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Carroll, Elizabeth through Crosby, Joseph - Page 4 of  20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
S28   Carroll, Elizabeth   N6   Colbreath (Colbath), Jane
P15-1   Carroll, Elizabeth Isa Bell   N6   Colbreath, John
P15-1   Carroll, Hugh   G10-3   Colcord, Edward
P15-1   Carroll, Ida May   G10-3   Colcord, Mehitable
S28   Carroll, James   B2-3   Coleby, Polly Ann
P15-1   Carroll, James Wesley   M20   Coleson, Joan
S28   Carroll, John   F1   Colfass, John
G9-4   Carroll, Luke   F1   Colfass, Marha J.
S28   Carroll, Margaret Uphemia   M7   Collar, Mary
P15-1   Carroll, Mary Catherine (Jane)   P15   Collier, Matilda Jane
P15-1   Carroll, Rose Etta   P15-1   Collier, Matilda Jane
P15-1   Carroll, Samuel Nathan   B26-6   Collins, Anne
G9-4   Carroll, Susan   K2   Collins, Elizabeth
S28   Carroll, Thomas   B6   Collins, Evelyn M.
P1   Carry, Emma Josephine (DeWitt)   P22   Collins, Francis Lee (Frank)
K4   Carter, Aaron   G9-3   Collins, Mary Jane
P15-1   Carter, Aelic   K2   Collins, Owen
P17-2   Carter, Albert   K2   Collins, Owen
K4   Carter, Amanda   B6   Collins, William E.
E2   Carter, Benjamin   R5   Colson, Minnie Edith
E2   Carter, Benjamin F.   R5   Colson, Sanford
S28   Carter, Dorothy Louise   C7   Colton, Arthur H.
S28   Carter, Elijah E.   C7   Colton, Gordon S.
K4   Carter, Elizabeth   C7   Colton, Hial S
K4   Carter, John   J3   Colton, Patricia Ann
K4   Carter, John   C7 * Colton, Petricia Ann
S28   Carter, John Edwin   G8   Comeau, Abraham
K4   Carter, John S.   G8   Comeau, Francoise Anne
K4   Carter, M. T.   P10   Comeau, Marie
B2   Carter, Mary   P10   Comeau, Medard
B2-6   Carter, Mary   P3   Conceicao-Rego, Antonia
K4   Carter, Mary Ann   B27   Concella,
K4   Carter, Matthew   B30   Condon, Ardelia Jane
K4   Carter, Moses   K4   Cone, Sarah
K4   Carter, Polly   P2   Conell, Lucy
K4   Carter, Rachel   T1   Conkle, Iva Della
K4   Carter, Rachel   T1   Conkle, Jacob
S28   Carter, Samuel   C6 * Connell, David A
S12   Carter, Sarah   C6   Connell, Leroy
K4   Carter, Sarah   K4   Connell, Mary Ann
E2   Carter, Twila Crista   K4   Connell, Vera
E2   Carter, Wright   C6   Connell, William
G10-1   Cartie, Alice   C6   Connell, William Randolph
P1   Cary, Bushnell B., MD   D1   Conner, Catherine
T5   Cary, Cynthia   S7   Connors, Ellen
T1   Caseman, Alexander   G10-42   Conrad, King, Count
T1   Caseman, Emily A.   G10-37   Conrad, L, Count, King
B25   Casey, Cornelius   G10-29   Constance, of Burgundy
B25   Casey, Cornelius   G10-35   Constance, of Burgundy
G4   Casey, John   G10-36   Constance, of Burgundy
G4   Casey, Mary Ann   R13   Conway, Ann
B25   Casey, Mary V.   D3   Conwell, Elizabeth
G4   Casey, Thomas   S26   Cook, Bessie Regina
P15-1   Cash, Commodore   C7   Cook, Blanche W.
A5   Caso, Vicenta   C10   Cook, David
G1   Cason, Rebecca Ann   C3   Cook, Deborah
P26   Cassell, Arch J.   C3   Cook, Elizabeth (---)
B23   Cassidy, James Warren   C10   Cook, Frances Elizabeth
G10-19   Castille, Eleanor   P15   Cook, Henderson
B26-7   Castle, Mary   C7   Cook, Hiram
B21   Casuel, Miss   R11   Cook, Isaac Thomas
O3   Cathcart, Susanna A.   C3   Cook, John
L3   Caumont, Marie   S26   Cook, John
B15   Chambers, David Ruble   S26   Cook, John Samuel
B30   Chambers, David Ruble   S26   Cook, John, Capt.
B15   Chambers, Ivy Alice   C3   Cook, Joseph
B30   Chambers, Ivy Alice   C3   Cook, Joseph H.
B15   Chambers, Joseph   C3   Cook, Joseph Henry
P21   Chance, Nancy   F6   Cook, Katherine
G9-9   Chandler, Elizabeth   C3 * Cook, Margaret Frences
P9   Chapdelaine, Andre   R11   Cook, Mary Ann
P9   Chapdelaine, Charlotte M.   B24   Cook, May
P9   Chapdelaine, Jean Baptist   M9   Cook, Nancy
P9   Chapdelaine, Louise   N2   Cook, Savilla
P10   Chapdelaine, Louise   H5   Cooke,
A4   Chaperon, Suzanne V. Leona   H5   Cooke, Caroline Amelia
M18   Chappell, Emma   H5   Cooke, Charles Pringle
C8   Charest, Alphonse Antoine Telesphor   C14   Cooke, Edward
C8   Charest, Arthur Hubert   C14 * Cooke, Francis
C8 * Charest, Carl Arthur   M21   Cooke, Francis
C8   Charest, Carl Arthur, Sr.   M20   Cooke, Francis
G10-46   Charlemagne, Emperor   M20   Cooke, Jane
G10-48   Charlemagne, Emperor   Mc4   Cooney,
G10-48   Charles, II, Kof   Mc4   Cooney, Mary
P9   Charpentier, Catherine   P26   Coonrod,
M12   Charron, "Fernando"   G1   Cope, Maria Ann
M12   Charron, Eva Laura   S30   Copp, Martha
M12   Charron, Ferdinand   S30   Copp, William
M12   Charron, Simon   C13   Corbin, Clement
S31   Chase, Bessie Lorena   H19-1   Corbin, Dorcas
L3   Chevalier,  Jeanne   C13 * Corbin, Jabez
P9   Chevrefils, Anne Marie   H19-1   Corbin, Jabez
M7   Chichester, Milton L.   H19-1   Corbin, Thomas
M7   Chichester, Olive   E2   Corliss, Almira Elizabeth
T5   Chick, Sarah (Sally)   E2   Corliss, Isaac
A4   Chretien, Anne Marie   S13   Cornelius, Frances
A4   Chretien, Jean   S13   Cornelius, Gideon
J1   Christensen, Niels   C16   Corriveau, Alfred
P2   Church, Agnes Maria   C16 * Corriveau, Kip
P2   Church, Danial   C16   Corriveau, Lucien
M4   Church, Hiram   C16   Corriveau, Robert
M4   Church, Mary Jane   B27   Cosantina, Mary
M23-1 * Ciana, Esther   B27   Cosentino, Peter
M23-1   Ciani, Gaspare   H17-2   Cosgrove, Agnes Catherine
M23-1   Ciani, Mario Victor   H17-2   Cosgrove, Daniel, Jr.
M23-1   Ciani, Victor Gaspare   H17-2   Cosgrove, Daniel, Sr.
M23-1   Ciarelli, Angela   P3   Costa, John
C8   Cignatta, Caroline Fern   P3   Costa, John Joad
C8   Cignatta, Dominic   P3   Costa, Manoel
C8   Cignatta, Guiseppe   P3   Costa, Mary Louise
M1   Circle, Ila May   L3   Cote, Genevieve
D1   Clack, Catherine   C4   Cotman, Alexander
D1   Clack, James   N3   Cotman, Earl
D1   Clark, Betty (---)   C4   Cotman, Eliza Harris
S7   Clark, Charles,   C4   Cotman, Harry, Sr.
G10-1   Clark, Elizabeth   C4 * Cotman, Henry Earl, M.D.
G10-8   Clark, Elizabeth   C4   Cotman, Jeanette
D1   Clark, John   H18   Cottrell, Susan Jane
G10-1   Clark, John   P9   Cottu, Charlotte Marie
D1   Clark, Joseph L.   P9   Cottu, Daniel Louis Cout
D1   Clark, Katie M.   M20   Cowper, Jane
G10-1   Clark, Mary   H12   Cowsert, Sarah Jane
G10-2   Clark, Mary   B20   Cowsert, Sarah Jane
G10-6   Clark, Mary   C10 * Cowsert, Sarah Jane
S7   Clark, Mary Frances   C10   Cowsert, Thomas
D1   Clark, Mary M.(---)   C10   Cowsert, William Jackson
S7   Clark, Matthew   S12   Cox, Abijah
B29-1   Clark, Ridget   G7   Cox, Alice
Mc4   Clarke, Andrew   G6   Cox, Alice Emily
Mc4   Clarke, Susan Theresa   S12   Cox, Daniel
Mc4   Clarke, Terence   S12   Cox, Edyth E.
W4   Clauser, Catharina   S12   Cox, Elmer Thomas
C11 * Clegg, Mary Nancy   G6   Cox, John
B25   Clegg, Mary Nancy   G6   Cox, John , Jr.
C11   Clegg, Richard   N3   Cox, Mary Jane
C11   Clegg, Thomas   P20   Cox, Richard Asbel
D3   Cleland,  Alexander Stuart   G6   Cox, William
D3   Cleland, Katie Salisbury   G6   Cox, William
D3   Cleland, William H.   G6   Cox,Jane Ann
S8   Clement, (---)   W13-3   Coxe, Anne
L8   Clements, Jessie J.   W13-3   Coxe, John
L8   Clements, Leona   C7   Coxon, Evelyn I
P8   Clements, Mary Francis   C7   Coxon, Robert W.
K4   Clemments, Ann   C7   Coxon, William John
D4   Cleveland, Alexander   W13-1   Coyle, Almeda
D4   Cleveland, Ambrose Bernard   B27   Cozzitto, Angelina
D4   Cleveland, Jewell Marie   G10-8   Cracherode, Agnes
P11   Cleveland, Sarah Elizabeth   F5   Cragton, Elias H.
D4   Cleveland, William Thomas   F5   Cragton, Lena S.
B2   Clifton, Elizabeth A   B24   Cranage, Rosalie Sarah
B2-7   Clifton, Elizabeth Anna   P2   Crannell, Myra Ann
B2-7   Clifton, Jonathan   S17-6   Crawford, Bridget Matilda
B2-7   Clifton, Mary   H1   Crilley, Mary (---)
B29   Close, Martha   H1   Crilley, Peter
S17   Clouthier, Celina   H1   Crilly (or Crilley), Jane Elizabeth
G8   Cloutier, Elisabeth Ursu   R11   Crites, John
H10   Clover, Mary Hazel   R11   Crites, Sophia
B4   Clow,  Nancy Elizabeth   P1   Crocker, Arminda
B4   Clow, Elijah Marion   H6   Cronin, Kevin Stewart
A2   Coburn Francis   A2   Crook, Benjamin
A2   Coburn, Francianna Doon   A2   Crook, Clara Dean
F9   Cocheran, Anne   A2   Crook, Ernest Lee
R6   Coeyman, William Henry   D7   Croon, Marie
R14   Coffee, Sarah   S17-4   Crosby (Holt), Sarah
S17-7   Coggin, Jane   S17-4   Crosby,  Joseph

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