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November 1999
New books added to the Special Collections at Largo Library

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Call Number Name Description
417 Emmison How to read local archives, 1550-1700.
417 Grieve Examples of English handwriting, 1150-1750. Illus.
447.971 Robinson Practical handbook of Quebec and Acadian French.
911 Gardner A genealogical atlas of England and Wales. Maps.
929.1 Stratton Applied Genealogy.
929.1072041 Fitz The dictionary of genealogy. Illus., Coat of Arms, Tables, Maps.
929.2 Bell Bell Family Records.
929.2 Crandall In search of elder John Crandall. Illus.
929.2 Smoot The Smoots of Maryland and Virginia: a genealogical history of William Smute…
929.3088245 Ream The trail of the Huguenots in Europe, the U.S., South Africa, and Canada. Map.
929.308931 Demarce The settlement of former German auxiliary troops in Canada after American Rev.
929.341 Colwell Dictionary of genealogical sources in the Public Record Office.
929.341 Cox The records of the Prerogative court of Canterbury and the death duty registers.
929.341 Steel National Index of parish registers. Volume 4.
929.341 Thomson A catalogue of British family histories.
929.3411 Hamilton In search of Scottish ancestry. Illus.
929.34267 Neale Essex in History. Plates, Illus., Coats of Arms, Maps, Ports.
929.371 Whyte A dictionary of Scottish emigrants to Canada before confederation.
929.37151 New Brun A guide to manuscript collections in the Provincial Archives of New Brunswick.
929.3716 Geneal Directory of Members, Genealogical Association of Nova Scotia.
929.3716 Morse The land of the new adventure: the Georgian era in Nova Scotia. (IN OFFICE)
929.373 Coldham English estates of American settlers: American wills …1800-1858.
929.373 Coldham English estates of American settlers: American wills… 1700-1799.
929.373 Fothergill Emigrants from England, 1773-1776.
929.373 Lewis The development of early emigrant trails in the U.S. east of the MS river…Map.
929.3742 Chipman New England vital records from the Exeter news-letter.
929.37421 Gifford Colebrook: "a place up back of New Hampshire" Illus.
929.3744 Nickerson Harwich and Chatham, Mass., genealogical…
929.374461 Boston Boston Taxpayers in 1821.
929.374482 Stoddard The truth about the Pilgrims. Illus.
929.374492 Kardell Vital Records of Sandwich, Massachusetts to 1885. Illus., Maps. 3 volumes.
929.3747 New York Lists of inhabitants of colonial New York: excerpted from the documentary…
929.374741 Weise History of the seventeen towns of Rensselaer County. Map.
929.374822 Eyerman A genealogical index of Northampton Co., PA, 1752-1802.
929.3752 Meyer Genealogical research in Maryland: a guide. Map.
929.375277 Carroll Carroll County, Maryland marriage licenses, 1837-1899. Maps.
929.3759 National History and Roster, Florida State Society, NSDAR. Volume 7. Illus.
929.3778 Woodruff Missouri Miscellany. Volumes 2, 5 and 17.
929.50977234 Cox Posey County cemetery records, 1814-1979.
929.10285 Howells Netting Your Ancestors:
929.2 Bray The Brays of Fisher River
929.2 Raymoure Ancestors & descendants of my Raymoure, Hubbell, Franklin, Osborne ……
929.3 Currer Colonial settlers and English adventurers: abstracts of legal proceedings…
929.341 Dexter The England and Holland of the Pilgrims. Illus.
929.342 West Our Norman Heritage.
929.34244 West Village Records. Illus.
929.34248 Morgan Warwickshire printers’ notices, 1799-1866.
929.371621 Koen Index to Guysborough sketches and other essays.
929.3742 Holbrook New Hampshire residents, 1633-1699. Illus. Map
929.374482 Bridge Vital records of Bridgewater, Mass. To the year 1850.
929.3745 Chamberlain The Rhode Island 1777 military census.
929.374941 Luery The story of Milltown.
929.3759 Davidson The Florida genealogist index, volume 1 - 10.
929.377178 Herbert Index of death and other notices appearing in the Cincinnati Freie Presse, 1874-1920.

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