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December 1998
New books added to the Special Collections at Largo Library

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Call Number Name Description
  Charles J. Grandmaison Genealogy Resources for Canada, Acadia & the USA.
  Walter S. Beanblossom A Collection of Harrison County, IN records.
    New Hampshire Genealogical Record. Volumes 8, 9, 11, 12.
  Ronald Banks Maine becomes a state: the movement, 1785-1820
  Sophie Drinker Hannah Penn and the proprietorship of Pennsylvania
  Lyle Strong Strong Family History Update
  Eleanor Bounds 1840-1850 Effingham County Census (IL)
    1860 Effingham County Census
    1870 Effingham County Census
    1880 Effingham County Census
    Wyandotte: a pictorial history (MI)
    The Country Life book of castles and houses in Britain Jennings County Special (Maps)
  Susan Roser Mayflower Increasings
  Edward Giddings Coeymans and the past
    Diary in Gray: Civil War Letters and Diary of Jared Young Sanders II
  Hanson Bull Run Remembers: the history, traditions and landmarks of the Manassas
  Erle Zimmerman Hans and Christian Zimmerman and their descendants
  William Carnes Centennial Commemoration book 1896-1996
  Christine Rose Rev. Robert Rose of Scotland, Essex, VA
  McWhiney Attack and Die: Civil War military tactics and the Southern Heritage
  Jo Ellen Johnson An inventory of cemeteries in south Cook County (IL)
    Cemeteries of Westmoreland County, PA
    The Gold Star record of MA. (report)
    Americana. Volumes 26 - 30; 37.

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