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Grenon, Felicite through Hinman, Sarah  - Page 8 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
G2   Grenon, Felicite   B9   Harris, Hannah Jane
S17-1   Greve, Barbara   N2   Harris, John
G10-10   Grey, Elizabeth   N2   Harris, Ruth
G10-17   Grey, John   H3   Harris, William Thomas
G10-20   Grey, John   H4   Harris, William Thomas
G10-17   Grey, Maud   P25   Harrison, Francis
J2   Griepentrog, Louise   R9   Harrison, Margaret
D7   Griffen, Martha Fisher   R9   Harrison, Samuel
K4   Griffin, Dan   R9   Harrison, William, Capt.
G5   Griffis, Newton Carter   M9   Hart, Emma E.
G5   Griffis, Vernon Albert   C5   Hartley, Eliza
G5   Griffis, William Briggs   B11   Hartley, Eliza
F4   Griffis, William Richard   D8   Hartmann, Dorothea
G5 * Griffis, William Richard   H6   Harvey, Ellen Anne
G5   Griffis, William Richard, Sr.   W8   Harvey, Ellen Anne
P11   Griffiths, Alice   S3   Harzoff, Charlotta
P11   Griffiths, Elizabeth Ann   G9-10   Haskall (Hascall), John
P11   Griffiths, Richard   G9-10   Haskall (Hascall), John
B9   Gross, Joan   G9-9   Haskall (Hascall), Jonathan
P14   Grover, Milly   G9-9   Haskall (Hascall), Jonathon, Rev.
C5   Grow, Ann Margaret   G9-9   Haskall (Hascall), Mary "Polly"
B11   Grow, Ann Margaret   G9-3   Haskall (Hascall), Mary "Polly"
B11   Grow, William   G9-10   Haskall (Hascall), Squire
C5   Grow, William   G9-9   Haskall (Hascall), Squire
S29   Growbar, Dorothy   L2   Hassinger, Lee M.
B26-11   Grundy, Alice   B26-1   Hastings, Elizabeth
B28   Grutzmacher, Sophia   B26-1   Hastings, John
B11   Guess, Sophia S. G.   P20   Hasty, John
P25   Guffey, Ann   P20   Hasty, Mary Ann
P25-1   Guffey, Ann   S22   Hasty, Sarah Frances
P25-2   Guffey, Ann   M3   Hathaway, Abbey Warren
P23   Guffey, Ann W.   M3   Hathaway, Jonathan
S8   Gullifer, Melissa   M3   Hathaway, Solomon Warren
G10-37   Gunnora, Lod   W7   Hauck, Elisabeth
G10-41   Gunnora, Lod   P3   Hauck, Eva Katherina
H7   Gurley, Abigail   C2   Hauge, Joseph Henry
G7   Gutterson, Carroll   H22   Hawkins, Anthony
G6   Gutterson, Carroll Herbert   S26   Hawkins, Bradstreet M.
G7   Gutterson, Eliza A.   P26   Hawkins, Daniel
G6   Gutterson, Eliza Ann   B26-1   Hawkins, Hannah
G6   Gutterson, Jacob   S26   Hawkins, Helen Elizabeth
G7   Gutterson, Jacob   S26   Hawkins, Henry Frank
G7   Gutterson, Joel   S17-4   Hawkins, Mary
G6   Gutterson, Joel Hobart   J4   Hawkins, Mary
G7   Gutterson, John   J5   Hawkins, Mary
G6   Gutterson, John, Jr.   H22 * Hawkins, Mary
G7   Gutterson, Marcus   P26   Hawkins, Peter
G6   Gutterson, Marcus Ulman   B26-1   Hawkins, Timothy
G6 * Gutterson, Pauline   B26-8   Hawkins, Timothy
G7   Gutterson, Pauline   H5   Hawks, James Dudley
G7   Gutterson, Samual   H5   Hawks, James Russel
G7   Gutterson, Susannah   H5 * Hawks, Marie Anne
G7 * Gutterson, William   H16 * Hawks, Marie Anne
G7   Gutterson, William   H5   Hawks, Thomas
O1   Haberie, Ida   H5   Hawks, Thomas, Sidney
O1   Haberle, Christian   K2   Haworth, Elizabeth Ellen
N5   Hackett, Roxie   K2   Haworth, George Herbert, Jr.
K6   Hafele, Anna Lillian   S15   Hayden, Elizabeth
K6   Hafele, Gottfried   B23   Hayden, Mary
K6   Hafele, Nicholas   S20   Hayes, Carrie
W3   Haffener, Maria L.   P17-5   Hayes, Elizabeth
K2   Hagen, Mary   F3   Hayes, Ellen
H1   Hagerty, George Ambrose   S20   Hayes, John H.
C5   Hagerty, John Conrad   A4   Haynes, Jonathan Joseph
H1 * Hagerty, John Conrad   P17-5   Haynes, William
H1   Hagerty, John Conrad, Sr.   B25   Hayness, Christiana M.
H1   Hagerty, John Patrick   B26-2   Hayward, Hannah
H1   Hagerty, unknown   R7   Hayward, Mary
H2   Hahn, Edward Henry   H6   Hazel, Benjamin
H2   Hahn, Johann George   H6   Hazel, Charles Edson
H2   Hahn, Joseph Herman   H6   Hazel, Leo Donald
H2   Hahn, Lewis   W8   Hazel, Leo Donald
F2   Haigh, Mary   H6 * Hazel, Margie Elaine
G10-4   Hale, Sarah Sewall   H6   Hazel, Samuel E.
H20   Haley, Ebenezer   H24   Heale, John
H19   Haley, George william   H20   Healey, Ebenzer
H19   Haley, Ruth Grace   H16   Healey, Joanna
H19   Haley, Selah   H20   Healey, Paul
H20 * Haley, Selah   H24   Healey, Richard
H19   Haley, William   H24   Healey, Thomas
N4   Hall, Curley   H20   Healey, William
B13   Hall, Effie E.   H24 * Healey, William
A1   Hall, Frances E.   G12   Healey, William
N4   Hall, Jennie C.   D7   Heath, Delia
S25   Hall, Mary Bell   B9   Heath, James
B26   Hall, Mary Maria   E2   Heath, Joseph
M3   Hall, Mercy   B9   Heath, Joseph M.
C15   Hall, Olive   E2   Heath, Lorinda
B13   Hall, Thomas Jefferson   B9   Heath, Susan Emma "T-2"
B26   Hall, Timothy, Sr.   B5   Hebel, Catharina Wilhelm
S25   Hall, William H.   S25   Hedden, Ruth Augusta
B1   Hallum, Margaret Melinda   G10-44   Hedwiga, of Germany
B1   Hallum, Thomas   G10-44   Hedwiga, of Germany
D8   Halstead, Florence Adelia   G10-44   Hedwige, of Bavaria
P26   Hambleton, Ica V.   W1   Heffley, Henry Clay
L5   Hamblin, Elizabeth   W1   Heffley, Jacob
H2   Hamel, Catherine   W1   Heffley, Mary Amanda
M9   Hamilton, Alfred Alonzo   R11   Heinley, Mary Magdaline
S27   Hamilton, Ethel Elizabeth   B5   Held, Elizabeth Catharin
S27   Hamilton, George Clifford   B5   Held, Johann Gerlach
M23   Hamilton, Harriet   G10-32   Helisend, Hildesent
S27   Hamilton, John Thompson   S5   Helvenston, Caroline F.
W11   Hamilton, Lucy   S5   Helveston, Mary Caroline
P25   Hamilton, Margaret   S5   Helveston, Simeon Thomas
P25-1   Hamilton, Margaret (Peggy)   F3   Henderson, James Bloomfield
L5   Hammond, Cordelia   F3   Henderson, Lucy Rachel
B26-1   Hammond, Hannah Anne   F3   Henderson, Nathaniel
B26-8   Hammond, Hannah Anne   M8   Hendricks, Benjamin Kinney
Mc1   Hammond, Margaret   M8   Hendricks, James B.
B26-8   Hammond, William   M8   Hendricks, Mae
R7   Hamrick, Anne M.   L8   Hendrix, Cutler
A2   Hamrick, Henrietta   L8   Hendrix, Iva M.
H20   Handy, John   L8   Hendrix, John Franklin
H20   Handy, Thankful   G10-37   Henry, I, King of England
H14   Haney, Mary   G10-38   Henry, I, King of France
H9   Hanger, Hannah A.   G10-44   Henry, I, the Fowler
S10   Hann, Amy   G10-31   Henry, II, King of England
H26   Hanna James   G10-19   Henry, III, King of England
H26   Hanna, Albert George   G10-31   Henry, Koe, I
H26   Hanna, Alexander   B2   Henry, Lela Rae
H26   Hanna, Anna Marie   B1   Henson, Alexander A.
H26   Hanna, Robert D.   S4   Hepp, Mary
H26   Hanna, Wiliam   S4   Hepp, Peter J.
H26 * Hanna, William Albert   H2   Herber, Elizabeth
H26   Hanna, William John   H1   Herbert, Nancy
E3   Hannum, Margaret   G10-42   Heribert, II, Count
J1   Hansen, Hans   G10-48   Hermindes
J1   Hansen, Jens   G9-9   Herrick, Mary
O1   Hanzsek, Rudy, Jr.   R2   Hettinger, Susan
A2   Harbaugh, Daniel Clinton   M8   Hicks, Catherine A.
A2   Harbaugh, Lewis   B11   Hicks, Rebecca Carrup
A2   Harbaugh, Mary Gertrude   P22   Higgins, Elizabeth
G10-11   Harcourt, Alice   S27   Higginson, John Christian
G10-17   Harcourt, Alice   S27   Higginson, Miriam (Mayte) Almyria
G10-17   Harcourt, Richard, Sir   G10-46   Hildegarde
G10-17   Harcourt, Thomas, Sir   G10-48   Hildegarde
G10-17   Harcourt, Thomas, Sir   G10-42   Hilderante, of France
B15   Hargess, Elizabeth   B4   Hiler, Homer David
B30   Hargis, Elizabeth   B4   Hiler, Leonard Linn
S8   Harmon, (---)   B4   Hiler, Llillie Marie
E4   Harmon, Garrett   L9   Hiler, Minerva Stickle
E4   Harmon, Jacob   P26   Hilker, Irma M.
E4   Harmon, Mahala Elizabeh   S20   Hill, Catherine
H2 * Harn, Joseph Louis Edward   S4   Hill, Charles E.
E3   Harper, Anniliza   P11   Hill, Ephraim
P26   Harper, Marilynn   G5   Hill, Jennie U.
B2   Harrell, Elizabeth Eliza Flynn   S20   Hill, John
B2-7   Harrell, John J.   S4   Hill, Margaret Russell
B2   Harrell, John J.   P11   Hill, Mary Louise
B2   Harrell, John Walker   D2   Hill, Rebekah
B2-7   Harrell, John Walker   D7   Hill, Sarah Clarissa
B2   Harrell, Mary E   T6   Hill, Susan
B2-7   Harrell, Mary E.   D2   Hill, William
C4   Harris, Adrianna   S4   Hill, William
H3   Harris, Arthur William   S16   Hills, Hannah Joannis
H4   Harris, Arthur William   S17-4   Hills, Lydia
M6   Harris, Elizabeth   S17-4   Hills, Stephen
J5   Harris, Elizabeth   S16   Hills, William
H3 * Harris, Erwin Joseph   H7   Hinckley, Chauncey Alexander
P6   Harris, Erwin Joseph   H7   Hinckley, Elijah
C4   Harris, Gabe   S13   Hinkle, Magdalena
H4 * Harris, George Arthur   H7   Hinkley, Charles Titus
H3   Harris, George Arthur   H7 * Hinkley, Elsie May
G2   Harris, George Arthur   H7   Hinkley, James John
N2   Harris, George J.   L9   Hinman, Sarah

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