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May 2006
New books and other items added to the Special Collections at Largo Library

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Call Number Name Description
355 Hughes Doniphan’s expedition and the conquest of New Mexico and California.
728.09748 McCall (CC) Old Philadelphia houses on Society Hill, 1750-1840.
929.1 Arnold (CC) Kinship: it’s all relative.
929.1 Dixon Family focused: a step-by-step guide to writing your autobiography and family history.
929.1 Drake What did they mean by that? A dictionary of historical & genealogical terms old and new.
929.1 Drake (CC) You ought to write all that down: a guide to organizing and writing genealogical narrative.
929.1 Nelson (CC) Absolutely family!: a guide to editing and publishing a family newsletter.
929.1 Wardell (CC) Adventures in genealogy
929.1072 Kirkham The land records of America and their genealogical value.
929.1072 Tyrrell (CC) Ancestors, guide to discovery: key principles and processes of family history research.
929.2 Overacre The early history of the Overacre/Overaker family of Virginia and Mississippi and collateral families of Hoff and Magruder.
929.3089975 Bowen Eastern Cherokee census: Cherokee, North Carolina, 1915-1922. 2 Vol.
929.308997073 Dowd Thunder speak: biographies of nine special original people.
929.308997073 Moore The Seminoles of Florida.
929.341 Pelling Beginning your family history in Great Britain.
929.373 Bockstruck Denizations and naturalizations in the British colonies in America, 1607-1775.
929.373 Dobson Transatlantic voyages, 1600-1699.
929.373 United A century of population growth, from the first census of the United States to the twelth – 1790-1900.
929.374 Rapaport New England court records: a research guide for genealogists and historians.
929.37429 Gould History of Stoddard, Cheshire County, N.H., from the time of its incorporation in 1774 to 1854.
929.377131 Cuyahoga Index, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, coroner files, 1833-1900.
929.377237 Scanlan Indian massacre and captivity of Hall girls: complete history of the massacre of sixteen whites on Indian Creek, near Ottawa, Ill., and Sylvia Hall and Rachael Hall as captives in Illinois and Wisconsin during the Black Hawk War, 1832.
929.3777 Bennett An Iowa album: a photographic history, 1860-1920.
929.37776 Manshein Iowa City: an illustrated history.
929.4209415 Neafsey Surnames of Ireland: origins and numbers of selected Irish surnames.
929.509769883 Chandler Two thousand one hundred (index) cemetery records of Webster County, Kentucky.

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