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Knight, William A. through Low, Hester Eliza - Page 11 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
K4   Knight, William A.   A3   Lefebvre, David J.
K4 * Knight, William Anderson   L7 * Lefebvre, David Joseph
K4   Knight, William C.   A4   Lefebvre, Dorothee
P27   Knight, William Charlie   L7   Lefebvre, Francois-Xavier
K4   Knight, William Charlie   L7   Lefebvre, Francois-Xavier
K4   Knight, William J.   G2   Lefebvre, Ignace
K4   Knight, William W.   A4   Lefebvre, Marie
K4   Knight, Winnie Estel   G10-5   Legat, Elizabeth
D2   Knoeller, Fredericka P.   G3   Legault, Celina Marie dit Des Lauri
F6   Knorr,             B   T5   Legrow, Albert S.
F6   Knorr, Frederick   T5   Legrow, Charles Winslow
F6   Knorr, Louis Charles   T5   Legrow, Ephraim
R2   Koch, Elizabeth   T5   Legrow, Marion Stevens
R2   Koch, John Frederich   T1   Lehew, Rebecca Ann Taylor
M23-2   Koehnle, Amalie Louise   H8   Lehman, Catherina
M23-2   Koehnle, Charles William   S13   Lehman, Lydia
M23-2   Koehnle, Pauline   W7   Lehn, Elisabeth A.
S17   Kollock Jessie Alice   W7   Lehn, Wilhelm
S17-5   Kollock, Jacob   C8   Lehouiller, Emma E.
S17-5   Kollock, Jacob   G10-10   Leighton, Elizabeth C.
S17-5   Kollock, Shepherd   T5   Leighton, Sarah Elizabeth
S17   Kollock, Shepherd   C16   LeMay, Marie Celina
S17-5   Kollock, Shepherd Franklin   G10-25   LeMeschin, Ranulph
S17-5   Kollock, Simon   T4   Leming, Nelson Elmer
S17-5   Kollock, Simon   T4   Leming, Nettie Belle
S17   Kollock, Wellington, Jr.   T4   Leming, Thomas
S17   Kollock, Wellington, Sr.   M19   Lenhart, Rebecca
T1   Konkle, Jacob   R3   Lenoise, Mary R.
T2   Koons, Mary   F7   Lesher, Fannie
K3   Koontz, Dorothy Grace   P26   Lesko, Michael McDonald
K3   Koontz, Harry J.   H5   Lester, Anne J. (---)
K3   Koontz, Jefferson   H15   Lester, Emma Bell
H6   Kopecky, Joseph   H5   Lester, Francis
H6   Kopetsky, Elizabeth   H5   Lester, Francis M.
W8   Kopetsky, John Josep   H15   Lester, Jade
H6   Kopetsky, John Joseph   G10-23   Lestrange, Hawise
W8   Kopetsky, Joseph   L3   LeTarte, Angelique
B10   Kopnicky, Helen   T3   Leutschacher, Theresa
B10   Kopnicky, Martin   H3   LeVeeque, Joseph Edouard
Mc4   Kostelnik, Joseph   H3   LeVeque, George
B8   Kraber, Frederick Alvin   H4   LeVeque, George
B8   Kraber, Ivy Ellen   H3   LeVeque, Hosanna (Rosanna)
S11   Kramer, Mary   H4   LeVeque, Hosanna (Rosanna)
P6   Kramer, Rosina Katherine C.   L3   LeVeque, Jean Bte.
K1   Kratt, Catherine   H4   LeVeque, Joseph Edouard
P26   Kreckmann, Amelia J.   L3   LeVeque, Pierre
K5   Kremer, Henrich   L3   LeVeque, Pierre Joachim
K5   Kremer, Jochen Friedlirch   L3   LeVeque, Prosper
H19   Kremer, Maria Sophia C.   H4   LeVeque, Prosper
B28   Kremer, Maria Sophia C.   L3   LeVeque, Robert
K5 * Kremer, Maria Sophia Carolina   L3   LeVesque, Marie Anne
B8   Krober, Julius   H4   LeVesque, Marie Anne
Y1   Kroll, Charles   B23   Levy, Ann
Y1   Kroll, Charlotte   B23   Levy, James
Y1   Kroll, Rosalie   S19   Lewers, Eulalia Rae
S17-1   Kuhl, Anche   S19   Lewers, James
W4   Kuhns, Jacob   R1   Lewis, Bette Jean
O2   Kuhns, Mary   L4 * Lewis, Betty Jean
P7   Kuhns, Mary   M3   Lewis, Darius
T3   Kumpf, Welhelmine   R11   Lewis, Elizabeth
R1   Kunkel, Mary Elizabeth   T7   Lewis, Fanny
W4   Kuntz, Johann George   L4   Lewis, Jerry Lowell
W4   Kuntz, Maria Catharina   M3   Lewis, Malvina Amanda
G10-52   Kunza   O1   Lewis, Martha Jennie
J2   Kunze, Christina   D2   Lewis, May Jane
H9   Labare, Raymond Lyal   O1   Lewis, Richard
Y1   Lacerra, Louise   L4   Lewis, William
Y1   Lacerra, Rocco aka Lacher AF   T7   Lewis, William Thurber
P5   Lacey, Lacey Jeanette   B7   Liberty Dolly Estella
P5   Lacey, William   B5   Liding, Wilhelmina
G10-31   Lackland, John, King   G10   Light, Hannah
H3   LaCombe, Henriette   G10-7   Light, Hannah
G2   LaCombe, Henriette   G10-7   Light, John
G2   LaCombe, Joseph Pierre   G10-7   Light, John
G10-2   Ladd, Daniel   L6   Lindberg, Alfred
G10-2   Ladd, Ens Nathaniel   L6 * Lindberg, Dale Sheldon
G10   Ladd, Mary   L6   Lindberg, Gustave Alford
G10-1   Ladd, Mary   P3   Lindemann, Gladys Dorothy
G10-2   Ladd, Mary   G9-3   Lindsey (Lindsay), Harriet Francis
M19   Lahr, Paul H.   E1   Link, Mary
L1   Laite, Clyde Theodore   F7   Linn, Augusta Clementine
L1 * Laite, Lesleigh Ann   F7   Linn, James
L1   Laite, William White   F7   Linn, Samuel
R5   Lakeman, Amelia Cottle   S2   Linton, Agnes
A4   Lamarre, Genevieve Marie   N2   Lippincott, Nancy Jane
A4   Lamarre, Pierre   Mc1   Lippold, George Frank
A4   Lamarre, Pierre   Mc1   Lippold, Lenore Virginia
B9   Lamb, Albert   G10-4   Lissen (Lysson), Mary
B9   Lamb, Emmer   G10-4   Lissen, Nicholas
L2 * Lammers, Charlene K.   S12   Little, Elizabeth
L2   Lammers, Herman   R6   Little, Narcissa Jane
P15-1   Lammers, James C.   S12   Little, Samuel
L2   Lammers, Johan C.   R6   Little, William
L2   Lammers, Johann H.   T6   Littleton, Thomas
L2   Lammers, Otto H.   B14   Lloyd, Ann Eliza Pickering
S10   Lampe, Friedrich G.   C3   Locke Cecilia
S10   Lampe, Friedrich Heinrich   O3   Locke, Elizabeth aka Stephanie
S10   Lampe, Matilda   C3   Locke, Richard
H20   Landers, Ebenezer   P17-1   Lockey, Henry
H20   Landers, Sarah   H25   Lockwood, Elizabeth
H20   Landers, Sealed   D1   Loebling, JoAnn Ernestine
H20   Landers, Sealed   L1   Loeffelbein, Maria
R14   Landis, Alexander   W1   Lohrman, Bessie Amanda
R14   Landis, Mary   W1   Lohrman, John George
D3   Landry, Kenneth Owen   W1   Lohrman, Paul Rudolph
E1   Lang,  Jacob   B13   Lones, Albert Eugene
Y1   Lang, Anna   B13   Lones, Frank
E1   Lang, John Jacob   B13   Lones, Mary Katherine
E1   Lang, Lillian Hannah   H15   Long,
O3   Lange, Emma Louise   O3   Long, Etura Josephine
T3   Lange, Hermann   E4   Long, Harry Buell
T3   Lange, Sophia Gesche   M5   Long, Jeremiah
F2   Langs, Maria Eriksdr.   P17-1   Long, Mary
L7   Lapointe dit Desautels, Leocadie   P17   Long, Mary
L1   Late, William   H15   Long, Mattie
T6   Latleton, Mary Rebecca   M5   Long, Nancy
H6   Lattimore, Absalom   E4 * Long, Ruth Ellen
H6   Lattimore, Delora "Della"   E4   Long, Samuel Alexander
B26-1   Launce, John   O3   Long, Washington, A
B26-9   Launce, John   E4   Long, William
B26-1   Launce, Mary   B27   Longo, Anna
L7   Lauzier, Henri   A5   Longo, Jose
L7   Lauzier, Marie Jeanne   A5   Longo, Jose
S7   Laventure, Robert Theodore   A5   Longo, Rita
G3   LaVoie, Louise Ludovice   G10-41   Longsword, William, King
S17-5   Lawerson, Mary   S17-7   Loomis, Deborah
F3   Lawless, Marie   S17-7   Loomis, Thomas
B15   Lawson, Green   G10-7   Lord, Hannah
B15   Lawson, Green Philco   G10-7   Lord, Jonathan
B15   Lawson, Henry Briggs   G10   Lord, Jonathan
B1   Lawson, Rhoda S   G10-7   Lord, Robert
B15   Lawson, Vestell Sophie   M6   Lord, Sarah
B11   Lay, David A.   G10   Lord, Susanna
B11   Lay, John Blair   S9   Lorz, Eva
B11   Lay, Mary Ann   S3   Lossin, Albertine Charlotte
H5   Layton, Hester Ann   S3   Lossin, Carl Ferdinand August
H5   Layton, Isabell (---)   S3   Lossin, Fredrick
H5   Layton, James   S3   Lossin, Johanna Albertiiine Charlot
M19   Layton, Mary Jane   G9-9   Lothrop (Fitch), Anna
B8   Leader, Harriet   F9   Lough, John Charles, Capt.
B8   Leader, Marcus   G10-50   Louis, I, Emperor, the Pious
G8   Lebrun, Elisabeth Isabel   G10-48   Louis, I, Emperor, the Pious
G3   LeBrun, Sophie dit LaForest dit For   G10-50   Louis, II, King, the German
M16   LeConte, Michael J.   G10-44   Louis, II, the German
L7   Lecuyer, Georgianna   G10-30   Louis, VI, King of France
B23   Ledgett, Bridget   G10-31   Louis, VI, King of France
W13-3   Lee, Anne   G10-38   Louis, VI, King of France
G4   Lee, Charles Henry   S4   Louter, Henry
G4   Lee, Denis   S4   Louter, Mary Ellen
O2   Lee, Elizabeth   S4   Louter, Peter
G4   Lee, Eva Frances   S4   Louter, Simon
G4   Lee, Henry   B30   Love, Alexander Ebeneezer
O2   Lee, John   L8   Love, Carl Milton
K4   Lee, Julia   L8   Love, Charles Arthur
M7   Lee, Margaret   B30   Love, Elizabeth Mabel
P1   Lee, Mary   L8 * Love, Robert G.
S28   Lee, Mary   L8   Love, William Herman
H24   Leeds, Elizabeth   L5   Lovell, Bernard Louis
K4   Leeptrot, Candis   L5   Lovell, Horace Phinney
B26-11   Leete, John   L5   Lovell, Horace Pipkin
B26-11   Leete, Robert   L5 * Lovell, Mary Elsie
M3   Lefavor, Caroline A.   L5   Lovell, Milton Frances
G2   Lefebvre, Adelina (Aglaae)   K4   Lovett, Joshua W.
H3   Lefebvre, Adelina (Aglae)   C3   Low, Cornelius
L7   Lefebvre, Antonio David   C3   Low, Hester Eliza

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