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McGregor, Josephine Almazine Brown through Nettles, Margaret Susannah - Page 13 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
R3   McGregor, Josephine Almazine Brown   W9   Moine, Laura Catherine
H9   McHenry, Elam   P17-2   Moman, Judy
H9   McHenry, Eliza Ann   P6   Monahan, Margaret
R14   McHenry, Mahalia   P10   Mongeau, Amable
R15   McIntosh, Annie Elenore   P10   Mongeau, Octavie
O3   McIntyre, Jane   M22   Monroe, David
A1   McKay, Mary (Polly)   R14   Monroe, Donald Dee
C2   McKenna, Annie   M22   Monroe, Joseph
M11   McKenna, Elizabeth   M22   Monroe, Susanna
C2   McKenna, James   B31   Monson, Mary Ethel
C2   McKenna, Michael   M5   Montgomery, Alexander
Mc1   McKenzie, Ambrose Raymond   M5   Montgomery, Hugh
Mc1 * McKenzie, Joseph Edward   M5   Montgomery, John Stewart
Mc1   McKenzie, Samuel S.   M5   Montgomery, John Thomas
S1   McKenzie, Theodore Michael   M5   Montgomery, Mary Ann
Mc1   McKenzie, Walter Edward   G5   Montgomery, Mary E.
P13   McKnight, Lucinda   M5 * Montgomery, Prudence M.
D1   McLaughlin, Rita E   R15   Montignay, Dorothy E.
D1   McLaughtlin, Amos Everett   W9   Mony, Mary
P15-1   McLaughtlin, Charles   M3   Moon, Mary
P15-1   McLaughtlin, Mary Katherine   H17   Moor, Gessje
P15-1   McLaughtlin, Melissa E.   F9   Moore, Annie Wilson
P15-1   McLaughtlin, Thomas Cary   M9   Moore, Elizabeth
Mc2   McMahon, James   P23   Moore, Elizabeth
Mc2   McMahon, John   S8   Moore, Elizabeth K.
Mc2   McMahon, John Patrick, Sr.   S17-7   Moore, Hannah
S27   McMahon, Lydia Eleanor   P23   Moore, James
Mc2   McMahon, Mary   F9   Moore, John Orr
Mc2 * McMahon, Theresa Mary C.   P16   Moore, Joseph Clark
Mc2   McMahon, Thomas Francis   B14   Moore, Mary Ann
R1   McMillian, Doris Elaine   C1   Moore, Mary Jane
R1   McMillian, Harry Advance   B20   Moore, Sara A.
R1   McMillian, Jacob   K4   Moore, Sarah
M5   McMinn, Mary   W1   Moore, Susan
Mc3 * McNearney, James   F9   Moore, William
Mc3   McNearney, Joseph A.   B20   Moore, Willis
Mc3   McNearney, Simon Peter   D3   Mooring, Cullen B.
Mc3   McNearney. Thomas S.   D3   Mooring, Mollie Elaine
N6   McPherson, Paul   M6   Moorish, John
F6   McQueen, Jacob   A2   Moose, Frank
F6   McQueen, Mary Victoria   A2   Moose, Nancy Irene
N4   McRae, Christian   S17   Morell, Aldrich
M8   McRae, Elizabeth Ann   S17   Morell, Margaret Rose
M8   McRae, William F.   S17   Morell, Thophile
B25   McRoberts, Henry   W13-1   Morgan, Margaret Jane
B25   McRoberts, Linda J.   P9   Morin, Archange Marin M.
B4   McVicar, Girard   H9   Morris, Bessie Cynthia
B4   McVicar, Grace Louise   H9   Morris, Calhoun R.
F8   Mead, Guy Madison   H9   Morris, Irvin Irvin
F8   Mead, Leona Mae   S10   Morris, Julia Ann
F8   Mead, Nicholas   H9   Morris, Lydia (---)
C16   Meador, Hildegarde   H9   Morris, William Irvin
B3   Meadows, Eliza Elizabeth   M6 * Morrish, Bertha Richards
G10-44   Mechtilde, of Rengelheim   M6   Morrish, Earle Richards
G11   Meek, Asa James   M6   Morrish, James
G11   Meek, Lillian Irene   M6   Morrish, John, Jr.
G11   Meek, Roderick D.   M6   Morrish, Thomas
M22   Meeker, Sarah   H1   Morrison, John
M20   Mehieu, Hester   K1   Morrison, Martha
C14   Mehieu, Hester   H1   Morrison, Mary Pink
M21 * Mehieu, Hester   K1   Morrow, Elizabeth
M21   Mehieu, Jan   L5   Morse, Almira J.
P2   Mehurin, Ashley   H19-1   Morse, Mary
P2   Mehurin, Ema Annette   C13   Morse, Mary
S3   Meier, (unknown)   G7   Morse, Ruth
P6   Meier, Fedrickia   H15   Moses, Marcus
P6   Meier, John   H15   Moses, Nancy
S3   Meier, Regana   C5   Mosher, Charlotte
S3   Meier, Regina Fredericka A.   G7   Mosher, Jabez
R12   Melton, John Ball   G7   Mosher, Mercy
M13 * Melton, John Ball   S23   Moshontz, Benjamin
R12   Melton, Lettice Letitia   I1   Moshontz, Benjamin
M14   Melton, Richard   I1   Moshontz, Fannie Celia
M15 * Melton, Richard   S24   Moss, Margaret
M15   Melton, Richard   B14   Mothuset, Jane Ann
M13   Melton, Richard, II   B8   Moul, Peter
M14 * Melton, Richard, II   B8   Moul, Peter F.
M15   Melton, Thomas   M20   Moulton, Mary
M14   Melton, William   M20   Moulton, Thomas
M13   Melton, William James   M5   Moveselle, Marie Josette
M14   Melton, William Michael, II   F1   Mowery, Mary
M13   Melton, William Samuel   M8   Moyer, Delphina Lurana
P9   Menard, Elizabeth   L4   Moyer, Eliza
R4   Menegay, Lillian Cecilia   R15   Moyer, Eliza
B8   Menges, Leisa (Eliza)   M8   Moyer, Solomon
M8   Mercer, Amos J.   P19   Mudge, Abigail
M8   Mercer, Bruce Karlton   C15   Mueller, Evelyn Mary
M8   Mercer, George Daniel   C15   Mueller, Fred
M8 * Mercer, Margaret Rae   C15   Mueller, Henry John
M8   Mercer, Ray   S9   Mueller, Maria
V2   Merlin. William F.   V2   Mueller, Rosina
B26-4   Merriam, Joseph   F4   Mues, Anna Margareta
B26-4   Merriam, Sarah   O3   Muhs, Arthur Henry
B26-4   Merriam, William   O3   Muhs, Betty Mary
M2   Messler, Amelia (---)   O3   Muhs, Friedrich
M2   Messler, Emma Florence   O3   Muhs, Ludwig
M2   Messler, Jacob   M19   Muller, Edmund Earl
K3   Metzgar, Jonathan   M19   Muller, Irving B.
S21   Metzler, John H.   M19 * Muller, Janet L.
S21   Metzler, Zelda May   M19   Muller, John Howard
M4   Meyer, Bert John   W5   Mullins, Marianna Emily
T3   Meyer, Florence Bertha   P26   Mullins, Mary E.
M4   Meyer, Henry   B24   Mumford, Annie Julia
T3   Meyer, Joachim H.   B24   Mumford, Benjamin
T3   Meyer, Johann Heinrich   H17-4   Munro/Monroe, David
T3   Meyer, Johann Hermann   H17-4   Munro/Monroe, Elizabeth B.
M4 * Meyer, Kenneth Leroy   W12   Munroe, Elizabeth (Betsy) Ann
M4   Meyer, Robert William   B26-5   Munroe, Mary
K3   Mezger, Emma Jane   B26   Munroe, Mary
M6   Middlesworth, Isaac Reed   B26-4   Munroe, Mary
M6   Middlesworth, Saville Jane   B26-5   Munroe, William
S11   Middleton, N.B.   B26-5   Munroe, William
L9   Milburn, Cora E.   M22 * Munrow (Monroe), David
R16   Milhorn, Margaret   M22   Munrow (Monroe), David
A1   Miller, Ancil B.   W12   Munrow (Monroe), David
S9   Miller, Elisbeth   W12   Munrow (Monroe), David
K3   Miller, Emeline   S17   Munson, Francis, Sr.
M18   Miller, George   S17   Munson, Minnie Mary
M23   Miller, Horatio Hamilton, Jr.   W1   Murdock, Louisa (Eliza)
M23   Miller, Horatio Hamilton, Sr.   G5   Murdock, Luella
M18 * Miller, James   P20   Murdock, Rebecca
M23 * Miller, Jane (Belva)   K2   Murphy, Annie
M23   Miller, Julius Phillip   M7   Murray, Enoch
B31   Miller, Maggie   M7   Murray, Herbert Cecil
S2   Miller, Mary Elisabeth   M7 * Murray, Jerome Allen
K6   Miller, Mary Magdelene   Mc5   Murray, Mary
A1   Miller, Minnie Belle   Mc5   Murray, Patrick
M18   Miller, Thomas B.   M7   Murray, Thomas
M18   Miller, Thomas L.   M7   Murray, William
S2   Miller, William H.   B2-2   Musier, Susanna
R16-2   Millhorn, Margaret   B2-9   Musier, Susanna
B14   Mills, Ida Ocie   R14   Mustar(d), David
S17-7   Mills, Martha   R14   Mustar, Emily J.
B14   Mills, Stephen ll   S1   Mustima, Jane
H4   Miner, Elijah Daniel   K1   Mutchler, Anna
R16   Minnis, Anna Matllda   E3   Myers, Elizabeth Ann
R16   Minnis, Wilson   P10   Myers, Lucie Lemaire
H3   Minor Nelson B.   M10   N.M.
H3   Minor, Anna Lena   M12   Nadon, Joseph
H4   Minor, Anna Lena   M12   Nadon, Napoleon Joseph
H4   Minor, Nelson B.   M12   Nadon, Sufrenne Marie
M11   Missar, Carl Arthur   I1   Nagel, Jacob Joseph (the elder)
M11   Missar, Carl Arthur, Jr.   I1   Nagel, Max (Sholom Mordecai)
M11   Missar, Caroline   I1   Nagel, Pearl
M11   Missar, Christian   C6   Nancy, Mary
M11 * Missar, Joan Carol   P6   Narring, Frances Mary
B17   Missar, Joan Carol   P6   Narring, Martin
S7   Mitchell, Andrew   N4   Nash, John Parks
M20   Mitchell, Andrew   N4   Nash, John Wesley
M20   Mitchell, Experience   N4 * Nash, Pat
M23-2   Mitchell, Kathryn Weinberg   N4   Nash, William L.
H20   Mitchell, Mary   M7   Neal, Joan LaDonne
S30   Mitchell, Mary   N1 * Needham, Hazel Jane
M20 * Mitchell, Mary   N1   Needham, Stephen Francis
S7   Mitchell, Mary E.   N1   Needham, Thomas Stephen
D4   Mitchell, Sophronie   T6   Neele, Mary Ann "Polly"
M20   Mitchell, Thomas   N2   Neeley, Henry Clay
M20   Mitchell, Thomas   N2   Neely, John McClelland
S17   Mitchell, William, Sr.   N2   Neely, William Harold
W2   Mixon, Betty Jean   N2 * Neely, William Harris
W2   Mixon, Edward DeKalb   M7   Nelson, Edna Elvira
W2   Mixon, Jack Dale   M7   Nelson, Erwin Julius
S5   Mixson, Georgia Ann   M7   Nelson, John T.
S5   Mixson, James Joyce   W6   Nesbett, Olive Harding
W9   Moine, Julius Percival   S11   Nettles, Margaret Susannah

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