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Volume 7, Issue 6

June 2002

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Lesleigh Butts presented Part One of her video tour of Pinellas County cemeteries. Lesleigh and her cohorts recorded actual footage of many local cemeteries complete with a historical narrative of their past. This video complements the wonderful cemeteries books previously compiled by PGS volunteers and is a wonderful contribution to our Pinellas County local history. Thanks to Lesleigh and all who contributed to this presentation.

All meetings begin at 11:00 a.m. in the Jenkins auditorium in the Largo Public Library. Guests are warmly welcomed and encouraged to attend.
We are on summer hiatus from classes. But don’t despair; there are wonderful opportunities for instruction in the many upcoming seminars. Start saving your money!
• Florida State Genealogical Society’s 26th Annual Conference at the St. Petersburg Hilton on November 13-17th , 2002.
• Pinellas Genealogy Society’s annual seminar at the Largo Family History Center on January 25th, 2003.
• Florida Chapter of the Ohio Genealogical Society will meet at the Largo Cultural Center on February 14th, 2003.

Largo Library and the Pinellas Genealogy Society are celebrating the arrival of our 1930 Census. (Well at least the states that have arrived so far: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.)

The public is invited to attend a ribbon cutting ceremony and reception Thursday, June 6th, 7-8:30 P.M. in the Genealogy area of the library. Hope you see you there.

Computers In Genealogy
The Computer Interest Group is a forum for genealogists to discuss computer programs, Internet discoveries and solutions to problems. This lively group meets at 9:45 am, before the regular PGS meeting, in the Jenkins Room. Guests are welcomed—hurry in – seats fill up fast!! For more information, or to join the email discussion list, email Bob Bryan
PGS Quarterly needs you!
If you have queries, please turn them in to William Wallace or to the Volunteer Desk for inclusion in the next issue of The Pinellas Genealogist. Remember, this issue will be mailed out all over the country! Local members will now be receiving their quarterly at the PGS Saturday meeting.
The Editor would also appreciate stories of your research trips and reviews of printed or computerized genealogy materials. Naturally, Pinellas County material is always needed. PGS Members: Up to two queries are free!! Thank you for your continued support of our quarterly!
News from Special Collections
• When calling the Largo Library with questions relating to genealogy, please use the number for the Genealogy Help Desk: 586-7410.
• Please do not re-shelve books or return other materials. Our volunteers count each item returned as a statistic. These counts help us to determine our peak times for service and areas of high demand. Thank you!
• Please continue to bring in flyers or brochures about libraries you visit this year. Thanks! 
• When using the microfilm, please rewind the film before returning it to its box. Please do not remove the take-up reel; this will only leave the film in an upside-down and backwards state! 
Using the 1930 Census at the Largo Library
If your ancestors lived in a RURAL area:
  1. Determine the county in which they lived.
  2. Determine the township in which they lived.
    • Township Atlas of the US (912.73)
  3. Determine the Enumeration District.
  4. Retrieve your roll of microfilm for the correct county and E. D. in the cabinet.
  5. Search your Enumeration District LINE BY LINE.
If your ancestors lived in a URBAN area: 
  1. Determine your ancestor’s street address. City Directories may be helpful.
    • Microfiche at the library (various cities)
    • Microfilm through LDS
    • (available at library)
  2. Determine the Enumeration District.
  3. Retrieve your roll of microfilm for the correct county and E. D. in the cabinet.
  4. Search your Enumeration District LINE BY LINE.
BUSSEY FUNERAL HOME RECORDS, St. Petersburg, Fl, 2002. 92 pgs, 557 entries, photocopies of the Register of Funerals. $10.00+tax+S/H

GREENWOOD CEMETERY, St. Petersburg, 2002. 263 pgs., 1329 entries, history, photos, obits, maps and more. $31.00+tax+S/H.

Shipping and handling for all books is 1-2 books, $5.00; 3-4 books, $8.00.

(Check out our other books for sale.)

  1. Check out the Vertical File! It is located between the microfiche cabinet and the military books. Inside you will find file folders with materials from libraries around the country. 
  2. Check out the Road Maps! They are now in the first drawer of the Manuscript File cabinets next to the volunteer desk. 
  3. Remind yourself to collect and bring back to share newsletters and handouts from the libraries you visit.
  4. Share your experiences at genealogy libraries your visited with the society by writing a small article for the newsletter.
Check out the new materials in Special Collections
In the genealogy area of Special Collections, on a cabinet next to the Federal census film cabinets, is a Suggestion Box. Please take the time to drop us a note and let us know how we are doing. Any new ideas for new classes or programs? Any requests for books or films to order? We appreciate your advice. 
Web Site of Interest
This site has a good collection of genealogy mailing lists which can be very helpful in reaching other researchers with interests similar to you. It includes a list for your surnames of interest, locations such as the home country of your ancestors, and many others. Thanks to Bob Bryan for finding this site.
Volunteers Needed
We have an immediate need during the summer for genealogy volunteers. Saturday morning and afternoon volunteers would be appreciated, as well as substitutes. Anyone interested contact Bette Raup, Volunteer Coordinator, or leave your name and number at the genealogy desk.

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