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Baker, Aaron through Blanchet, Zachariah - Page 2 of 20

Chart Id Primary Person Name   Chart Id Primary Person Name
M7   Baker,  Henry   L5   Bean, Mary Polly
E4   Baker, Aaron   P4   Beasley, Charles Emmill
R8   Baker, Abel   P4   Beasley, Gertrude Emily
G9-3   Baker, Alice   P4   Beasley, William
E4   Baker, Archibald Smith   P4   Beasley, William
C9   Baker, Claudia Mae   O4   Beatrice, Lena
S11   Baker, Hannah   A4   Beaufort, Catherine Limo
E4   Baker, Henry Smith   S14   Beck, Arthur Bernard
M7   Baker, Isaac L.   S14   Beck, Johanna
B24   Baker, Jacob   J1   Becker, Magdalena
R8   Baker, James Alvin   G9-10   Becket, Mary
C9   Baker, John Wm.   B4 * Beckmeyer, Barbara Virginia
B18   Baker, Jordan   B4   Beckmeyer, Floyd Miller
R8   Baker, Joshua, II   B4   Beckmeyer, John
M7   Baker, Nora Mae   B4   Beckmeyer, Raymond Leroy
E4   Baker, Ollie Lucretia   M11   Beckwith, Earl
N5   Baker, Samuel Mumford   B17 * Beckwith, Earl Curd
B24 * Baker, Samuel Mumford, Jr.   B17   Beckwith, James F.
B24   Baker, Samuel Mumford, Sr.   B17   Beckwith, James Guy, Sr.
H12   Baker, Sarah   B17   Beckwith, Winsane Earl
H13   Baker, Sarah   A2   Bedsaul, Ellen Snyder
B18 * Baker, Sarah   R7   Beebe, Harriet
R8   Baker, Sarah Grace   S24   Beek, Kenneth
B24   Baker, Theo Dickinson   M22   Beers, Rebecca
G9-3   Baker, William Harrison   B26-4   Beers, Richard, Capt.
S11   Baker, William W.   B26-4   Beers, Sarah
B18   Baker, Zadock Cook   P7   Beilstein, Anna Barbara
G10-48   Baldwin, I, King   P7   Beilstein, Anna Margaretha
G10-42   Baldwin, I, King   P7   Beilstein, Johann Baltha
G10-47   Baldwin, I, King   M12   Belanger, Benoni
G10-42   Baldwin, II, King, Count   G8   Belanger, Genevieve
G10-37   Baldwin, IV, King   G8   Belanger, Jean Francois
G10-42   Baldwin, O., III, King, Count   M12   Belanger, Josephine
G10-37   Baldwin, V, King   B7   Belden Jeremiah
G7   Ball, Elma   B7   Belden Joseph Congden
P11   Ball, Elma Albertha   B7   Belden, Mary Louise
G7   Ball, George   P17   Bell, Eleanor (Elinor)
P11   Ball, George Mason   T1   Bell, Margaret
P11   Ball, Jesse   E4   Bell, Mary Jane
G7   Ball, Jesse   S26   Belliveau, Matilde
H17   Ball, Sarah   B13   Bellott, Ella
B1   Ballard, Arthur Garrett   C1   Bellows/Bowman, (---)
B1   Ballard, Charles Franklin   B5 * Belnap, Bruce Earl
B1 * Ballard, Helen Fay   B5   Belnap, Gilbert
B1   Ballard, James Matison (Matt)   B5   Belnap, Hyrum Earl
B1   Ballatd, William A.   B5   Belnap, Rosel
H2   Balz, Frank Casper   B5   Belnap. Hyrum
H2   Balz, Frank Henry   D3   Belt, Virginia
H2   Balz, Frank Henry   F8   Benagh, Assa (Essy)
H2   Balz, Mary Elizabeth   W7   Bender, Edna Anna
B4   Balzer, Barbara   W7   Bender, Joseph Charles
S1   Bane, Harriet   H18   Benedict, Eliza
B26-1   Banister, Jane   H25   Benedict, Sarah
R7   Bannister, Bliss C.   C12   Bengtson, Ella Theodora
R7   Bannister, Henry Dison   C12   Bengtson, Johannes
R7   Bannister, Isa Belle   B16   Benjamin, Bernard
G3   Barbary, David   B16   Benjamin, Henriette
S17-7   Barber, Chester Peter   Mc5   Benjock, Mary Louise Sharkey
S17   Barber, Chester Peter   B8   Benneck, Ernestein
S17-7   Barber, Daniel   B20   Bennett,
S17-7   Barber, Gideon, Sr.   M3   Bennett, Betsey
S17-7   Barber, John   B6   Bennett, Elias
S17-7   Barber, Samuel   C3   Bennett, Frances Ann
S17-7   Barber, Thomas   H12   Bennett, Georgia Ellen
S17   Barber, Triphinia Viola   F2   Bennett, Jane
B27   Barca, Giorgio   B20   Bennett, John G.
B27 * Barca, James Joseph   H12   Bennett, Merrell Walter
S28   Barca, James Joseph   B20 * Bennett, Merrell Walter
B27   Barca, Mariano   C10   Bennett, Merrell Walter
B27   Barca, Mauro   C3   Bennett, Nelson
R16   Barger, Constans Curtin   B6   Bennett, Richard O.
R16   Barger, George   B6   Bennett, William
R16   Barger, Lida Curtin   B6   Bennett, William L.
N2   Bargs Elizabeth (Lizzie)   B6 * Bennett, William R.
N2   Bargs, William   B16 * Bennis, Gladys
M18   Barker, Elizabeth   B16   Bennis, Harold
B26-4   Barker, Mary   B16   Bennis, Henry
S11   Barker, Rachel   B16   Bennis, William Henry
S17-4   Barker, Sarah   G3   Benoit, Francois dit Vaillancourt
B2-1   Barlow, Abijah   G3   Benoit, Rose Delima dit Vaillancour
B2-1   Barlow, Benjamin   H11   Benson, Mary
B2   Barlow, George W.   M3   Bent, Abigail B.
B2-2   Barlow, George W.   M3   Bent, Asahel
B2-1   Barlow, George W.   G10-29   Berengaria, of Barcelona
B2 * Barlow, William Eugene   G10-19   Berenger, Eleanor
B2   Barlow, William Francis   G10-43   Berenger, King of Italy
B2   Barlow, William Henry   G10-29   Berenger, R., III
P16-1   Barnes,   G10-37   Berenger, S., Princess
B3   Barnes, Elton Perry   G10-42   Berenger, S., Princess
B3   Barnes, Frank Elton Perry   G10-43   Berenger, S., Princess
B3   Barnes, Frank Elton Perry ,Sr.   M5   Berenger, Sophie Suzanne
B3 * Barnes, Malinda Mae   G10-29   Berengia, of Castile
T7   Barney, Eliza Kingsley   G10-19   Berengia, of Castille
B26-1   Baron, Mary   H8   Berg, Edward Charles
T6   Barr, Mary "Jennie"   H10   Berlincourt, Christena
D1   Barrett, Gretta M.   G10-46   Bernard, King of Italy
D1   Barrett, Thomas   G10-41   Bernard, King of Italy
D1   Barrett, William C.   G10-46   Bertha, Lady of Toulous
B26-1   Barron, Ellis   G10-38   Bertha, of Holland
B26-1   Barron, Ellis, Jr.   G10-46   Berthe, of Laon
B26-1   Barron, Ellis, Sr.   G10-11   Bessiles, Elizabeth
D7   Barrus, Carl Birdsie   G10-11   Bessiles, William
D7   Barrus, Charles   T2   Betts, Martha Harriet
D7   Barrus, Iida Louise   T2   Betts, Robert Fleming
S8   Barry, Mary A.   T2   Betts, Robert Fleming
H19   Barth, Carl Heinrich C.   H8   Betzler, Mary
B28 * Barth, Carl Heinrich Christian   B24   Bigelow, Ella A.
K5   Barth, Carl Heinrich Christian   B26   Billing, Daniel
F1   Barth, Charles   B26-1   Billing, Joseph
F1   Barth, Erma Myrtle   B26   Billing, Joseph
F1   Barth, Frederick   B26-1   Billing, Samuel
B28   Barth, Johann   R5   Billings Meda Viola
H19   Barth, John Christian C.   B26   Billings, Daniel
H19   Barth, Wilhemina Harriet   R5   Billings, Frederick Austin
B23   Bartley, James. J.   B26-1   Billings, John
B23   Bartley, John   R5   Billings, John
B23   Bartley, John J.   B26   Billings, John
B23 * Bartley, Patricia Katherine   S26   Billings, Lydia M.
B23   Bartley, Walter   B26 * Billings, Lydia M.
P12   Barton, Henry   G10   Billings, Lydia M.
F2   Barton, Hugh   B26-1   Billings, Nathaniel
S12   Barton, Margaret A.   B8   Billman, Mary M. P.
F2   Barton, Mary Ann   G2   Biron, Jean Bte.
R3   Barton, Mary Pierce   S9   Bischof, Caroline W.
P12   Barton, Nancy   H6   Bishop, Elizabeth
S12   Barton, William L.   R15   Bishop, Elizabeth
F5   Bartz, Robert Clark   M3   Bishop, Evalyn Gertrude
R14   Baskins, George Washington   M3   Bishop, John Thor
R14   Baskins, Paulina Arabella   M3   Bishop, John Thor
M20   Batchelder, Rachel   R15   Bishop, Lewis
M20   Batchelder, Stephen   M3   Bishop, Oliver H.
M20   Batchelder, William   H4   Bishop, Sarah Trutton
L9   Bateman, Elizabeth   S17-7   Bissell, Abigail
P25-2   Bateman, John   P16   Bitner, Elizabeth
M9   Bates, Elizabeth   C12   Bjorgaard, Dorothy Ardeen
O3   Battelz, Christina   C12   Bjorgaard, Henry John
B6   Batterson, Laura B.   C12   Bjorgaard, John Sigvart
G6   Battista, Donald   O4   Black,  Pearl Sargent
G7   Battista, Donald   O4   Black, Charles
W7   Bauer, Mary E.   G9-4   Black, Elizabeth
P7   Baumann, Maria   O4   Black, Euphemia Mae
B6   Baxter, Jennie   H13   Black, Margaret
B6   Baxter, John   B30 * Blackburn, Bettie-Love
B29   Baxter, John   B30   Blackburn, David Chambers
B29   Baxter, John   R11   Blackburn, Jane
H17-4   Baxter, Marcus   B15   Blackburn, Johnson B.
H17-4   Baxter, Mary Bell   B30   Blackburn, Johnson B.
B29 * Baxter, Nathaniel   E4   Blackburn, Margaret Ellen
H17-4   Baxter, Samuel F   B15 * Blackburn, Verna
B29   Baxter, Thomas   B15   Blackburn, Wayne Wallace
B29-1 * Baxter, Thomas   B15   Blackburn, William M.
B29-1   Baxter, Thomas   B15   Blackburn, William Shelby
G10-6   Baylie, Isabel   B30   Blackburn, William Shelby
B14   Bazemore, Alexander James   B31   Blain, Eliza A.
B14   Bazemore, Cecil Wray   H1   Blair, Sibbiah
B14   Bazemore, James Allen   B7 * Blanchard, Brenda Ann
B14   Bazemore, James Matthew   B7   Blanchard, Jacob
B14 * Bazemore, Joan   B7   Blanchard, Kenneth Harley
B31   Bazler, Edwin Monson   B7   Blanchard, William Cullen
B31   Bazler, Frank Hays   B7   Blanchard, William Harley
B31 * Bazler, Kay Wellington   Mc2   Blanchet, Cecile Sirene
B31   Bazler, Thomas   Mc2   Blanchet, Jean
W5   Beach, Angeline   Mc2   Blanchet, Marie
N2   Beach, Margaret   C1   Blanchet, Mary Ann
D4   Beall, Susan M.   C1   Blanchet, Zachariah

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