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Volume 11, Issue 11

November 2006

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Pinellas Genealogy Society (PGS.) meetings are held on the third Saturday of the month beginning at 11:00 a.m. in the Jenkins Auditorium in the Largo Public Library. Guests are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.

Do you have ideas for programs or speakers you would like to hear during our meetings? If you do, let us hear from you. Contact Sally Brown.


The Pinellas Genealogy Society’s mission is to further genealogical research and preservation of Pinellas County genealogy materials. New members are welcomed at all times during the year. And speaking of NEW MEMBERS....give a welcome to:
Anna S. Adams Joan T. Baker
Carol DelleChiaie Charlotte Stoehr
The heart and soul of the PGS are its members. Do you know anyone who would like to explore genealogy? Bring them to a meeting and introduce them to the subject and to the Society.
Dues are due! Don’t let your membership lapse for 2007.

Editor's Note:

Our goal is to keep PGS members, library volunteers, and visitors up to date on events, classes, new acquisitions and more. Do you have an idea on how to improve this newsletter? Is there something you would like to share with others such as a genealogy tip, a website, or an upcoming event? Please email :

[NOTE: The PGS bears no responsibility for products or services listed in this publication. Any non-copyrighted materials appearing in this publication may be borrowed and published if not for profit. Original source must be cited.]

Computers Interest Group (CIG)
This group meets monthly at 9:45 A.M. in the Jenkins Assembly Conference Room on the third Saturday of each month just prior to the regular PGS meeting. This forum is an informal discussion group in a question and answer format on anything related to the use of computers in genealogy. There is no fee and all levels of computer expertise are welcome. The CIG is led by Bob BryanNext meeting date: 18 November 2006.

The Family Tree Maker Group (FTM)
FTM enthusiasts meet the first Saturday of each month, October through May, at 10:00 A.M. in the Jenkins Assembly Conference Room. Each session lasts approximately two hours. There is no fee for this workshop led by  Karen Keegan . Next FTM meeting date: 2 December 2006.

PAF Users Group
Emil Isaacson will be holding two PAF (Personal Ancestral File) Users Group sessions in 2007.members and guests may mark their calendars for the second Saturday in March (March 10, 2007) and the second Saturday in September (September 8, 2007).group will meet at the Largo Public Library in the Jenkins Assembly Room at 10:00 A.M.

In the meantime…is there some instruction or guidance that you would like the PGS to explore and possibly make available to you? Or is there some instruction you are willing to give that you think other PGS members would be interested in? If there is, please contact Pat Strait, Education Chair. The PGS succeeds due to the involvement of its members…either in stating interest or in volunteering expertise. Get involved!
[here are some “how-to” books on our shelves that may deserve a second look.]

How to Do Everything With Your Genealogy by George Morgan [929.1072 Morgan]

Cite your Sources by Richard S. Lackey [929.1072 Lackey]  We all know how tedious, but necessary, it is to cite our sources. This text gives some good pointers about why it is necessary and how to do it.

Family Trees—A Manual for their Design, Layout & Display by Marie Lynskey [929.1072 Lynskey]   Getting bored with the same old look of those family tree charts? This book shows not only the old faithfuls, but also some rather creative designs. Warning...they are done by hand!

Bringing Your Family History to Life Through Social History by Katherine Scott Sturdevant [929.1072 Sturdevant]  This falls in nicely behind George Morgan’s talk last week. Getting a good profile of your ancestors means in part being able to put them into the broader context of what was going on in society while they were alive.

PGS Books for sale

The Pinellas Genealogy Society offers publications in black and white (B/W) and, when available, in color. There is a 7% tax and shipping/handling charge.
Purchasing information can be found here.

Alexander Funeral Home Records 1917-1947. Clearwater. 207 B/W pages. $20.00 B/W, N/A Color.
Lincoln Cemetery. 596 B/W + 22 Color pages. $51.75 B/W, $69.50 Color.

The Pinellas Genealogist

This official publication of the Pinellas Genealogy Society is issued free of additional charge to paid-up members of the Society. Authors and compilers, members and non-members alike, are not only welcome to, but encouraged to, submit articles for publication. Also appreciated are stories of research trips and reviews of printed or computerized genealogy materials. New items of genealogical reference are also gratefully accepted.

The submission deadlines: February 1st (Spring issue); May 1st (Summer issue); August 1st (Fall issue); November 1st (Winter issue)

Send submissions to William Wallace.

"Some family trees have beautiful leaves,
but some just have a bunch of nuts.
Remember it is the nuts that make the tree worth shaking."


Sue Styx has added three new members to her team that is canvassing Calvary Catholic Cemetery - Shari Harmon, Marilyn Short and John Mangan. Her team of nine people is making excellent progress on finishing up this project.

The PGS has just kicked off a new project which is extracting Pinellas County marriage records data from microfilm roll No. 2 of county records. This project didn't begin last year as anticipated but has now gotten off to a great start with Rita Todd as coordinator and Rosemary Doyle, Ann Harrell, and Betty Lindberg as extractors.

Give these folks, along with all of our other hard-working volunteers, a nod and “Thanks” when you see them. Volunteers are the life blood of our Society.


Have you been thinking about volunteering to do something for the PGS.? Well, you should be! Why aren’t you? To be a volunteer you don’t need some exceptional skill (but, congratulations if have one, I’m sure your mother is very proud), and you don’t need loads of free time. There is a job just for you that needs to be done.

After all we are a VOLUNTEER ORGANIZATION. That means we depend on volunteers…each other…to do the things that need to be done in order for the PGS to thrive and contribute to its members.

Contact David Dellinger, our Projects Director, to see what you can do. If there isn’t something available immediately, he’ll have your name and can contact you when something comes up that matches your availability. The more participation we have, the healthier the PGS will be.

So THANKS to you who have volunteered in that past and to those who are now actively working on projects.

AND NOW THE BIG QUESTION...have you ever considered serving on the PGS Board? You get elected to most of those positions, but you have to be in a “volunteer frame of mind” to throw your hat in the ring. We need people who are willing to step up and provide some leadership. It is not fair to expect the same folks to keep doing this job. Each year the nominating committee scrambles to get people willing to participate. The best of all possible worlds is when that committee has to beat people off with a stick because so many want to serve.

Consider this ultimate expression of volunteerism. It is not too late for the up-coming election.


Do you know of an association that would like to hear about the PGS? OK, how about: do you know of an association or group of some sort that has regular meetings?

If you do, let one of the PGS officers know who the contact person is. They will get in touch with that person and see if the group is interested in a presentation about the PGS. All you have to do is tell us about the group, we will do the rest.

WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The PGS has to grow its membership in order to thrive: the more members, the more income, the more volunteers, the more interaction and assistance and learning that takes place among the members….and that’s what we are all about. Come on. You all are members of a neighborhood association or know of church groups or community groups. Help us get the word out about the advantages of PGS membership.
The world needs more genealogists.


Do you remember the presentation at the last meeting by George Morgan? He talked about developing an ancestor profile. Well, during that discussion, he mentioned using state census records as sources of information...and he referenced a book about state census.

We have that book in the library. Here is the reference to it in case you are interested in looking it over: State Census Records by Ann S. Lainhart [RGEN 929.373016 Lainhart]


[NOTE: These sites focus on sure you have a high-speed connection if you use them]

There are a number of National Archives videos online at Presently, they includes some 1930s movies, WWII era clips, etc. This is an ongoing project and should have some material of interest to genealogists.

Here ( is a very interesting site with a lot of good information in case you have missed it. The title of the site says it all.


As many of you know, recently our Genealogy Librarian, Mercedes Bleattler, left the Genealogy Department. She has done a great job in Genealogy for us and genealogy patrons since 2000, and has been with the library since the early 1990’s. She is now the Youth Services Manager and oversees the children’s area on the first floor as well as the teen area on the second floor. This is a professional advancement for Mercedes and we wish her well. Take a minute and congratulate Mercedes when you see her, and thank her for her service.

She is NOT leaving the PGS, however. Mercedes will continue as the PGS Seminar Director and bring the 2007 Seminar to completion. And after that, she will continue to be a member of the PGS.

The library is moving to fill the Genealogy Librarian position. In the meantime, the PGS volunteers will be called upon to do their usual great job in helping patrons with genealogy issues. If you would like to join this elite corps of volunteers, let one of the PGS officers know. It’s a great job: you get to help and learn at the same time!

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