   Phelps, Isaac
B6   Perry, Mary   H13   Phelps, Rebecca
B7   Perry, Mary   H14   Phelps, Rebecca
P20   Perry, Nancy Ann   S17-7   Phelps, Tryphena
H11   Perry, Velma Lanora   G10-38   Philip, I, King of France
P27   Perry, William A.   P28   Phillips, Cecil Bertus
P26   Perry, William Arthur   P28   Phillips, Cecil Edwin
H9   Pershall,  Elizabeth   W2   Phillips, Nellie
R10   Person Olivia   P28 * Phillips, Patricia Ann
M7   Persson, Inger   P28   Phillips, William Henry
G10-31   Peter, of France, Lord   S6   Phoenix,  Richard
S18   Peters, Patsey   S6   Phoenix, Addie Augusta
D2   Peterson, Charles E.   S6   Phoenix, Joshua
D2   Peterson, Ernest A.   S6   Phoenix, Richard
D2   Peterson, Laura L.   P3   Pick, Johann Adam
D2   Peterson, Marcus   S9   Pickburn, Henrietta
P15-1   Peterson, Mary   S9   Pickruhn, Michael F.
W9   Petit, Mary Catherine   M3   Pierce, Chase Rounds
T2   Pettit, Suzanna   M3   Pierce, Evalyn Mae
P8   Pevor, John   H12   Pierce, Martha
P8 * Pevor, Marilyn Ann   M3   Pierce, Otis Barnard
P8   Pevovar, Victor   P12   Pierce, Reuben
P25-2   Peyton, Abraham   H5   Pierce, Susan
P17   Peyton, Ambrose   H16   Pierce, Susan "Sukey"
P25-1   Peyton, Balie   P12   Pierce, Wilson
P17   Peyton, Benjamin   H12   Pierce, Wilson Jasper
P17-1   Peyton, Celia   P12 * Pierce, Wilson Jasper
P17-1   Peyton, Celia   R12   Pierce, Wilson Jasper
P17-2   Peyton, Charles   L9   Pierson, Hannah
P17-5   Peyton, Charles Samuel   G10-7   Pike (Pierce), Dorothy
P18 * Peyton, Charlie   G10-7   Pike, John
P18-1   Peyton, Charlie   G10-7   Pike, John
P20   Peyton, Charlie   O4   Pine, Adrienne Joy
P20   Peyton, Cordelia (Dealie)   O4   Pink, John
P17-3   Peyton, Daniel   O4   Pink, Peter Johans
P20   Peyton, Daniel   O3   Pinney, Jennie
P17   Peyton, Dorthey   P5   Pippenger
P17   Peyton, Dorthy   C1   Pistocco, Giovanni
P25-2   Peyton, Eleanor   C1   Pistocco, Madeline
P21   Peyton, Elijah   C1   Pistocco, Maria Giovanna
P19   Peyton, Elijah   H20   Pitman, Abiel
P21   Peyton, Elisha   H20   Pitman, Joseph
P17-3   Peyton, Eliza   H20   Pitman, Mary
P23   Peyton, Eliza Jane   G8   Pitre, Marguerite
P17-2   Peyton, Elizabeth   D4   Pitt, Susannah
P17-3   Peyton, Elizabeth   G10-3   Pixton, Alyce
P17-4   Peyton, Elizabeth   G10-9   Pixton, Alyce
P18-2   Peyton, Elizabeth   G10-31   Plantagenet, C. G., V
P22   Peyton, Elizabeth R.   G10-19   Plantagenet, Joan
P22   Peyton, Elizina Lodosky   R3   Platt, Mary Ellen
P17-1   Peyton, Ellen   Mc3   Poage, Elizabeth
P22   Peyton, Emaline F.   C8   Pocintesta, Teresa
P17-2   Peyton, Emily   P4   Pointer, Cecil John
P25   Peyton, Ephraim   P4   Pointer, Frederidk John
P17-2   Peyton, Frances   P4   Pointer, John
P25-2   Peyton, Gilbert   P4 * Pointer, Kenneth Charles
P23 * Peyton, Guffey   P4   Pointer, Thomas
P18-1   Peyton, Harmless   P10   Poissant, Henriette
P18-2 * Peyton, Harmless   G8   Poissant, Henriette
P17-4   Peyton, Heinin   G10-37   Poitou, Adelaide of Equitaine
P17-3   Peyton, Henry   G10-44   Poitou, Adelaide of Equitaine
P17-4   Peyton, Henry   S24   Polkinghorn, Mary
P17-3   Peyton, Henry   S17-4   Pollard, Mary
P17-3 * Peyton, Henry   S17-4   Pollard, Samuel
P17-2   Peyton, Henry   T5   Pomeroy, Ann
P17-2 * Peyton, Henry   B1   Ponder, Caroline M. M.
P17-4   Peyton, Henry   G10-19   Ponthieu, Joanna C.
P24   Peyton, Henry W.   G10-19   Ponthieu, Marie C.
H17-2   Peyton, James   G10-30   Ponthieu, Marie C.
P19   Peyton, James   H5   Poole, Rebecca
P20   Peyton, James A.   T5   Poor, Deacon Samuel
P19   Peyton, Jane   T5   Poor, Oreisa Abigail
P20   Peyton, JoAnn   G11   Pope, Jane
P21   Peyton, John   H24   Popple, Anne
P25-2   Peyton, John   H24   Popple, Thomas
P25   Peyton, John   B10   Poprocky, Anna
P22 * Peyton, John   P1   Porter, Amelia Jane
P17-3   Peyton, John   P1   Porter, Hazen Howard
P17-2   Peyton, John   F4   Porter, Ophelia
P17-1   Peyton, John   W10   Porter, Sarah
P19 * Peyton, John   J4   Porter, Sarah
P20   Peyton, John B.   S22   Poston, Charles Singleton
P17-5   Peyton, John Hiram   S22   Poston, Charolyn Mae
P22   Peyton, John P.   S22   Poston, Harry Harrison
P20 * Peyton, John Perry   H9   Poston, Nancy C.
P25-1 * Peyton, John, Sr.   L8   Potter, Benjamin A.
P25-1   Peyton, Joseph H.   L8   Potter, Mable Blanche
P25   Peyton, Lewis   P9   Potvin, Anthanase Herpin
P17-5   Peyton, Lizzy Victoria   P9   Potvin, Antoine
H17-2   Peyton, Lucy Ann   P10   Potvin, Francois Porter
P17-4   Peyton, Maggie   P10 * Potvin, Jeannette Alice Ain
P17-3   Peyton, Margaret   P10   Potvin, Leo William
P21   Peyton, Margaret   P10   Potvin, Louis
P17-2   Peyton, Margaret   P9 * Potvin, Louis
P24   Peyton, Martha   P10   Potvin, William
H17-2   Peyton, Mary   A4   Poulin, Francoise
P17-1   Peyton, Mary   A4   Poulin, Paschal
P17-2   Peyton, Mary   J1   Poulsdatter, Sidsel
P17-3   Peyton, Mary   P5   Pounds, Isham Jones
P17-4   Peyton, Mary   P5   Pounds, Isham Jones
P21   Peyton, Mary   P5   Pounds, James Dix
P19   Peyton, Mary A.   P5   Pounds, Jones LaVerne
P17-3   Peyton, Mary Jane   P5 * Pounds, Lynn Lacey
P22   Peyton, Mary Jane   J3   Powers, Flora A.
P17-3   Peyton, Nancy   S17-1   Pranger, Albert
P17-4   Peyton, Nancy   S17-1   Pranger, Catherina
P19   Peyton, Nancy   S17-1   Pranger, Johann
P21   Peyton, Nancy   P6   Prebo, George Joseph P.
P25   Peyton, Nancy   P6 * Prebo, Myra Marie Helen
P24   Peyton, Nancy H.   H3   Prebo, Myra Marie Helen
P17-3   Peyton, Perry   P6   Prebo, Stanislaus James P.
P17-4 * Peyton, Perry   E1   Prehm, Anna May
H17-2   Peyton, Peter James   E1   Prehm, Anthony
P22   Peyton, Phillip   E1   Prehm, Joseph
P18-1 * Peyton, Ranford   G7   Preston, David
P18-2   Peyton, Ranford   G7   Preston, Elizabeth
P18   Peyton, Ranford   G7   Preston, Jacob
P25-1   Peyton, Rebecca   G7   Preston, Samuel
P17 * Peyton, Robert   M12   Price, Ann
P17   Peyton, Robert   P7 * Pritz, Adam
P17   Peyton, Robert   O2   Pritz, Adam
P17-1   Peyton, Robert   O2   Pritz, Clara Jane
P25 * Peyton, Robert   P7   Pritz, George Adam
P25-1   Peyton, Robert   P7   Pritz, Johann Peter
P25-2   Peyton, Robert   P7   Pritz, Sabina
P25-1   Peyton, Sally H.   Mc2   Proulx, Marguerite
P21   Peyton, Sam   C15   Prusa, Mary

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