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Volume 7, Issue 9

October 2002

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At the September 21st meeting, Damon Hostetler presented an engaging program on how to write your family history. Walking us through the process, step by step, Damon made the daunting task of writing and publishing seem achievable-- if not down right fun. Putting your research down in a tangible format is the best assurance that all your hard work won’t “perish” along with you.
Thanks Damon, for an informative look at the world of family history writing.
All meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. in the Jenkins auditorium in the Largo Public Library. Guests are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.
See the October classes on the 2002 Calendar.
We are changing the format of our classes this summer in hopes of getting more interaction from the participants. Rather than the standard instructor led presentation, our new classes will be more study and discussion groups. The beginner study group is designed to be a friendly introduction for people new to genealogy as well as a place for the more experienced genealogist to share tips or find out about new sources. The moderator’s task will be to get the discussion going and keep the group focused. If you have a special interest that you think we could build a group around please share it with Bette Raup or Mercedes Bleatttler

Computers In Genealogy
The Computer Interest Group is a forum for genealogists to discuss computer programs, Internet discoveries and solutions to problems. This lively group meets at 9:45 am, before the regular PGS meeting, in the Jenkins Room. Guests are welcomed—hurry in – seats fill up fast!! For more information, or to join the email discussion list, email Bob Bryan
PGS Quarterly needs you!
If you have queries, please turn them in to William Wallace or to the Volunteer Desk for inclusion in the next issue of The Pinellas Genealogist. Remember, this issue will be mailed out all over the country! Local members will now be receiving their quarterly at the PGS Saturday meeting.
The Editor would also appreciate stories of your research trips and reviews of printed or computerized genealogy materials. Naturally, Pinellas County material is always needed. PGS Members: Up to two queries are free!! Thank you for your continued support of our quarterly!
News from Special Collections
• When calling the Largo Library with questions relating to genealogy, please use the number for the Genealogy Help Desk: 586-7410.
• Please do not re-shelve books or return other materials. Our volunteers count each item returned as a statistic. These counts help us to determine our peak times for service and areas of high demand. Thank you!
• Please continue to bring in flyers or brochures about libraries you visit this year. Thanks! 
• When using the microfilm, please rewind the film before returning it to its box. Please do not remove the take-up reel; this will only leave the film in an upside-down and backwards state! 


This slim volume (929.373 Morton) is a great resource for finding an ancestor’s ship when the Ellis Island website and other passenger indexes have failed. It is arranged by year and steamship line, and then by names and dates of arrival of all vessels coming from Europe to New York from 1890 to 1930, and to Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia from 1904 to 1926. 
There are three general ways to use the Morton Allan Directory depending on what information you already have.
  1. If you know the name of the ship you can record every date when that ship arrived during the period of time your ancestors came to America. 
  2. If you know the exact date of arrival search lists for all ships that arrived on that date, starting with your ancestor’s most likely port of debarkation.
  3. If you know the port of embarkation go to the year when you ancestor came to the US and note ships traveling from that port.
Of course, you will then have to search through these passenger lists. They can be ordered from the LDS library or from the Reference Desk at the library. (Cost is $3.25 per roll plus $3.00 shipping)
BUSSEY FUNERAL HOME RECORDS, St. Petersburg, Fl, 2002. 92 pgs, 557 entries, photocopies of the Register of Funerals. $10.00+tax+S/H

GREENWOOD CEMETERY, St. Petersburg, 2002. 263 pgs., 1329 entries, history, photos, obits, maps and more. $31.00+tax+S/H.

Shipping and handling for all books is 1-2 books, $5.00; 3-4 books, $8.00.

(Check out our other books for sale.)

  1. Check out the Vertical File! It is located between the microfiche cabinet and the military books. Inside you will find file folders with materials from libraries around the country. 
  2. Check out the Road Maps! They are now in the first drawer of the Manuscript File cabinets next to the volunteer desk. 
  3. Remind yourself to collect and bring back to share newsletters and handouts from the libraries you visit.
  4. Share your experiences at genealogy libraries your visited with the society by writing a small article for the newsletter.
Check out the new materials in Special Collections
In the genealogy area of Special Collections, on a cabinet next to the Federal census film cabinets, is a Suggestion Box. Please take the time to drop us a note and let us know how we are doing. Any new ideas for new classes or programs? Any requests for books or films to order? We appreciate your advice. 

Ellis Island Research

You may have noticed that Stephen Morse’s website, “Searching the Ellis Island Database in One Step” is down. Ellis Island claims he has downloaded millions of records from their site and rather than risk a lawsuit Morse has closed down his site. Some state the real problem is that the Morse’s site skips you past the advertisements on the Ellis Island opening page, losing revenue that they were counting on to recover the cost of the project.

In the meantime you might want to read this article by Megan Smolenyak who gives some tips for locating your ancestors on the Ellis Island Site:
Upcoming Seminars
• Florida State Genealogical Society’s 26th Annual Conference at the St. Petersburg Hilton on November 15th and 16th , 2002.
• Pinellas Genealogy Society’s annual seminar at the Largo Family History Center on January 25th, 2003.
• Florida Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society will meet at the Largo Cultural Center on February 14th, 2003.

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