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Volume 6, Issue 6

June 2001

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The Russian Uniform
PGS members were delighted with the guest speaker, Hugh Clark, at the May monthly meeting. His anecdotes and words of wisdom were entertaining and informative. Clark pointed out that genealogy research tends to branch out 
for many generations, then collapses back onto itself. So, if we all research back about 30 generations, we would find that we are all cousins! Hmmm…Mr. Clark spoke to our group on very short notice and we all want to say, 
“Thank you we really appreciate it!”
You missed the Annual Picnic?
The 2001 Annual PGS Picnic in the Park was held on Sunday, May 20th from 1 to 4:30 pm in Shelter #1 at Largo Central Park. Many of our PGS members and their families gathered to share food, drink, laughter and family stories. The weather was beautiful as always! Next year, make plans to attend!!
1870 census is rolling in…
The remainder of the 1870 Federal census is arriving at Largo Library. The first enumeration rolls for New York City and Philadelphia are already in the drawer along with West Virginia, Wisconsin and Wyoming. Tennessee through Virginia will be in the drawers this month. Thanks go to the Pinellas Public Library Cooperative for funding this purchase.
Iris Shalit has officially (for real this time) retired from Tech Services. We will miss her love of genealogy books and assistance with cataloging our materials. Thank you, Iris, for all your help (and patience) with our department!
From Pauline’s Desk…
New Maps in the Map Cabinet Knox Co., Illinois This is a collection of 91 maps covering all the townships of Knox County in 1870. Included are detailed illustrations of the major farms and landmarks in each town. The maps show farms and surnames of land owners. Laminated and ready to view - look on top of the map cabinet. Western Migration Trails—This is a 2-side beautiful full-color map by National Geographic showing the major routes to the Wild West. It is in drawer 6.
There are now 3 notebooks full of the German Genealogical Society of America newsletters. These are chock-full of German research information. 929.343
Computers In Genealogy
The Computer Interest Group is a forum for genealogists to discuss computer programs, Internet discoveries and solutions to problems.  The CIG meetings are held on the 3rd Saturday of each month, following the regular PGS meetings, about 12:30pm, in the lobby -- Jenkins Room. Guests are welcomed—hurry in – seats fill up fast!! For more information, or to join the email discussion list, Email Bob Bryan
PGS Quarterly needs you!
If you have queries, please turn them in to Bob Raup or to the Volunteer Desk for inclusion in the next issue of The Pinellas Genealogist. Remember, this issue will be mailed out all over the country!  The Editor would also appreciate stories of your research trips and reviews of printed or computerized genealogy materials. Naturally, Pinellas County material is always needed. Thank you for your continued support of our quarterly!
News from Special Collections
• When calling the Largo Library with questions relating to genealogy, please use the number for the Genealogy Help Desk: 586-7410.
• Please do not re-shelve books or return other materials. Our volunteers count each item returned as a statistic.  These counts help us to determine our peak times for service and areas of high demand. Thank you!
• If you visit other libraries OR historical societies this year, Ginger Brengle would love a copy of any flyers or brochures about those libraries. Thanks! (I love the ones I have received so far !– GB)
• When using the microfilm, please rewind the film before returning it to its box. Please do not remove the take-up reel, this will only leave the film in an upside-down and backwards state! 
LOOK! is now available
The “WebPac” terminal (which is the Windows-type computer catalog) next to the Genealogy computers now gives access to  Thanks to a grant from the PPLC, our patrons receive complete access to all the databases, including those available to paid subscribers only. This means all those hits you get can be viewed at the Largo Library at no cost to you!  At the main window of the WebPac, use the mouse to click on “Other Databases” then click on “Ancestry Information.” The opening screen will appear. We do ask that you limit your use of this database to 30 minutes IF others are waiting. Happy searching!
In the genealogy area of Special Collections, on a cabinet next to the Federal census film cabinets, is a Suggestion Box. Please take the time this Spring to drop us a note and let us know how we are doing. Any ideas for new classes or programs? Any idea where we can fit more shelving ?!?! We appreciate your advice and ideas.
Sunnyside Cemetery - 2000 Interment Supplement -- St. Petersburg, Florida, 2001.  Includes a history, 109 interments, Cemetery Photos, 24 pages of Obituaries, Cemetery Layout Map, Plot Maps of Section A and portion of B (The old section of cemetery).  Only $14.00 plus shipping, if needed.

(Check out our other books for sale.)

1. Check out the Vertical File! It is located between the microfiche cabinet and the military books. Inside you will find file folders with materials from libraries around the country. 
2. Check out the Road Maps! They are now in the first drawer of the Manuscript File cabinets next to the volunteer desk. 
Check out the new materials in Special Collections

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