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Nettles, Wyatt Jordan through Pepin, III, King - Page 14 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
S11   Nettles, Wyatt Jordan   F1   Page, Lucy Jane
H10   Neuenschwander,Mary Ann   N6   Page, Mary
F7   Nevinger, Elizabeth   S4   Page, Mary
S26   Newell, Collins   G10-6   Pakeman, Susanna
S26   Newell, Melissa   P1   Palmer, Arthur Eugene
S26   Newell, Robert   P1   Palmer, Floyd
T5   Newhall, Charles Augustus   P1   Palmer, Floyd Hazen
T5   Newhall, Eva Asenath   B7   Palmer, John
T5   Newhall, Thomas Goss   B7   Palmer, Lucy Elizabeth
N4   Newman, Ernest Augustus   P1 * Palmer, Marion Irene "Peggy"
B1   Newman, John Raymond   H9   Palmer, Mary Ann
B1   Newman, Livingston A.   H9   Palmer, Peter Lohr
N4   Newman, Mary Louise   P1   Palmer, William John
B1   Newman, Tilda Mae   M23-1   Panganini, Carlotta
B1   Newman, William Adolphus   M12   Pardy, Abigail
N1   Niadha, Thomas (NEE)   M12   Pardy, Samuel
F6   Nice, Jane   K6   Paris, Frank
R13   Nicholas, Catherine   K6   Paris, Mary Jane
P17-4   Nicholas, George Coleman   H8   Parisen, Catharine J.
N5 * Nichols, Carol Sue   R8   Parker, Elizabeth
B24   Nichols, Carol Sue   F7   Parker, Hester Ann
N5   Nichols, Chauncey R.   F7   Parker, Jacob Loy
G1   Nichols, Josephine   S12   Parker, Mary
N5   Nichols, Leon M.   C6   Parker, Willie
N5   Nichols, Robert Smith   B26-7   Parkhurst, George
H18   Nichols, Sarah   B26-7   Parkhurst, George
N3 * Nickson, Jacqueline E.   B26-10   Parkhurst, George, Sr.
N3   Nickson, Reginald E.   B26-11   Parkhurst, George, Sr.
M5   Nicol,  Priscille   B26-7   Parkhurst, John
M5   Nicoll, Joseph   B26-10   Parkhurst, John
J1   Nielsdatter, Else Marie   B26-7   Parkhurst, Rachel
F4   Niemeyer, Anna Marie   G10-23   Parkin, Elizabeth
Mc3   Nihill, Anne   T1   Parkinson, Elenor
Mc3   Nihill, Michael   B12   Parrish, Littleberry
D3   Nilson, Gloria Margaret   B12   Parrish, Rebecca Ruth
D3   Nilson, Jasper Elwood   D4   Parrott, Clyde Mandy
D3   Nilson, John   D4   Parrott, John Wesley
D3   Nilson, Thomas Henry   D4   Parrott, William Morris
S24   Nimmo, Margaret   W7   Parsons, John
S9   Ninmer, Anna   P13   Paschedag, Charles
S9   Ninmer, Friedrich   P13   Paschedag, Charles
M23-1   Ninno, Maria   P13 * Paschedag, Sara Louise
N3   Nixon, Cubit   P13   Paschedag, William Frederick
H11   Nixon, Ella   G7   Patterson, Amy
N3   Nixon, George   G6   Patterson, Amy Louise
N3   Nixon, Jesse E., Rev.   G6   Patterson, William Nichols
T5   Noe, Gordon Godfrey   G6   Patterson, Zacheus
P10   Noe, Mary Renault   M11   Patton, Kathryn Cecilia
Mc2   Noel, Rosalie   P8   Patton, Mary Jane (Birdie)
C9   Nohman, Ella   M11   Patton, Milton
E2   Norris, Leah   M11   Patton, Theodore Franklin
V1   Norris, Mary Elizabeth   C6   Paul, Porter
P1   North, Eliza Ann   A4   Paulet, Marie
P1   North, Samuel, Jr.   P26   Pauley, Baby
P5   Northrop, Charles Clement   P27 * Pauley, Colleen
P5   Northrop, Elizur   P26   Pauley, Colleen
P5   Northrop, Grace Edith   P26   Pauley, Dianna Lynn
J4   Norton, Elizabeth   P26   Pauley, Edward J.
J4   Norton, John   P26   Pauley, Edward J., Jr.
S29 * Nowicki, Carol A.   P26   Pauley, Eileen
S29   Nowicki, Edward N.   P26   Pauley, Eliza
S29   Nowicki, Joseph Vonmil   P26   Pauley, Elizabeth
S29   Nowicki, Maximilian J.   P26   Pauley, Erin
H1   Noyes, Luke N.W.   P26   Pauley, Eugene J.
H1   Noys, Louisa   P26   Pauley, George J.
M17   Numerich, Sophia   P26   Pauley, Helen M.
H10   Nussbaum, Henry   P26   Pauley, Howard J.
H10   Nussbaum, Louise   P26   Pauley, James J.
N6   Nutt, James Dickey   P26   Pauley, Johanna
S4   Nutt, Mary   P26   Pauley, John J.
N6   Nutt, Samuel   P27   Pauley, John J.
N6 * Nutt, William Henry   P26   Pauley, Leonard
S4   Nutt, William Henry   P26   Pauley, Linda Ann
N6   Nutt, William, Sr.   P26   Pauley, Mary
R13   Oakes, Catherine   P26   Pauley, Maurice J.
B8   Oberlander, Samuel B.   P27   Pauley, Maurice J.
B8   Oberlander, Sarah Ann   P26   Pauley, Michael Joseph
O1   Oberrender, George Nicholas   P26   Pauley, Patricia
O1   Oberrender, George Nicholas, Jr.   P26   Pauley, Patricia Ann
O1   Oberrender, George Nicholas. Sr.   P26   Pauley, Patricia Katherine
O1 * Oberrender, Jane Elizabeth   P26   Pauley, Richard
O1   Oberrender, John Nicholas   P27   Pauley, Robert J.
C2   O'Brien, (Bryans)   P26   Pauley, Robert Joseph, Jr.
C5   O'Brien, Bernard   P26   Pauley, Ryan Howard
R13   O'Brien, Catherine   P26   Pauley, Sally
C2   O'Brien, Charles   P26   Pauley, Thomas E.
C2   O'Brien, Daniel   P26   Pauley, Thomas E.
R13   O'Brien, Henry   P26 * Pauley, Thomas J.
C1   O'Brien, Josephine B.   P26   Pauley, Thomas M.
C2   O'Brien, Rosina (Rose)   P26   Pauley, Thomas Michael
Mc5   O'Connell, Bridget   P26   Pauley, Timothy Edward
H17-2   O'Day (Dea), Mary   P26   Pauley, Unknown
M2   Odell, Mary E.   M3   Paull, Hannah Jenny
K1   O'Donnell, Margaret   M3   Paull, Luther
P5   Ogden, Martha W.   B5   Pauschert Johann Engelb
G10-37   Ogive, of Luxemburg   B5   Pauschert, Emma Lou
K2   O'Hara, Bridget   B5   Pauschert, Johann Engelb
K2   O'Hara, William   B5   Pauschert, William Robert
Mc3   O'Keefe, Bridget   A4   Pauze, Marie Pose
G10-38   Olaf, III, King of Sweden   M5   Payan, Louis
P26   Olds, Almyra   M5   Payan, Louisa Helena
P26   Olds, Charlotte C.   M5   Payan, Paul
P26   Olds, Egbert C.   B26-8   Payne (Penn), Elizabeth
P26   Olds, Unknown   P17-2   Payne, Elizabeth
Q1   O'Leary, Mary T.   P17-3   Payne, Elizabeth
E4   Oliphant, Mary (Polly)   P16-1   Payton Mary (Ethel)
E4   Oliphant, William, Major   P16-1   Payton, Alice Minerva
B6   Olmstead, Caroline   P14   Payton, Anthony
B31   Olmsted, Sara   P16-1   Payton, Bertha Jane
O4   Olson, Arthur Leonard   P15-1   Payton, Catherine
O4   Olson, Dewaine Allen   P16   Payton, Charles
R10   Olson, John   P14   Payton, Daniel
R10   Olson, Josefina Paulina   P16   Payton, Daniel
O4   Olson, Karl Olaf Oscar   P16   Payton, David
O4 * Olson, Kristin   P15   Payton, Eleanor
O4   Olson, Olaf   P16   Payton, Ellen
R10   Olsson, Jons   P16-1   Payton, Ellen Frances (Lena)
B10   O'Mara Rosanne   P16-1   Payton, Eppa (Effie)
O2   O'Mara, Patrick   P14   Payton, George
O2 * O'Mara, Rosanne   P16   Payton, George W.
O2   O'Mara. Thomas Francis   P16-1   Payton, Guy
K4   O'Neal, Sarah   P16   Payton, Henry C.
M23   Oppenheim, Benjamin   P16-1 * Payton, Henry C.
M23   Oppenheim, Edna Marian   P16 * Payton, Jacob D.
M23   Oppenheim, Mark   P16-1   Payton, Jacob D.
G10-27   Orabilis, ?   P16   Payton, Jacob Whisler
S4   Orenduff, Annie   P15   Payton, James
S4   Orenduff, George   P15-1   Payton, James Henry
S4   Orenduff, Peter   P14   Payton, John
F1   Orhan, Susan   P15   Payton, John
F3   O'Rourke, Bridget   P16   Payton, John
F9   Orr, Margaret   P15-1   Payton, John T.
M23-2   Orthwein, Louise Catherine   P16-1   Payton, Lettie Anna
S11   Osban,   P15-1   Payton, Mary Ann
S11   Osban, Anne Eliza   P16   Payton, Mary Jane
S11   Osban, Joseph Wheeler   P16   Payton, Mason
O3   Osborn, Clark Leland   P14   Payton, Mildred (Millie)
O3   Osborn, John   P16   Payton, Nancy Anne
O3 * Osborn, Judith Locke   P15   Payton, Nathan
O3   Osborn, Leland John   P15-1   Payton, Nathan
O3   Osborn, William Nathan   P15-1 * Payton, Nathan, Junior
F1   Osborne Alma Armeda   P15 * Payton, Nathan, Senior
F1   Osborne, James W.   P15-1   Payton, Nathaniel Daniel
W13-3   Osborne, Jane   P15   Payton, Phebe
E2   Osborne, Lydia   P14   Payton, Phoebe
F1   Osborne, William T.   P15-1   Payton, Phoebe Eleanor
L5   O'Seep, Pierre   P14   Payton, Polly
A3   Ostiguy, Cordelia   P16   Payton, Sarah Elizabeth
V2   Ott Gertrud   P15-1   Payton, Susan C.
V2   Ott, Maria Anna   P14 * Payton, Thomas
G10-44   Otto, Duke of Saxony   P14   Payton, Thomas
M8   Ottowa,  Lewis Ernest   P14   Payton, William
M8   Ottowa, Ann Nadine   P15-1   Payton, William H.
M8   Ottowa, Fredrick   S26   Peabody, John
M8   Ottowa, Fredrick Lucas   S26   Peabody, Sarah Elizabeth
S11   Outley, Amanda Catherine   P3   Peck (Pick), Johannes Phillip
S11   Outley, William   P3   Peck (Pick), Phillip
P14   Owel, Elizabeth   P3 * Peck, Warren Gilbert
M9   Owen Armstead   P3   Peck, Warren Henry
M9   Owen,  James Evan   G8   Pellerin, Anne
M9   Owen, John Randall   D4   Pendergrass, Catherine "Betty"
S8   Packer, Catherine E.   D4   Pendergrass, John P.
H1   Paddock, Miranda   M9   Pennington, Mary Ann
M8   Padgett, James   G10-51   Pepin, de Landeu
M8   Padgett, Matilda Barbary   G10-46   Pepin, III, King

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