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Lowe, Frank through McGregor, Andrew McLean - Page 12 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
N5   Lowe, Frank   S1   Mardis, Augusta Ethel
N5   Lowe, Helen M.   S1   Mardis, Augustus Riley
R15   Lowe, Lenore   M12   Marengere, Melina "Melanie"
L4   Lowell, Elice (Ella) Philura   P9   Marin, Joseph Mathieu
L4   Lowell, Ozro Grandison   R3   Markham, Gladys Louise
S17-1   Lowenstein, Apolonia   R3   Markham, Hezekiah Joseph
P1   Lowery (Lauri), E.   M1   Markiewicz, Fenna Fannie (---)
M23-2   Lowry, Harriet Bicknell   M1   Markiewicz, John
Mc3   Loy, Elizabeth   M1   Markiewicz, Piotr
D3   Lubrook,Mary   M1   Markiewicz, Stephen Jean
L1   Lucas, Jacob   M1 * Marks, Albert Neil
L1   Lucas, Selma   G10-17   Marmion, Avice
S10   Ludwig, Elisabeth A.   G10-20   Marmion, Avice
D7   Lunan, Iida   G10-20   Marmion, John
D7   Lunan, James Robertson   G10-20   Marmion, John, 1st Baron
D7   Lunan, Michael   G10-20   Marmion, Willilam, Sir
D7   Lunan, Peter   D4   Marscher, John Christopher
P17-3   Lunsford, Richard   H19   Marsfield, Mariah B.
P17-3   Lunsford, Richard   H20   Marsfield, Mariah B.
M16   Lutz, Catherine   F8   Marsh, Fanny Rosella
R16   Lutz, Clement Elliott   M16   Marsh, Margaret Eleanor
R16   Lutz, Daisy Elizabeth   F8   Marsh, Nelson
R16   Lutz, Harry Edwin   M16   Marsh, Thomas Olney
R16   Lutz, Jacob   S6   Marshal, Judith
B23   Lyden, Daniel   G10-19   Marshall, Isabel
B23   Lyden, Katherine Florence   G10-52   Martel, Charles
B23   Lyden, Thomas   G10-46   Martel, Charles
B23   Lyden, William   G10-51   Martel, Charles
J1   Lynch, Anna Agnes   W6   Martin, Benjamin Ansel
J1   Lynch, Robert   M2   Martin, Charles T.
J1   Lynch, Thomas Francis   B16   Martin, Clara
J1   Lynch, Thomas Henry   G7   Martin, Elizabeth
L9   Lyon, Aaron   W6   Martin, Henry
L9   Lyon, Abigail   M2 * Martin, Marion Louise
L9   Lyon, Andrew Cobb   H10   Martin, Sarah Jane
L9   Lyon, Annas   M2   Martin, Thomas
L9   Lyon, Armenta   M2   Martin, Thomas Hurd
L9   Lyon, Benjamin   W6   Martin, Velma Gertrude
L9   Lyon, Clifford Stanley   C15   Marty, Verena
L9   Lyon, Daniel   Mc1   Martz, Anna Catherine
L9   Lyon, Dorcas   M3   Marvell, James Hiram
L9   Lyon, Dorthy C.   M3   Marvelle, Curtis Allen
L9   Lyon, Ebenezer   M3 * Marvelle, Dorothy
L9   Lyon, Eliphalet   M3   Marvelle, James Everett
L9   Lyon, Eliphalet   W5   Marvin, Mary Ann
L9   Lyon, Eliphalet   B4   Marz, Christian
L9   Lyon, Elizabeth   B4   Marz, Emman Josephine
L9   Lyon, Elizabeth   B11   Mason, Nancy
L9   Lyon, Elizabeth   C5   Mason, Nancy
L9   Lyon, Frances Minerva   B13   Massie James Hiram
L9   Lyon, Gladys Milburn   B13   Massie, Mary Russia
L9   Lyon, Grace   P1   Masters, Marie
L9   Lyon, Hannah   A1   Masters, Roy Willis
L9   Lyon, Hannah   Mc5   Masterson, Francis
L9 * Lyon, Henry   Mc5   Masterson, Margaret
L9   Lyon, Isaac   T7   Mathews, Martha Winfrey
L9   Lyon, Isaac   C3   Mathews, Mary Mariah
L9   Lyon, James   T7   Mathews, Thomas Jackson
L9   Lyon, Jane   G10-37   Matilda, of Flanders
L9   Lyon, John   G10-31   Matilda, Queen of England
L9   Lyon, John   Mc1   Matt, Anna Mary
L9   Lyon, John   C8   Matte, Marie Antoinette N.
L9   Lyon, Jonas   C8   Matte, Remi
L9   Lyon, Joseph   S17-1   Mattheissen, Casparus
L9   Lyon, Martha   S17-1   Mattheissen, Caterina
L9   Lyon, Mary   M10 * Matthews, Charles K.
L9   Lyon, Mary   C9   Matthews, Charles Kenneth
L9   Lyon, Mary   M10   Matthews, John
L9   Lyon, Mary Ann   M10   Matthews, Lucy M.
L9   Lyon, Mattaniah   M10   Matthews, Samuel
L9   Lyon, Mattaniah   M10   Matthews, William R.
L9   Lyon, Nathaniel   B8   Maul, Frederick
L9   Lyon, Patricia Ann   C4   Maxwell, Annis
L9   Lyon, Penelope   S17-6   Maxwell, John
L9   Lyon, Polly   S17-6   Maxwell, John A.
L9   Lyon, Rita O.   S17   Maxwell, Obedience
L9   Lyon, Robert Edward   S17-6   Maxwell, Obedience
L9   Lyon, Samuel   C4   Maxwell, Reuben
L9   Lyon, Samuel   B2-3   May, Betty
L9   Lyon, Sarah   K4   May, Willard C.
L9   Lyon, Stanley Hiler   B5   McBride, Martha
L9   Lyon, Stephen   Mc4   McCabe,
L9   Lyon, Susanna   Mc4   McCabe, Andrew Mathias
L9   Lyon, Thomas   M1   McCabe, Henry
L9   Lyon, Thomas   M1   McCabe, John
L9   Lyon, Unknown   Mc4   McCabe, John
T6   Lyons, Anna Marie   Mc4   McCabe, John
T6   Lyons, Isaac   Mc4 * McCabe, Patricia Lee
T6   Lyons, William   M1   McCabe, Sara Elizabeth
H17-5   Lysaght, Francis Kristian Peter   T7   McCall, Georgia Ann C.
H17-5   Lysaght, Maureen Agnes   P11   McCann, Catherine
H17-5   Lysaght, Walter Edward   S21   McCanna, Margaret Jan
H17-2   Lysaght, Walter Edward A.   S21   McCanna, Peter
H17-5   Lysaght, Walter Edward A.   S21   McCanna, Theophilus Wilson
H19   MacDonald, Catherine   G5   McCarley, Sophronia A.
H19   MacDonald, Christie   Mc5   McCartan, Matthew
H19   MacDonald, James   Mc5   McCarthy (McCartan), John
M16   MacKenzie, Harry Alexander   Mc5   McCarthy (McCartan), Matthew Thomas
M16   MacKenzie, Iva Marie   Mc5   McCarthy, Joanna
M12   Mackey, Dennis   M17   McCarthy, John
M12 * Mackey, Donald Wilson   M17   McCarthy, Julia Ann
P11   Mackey, Donald Wilson   Mc5 * McCarthy, Matthew Patrick
M12   Mackey, James   Mc5   McCarthy, Matthew Patrick, Sr.
M12   Mackey, Theos Carl   E4   McCarty, Nancy Margaret
M12   Mackey, Truman Gordon   S7   McCauley, Ann
N3   Macon, Caroline R.   M1   McCauley, Christopher
N3   Macon, Henrietta   M1   McCauley, Isabelle
N3   Macon, Matt   M1   McCauley, Margaret (---)
N6   MacPherson, Elizabeth   M1   McCauley, Mary Jane
R13   Maddux, Frances   Q1   McClain, Andrew
R13   Maddux, John D.   K4   McClain, Harlin
C16   Made, Sidney   Q1   McClain, Mary Jane
E1   Madsen, Hannah   P25-2   McClenahan, James
E1   Madsen, Johanna Kirstine   K4   McCloud, Floyd
C2   Magee, James   D4   McClure, Emmolyn "Emma" Jessie
C2   Magee, John   D4   McClure, Jessie Love
C2   Magee, Katherine   D4   McClure, John
O4   Mager, Joseph   P17-3   McComas, Judy
O4   Mager, Margaret   N2   McComb, Margaret Elizabeth
S26   Magray, Frederick   F8   McComb, Sarah E.
S26   Magray, Ruth   F8   McComb, William
C2   Mallon, Edward   C2   McConnell,
C2   Mallon, Rose   C2   McConnell, Margaret
G10-24   Malmain, N., I   E2   McConnell. Esther E.
G10-24   Malmain, Nicholas, II   Mc3   McCormick, Isaac N.
G10-24   Malmain, Nicholas, III   Mc3   McCormick, Missouri Elizabeth
G10-24   Malmain, Nicholas, IV   Mc3   McCormick, Oliver Jackson
G10-24   Malmain, Petronella P.   P19   Mccory, Abigail
G10-23   Malmain, Petronella P.   P19   Mccory, Clement
G10-17   Malmain, Petronella P.   H15   McCrory,
G10-33   Malmains, Nicholas, I   H15   McCrory, Ellis French
G10-33   Malmains, Thomas   H15   McCrory, Oletha P.
M9 * Malone, Dorothy Elizabeth   H15   McCrory, Thomas, Rev.
M9   Malone, Hezekiah Pennington   H11   McCuish, Euphemia
M9   Malone, Hezekiah Pennington   T1   McCune, Peter J.
M9   Malone, John Carl   T1   McCune. Catharine
M9   Malone, Mary Bevan   V2   McDermott,
M9   Malone, William Hart   V2   McDermott, Constantine
M16   Malterer, Edward Nicholas   V2   McDermott, John Mary
M16   Malterer, John Arthur   V2   McDermott, Margaret Angelus
M16   Malterer, Michael   V2   McDonal, Mary
M16 * Malterer, Patricia J.   S1   McDonald, Agusta Myrtle
P2   Manchester, Ephraim   S1   McDonald, Andrew
P2   Manchester, Ephraim   S5   McDonald, Clarence Glover
P2   Manchester, Estelle Mae   R13   McDonald, Eliza
R9   Mandrot, Helene Gabrielle   S28   McDonald, Mary
M17   Mangan, John   S5   McDonell Maggie O.
M17 * Mangan, John Francis   S5   McDonell, John Francis
M17   Mangan, John Vincent   D4   McDowell, Eliza
M17   Mangan, Michael   N3   McDuffie, (---)
T2   Manley, Catherine   N3   McDuffie, Idella
R14   Mann, Eli   Mc4   McFaddeen, Susan
S27   Mann, Jane Ann   Mc4   McFadden, Elizabeth
R14   Mann, John William   Mc4   McFadden, James
R14   Mann, Mary Victoria   Mc4   McFadden, James Henry
F3   Manning, Helen Ellen M.   Mc4   McFadden, Joseph
F3   Manning, John David   C2   McGeogh,
F3   Manning, Phillip, Sr.   C2   McGeogh, Margaret
C12   Manning, Scott Tracey   R8   McGibeny, Adelaide Louise
S3   Manwill, Erdmuthe   Mc5   McGoff, Mary
P28   March, Anna Hester   F3   McGoldrick,
P15   Marcum, Julia Ann   S19   McGrath, Mary Ann
R11   Marcy, Eugah Lyon   C10   McGraw, Esther (Hester)
R11   Marcy, Harvey Delos   R3   McGregor,  William
R11   Marcy, Rena   R3   McGregor, Andrew McLean

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