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DNA Project

Family Tree DNA Genealogical DNA Tests Available at a Discount

Genealogical DNA tests are now available for FCGS members at group discounted prices of up to $60 savings per test using Family Tree DNA of Fresno, Ca. Your choice of several levels of Y-chromosome and mitochondrial DNA tests, plus several special DNA tests, are all available. Your test results can potentially help you identify your strict paternal (Y-chromosome DNA) or strict maternal (mitochondrial DNA) ancestral lines. Along your strict paternal or strict maternal ancestral lines, these DNA test results can help you discover previously unknown cousins along with an estimate of when your MRCA (most recent common ancestor) existed. Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) has a strict privacy policy in place to protect the privacy of your DNA test results, and to guard against unauthorized use of your DNA sample.

To people with the same surname but unable to connect the lines could take a DNA test to determine if their lines actually have a common origin. Through the DNA test they could estimate how many generations back the common link is and use this information to help then proceed with further research. As new potential, but unconnected lines contact them, there will be a way to determine if they might in fact be related.

An invoice and a test kit will be mailed by FTDNA to a requesting FCGS member, using the special group pricing. Normally the test kit will contain two plastic "cell scrapers" and two sample vials with a preservative solution, much as you might have seen on a CSI (Crime Scene Investigators) television program. The FCGS member will perform two of the quite painless and very quick DNA sample collection procedures several hours apart, and then return the protected samples via mail to FTDNA in Houston. Complete tests results are made available directly to the FCGS member typically within 6 weeks, perhaps sooner.

Several levels of two different types of DNA tests are available at group discount prices up to $60 less for FCGS members. Several special DNA tests are also available for different genealogical purposes.

The Y-chromosome tests for the DNA samples provided by males, are the 12-, 25-, and 37-marker tests which provide "repeat counts" of commonly tested DNA segments along a "non-coding" (i.e., no known active genes; a.k.a. "junk DNA") region of the male-only Y-chromosome. By joining a Surname Study Group of Family Tree DNA, or using other available "matching" DNA databases, a male FCGS member might be able to better identify some of his strict paternal ancestral line, or might discover previously unknown male cousins, likely with the same or very similar surname. A female FCGS member can achieve similar results by ordering a Y-chromosome test using, for example, a DNA sample from her father, a natural brother (or half-brother with the same natural father), or some other strictly male-line descendant of her father or her fatherís father.

The mitochondrial tests for the DNA samples provided by any DGS member are the "standard" mtDNA test, the "mtDNARefine", and the "mtDNAPlus", using FTDNA terminology. The test results of these three test levels identify increasing large "base pair" sequences from the non-coding "control" region of the mitochondrial DNA contained in highly varying amounts in the somewhat liquid cytoplasm surrounding the human cell nucleus for most human cells. Your mitochondrial DNA is inherited from your natural mother, for both females and males. Thus, the mtDNA test results can help you identify your strictly maternal (female) ancestral line. A FCGS member using mtDNA results might discover a previously unknown cousin related through respective strict maternal ancestral lines back to a common female ancestor.

Family Tree DNA has defined and implemented a strict privacy policy to safeguard your DNA. You determine exactly which tests are performed; no other tests are allowed. Your DNA samples are maintained under state and federal privacy and confidentiality legislation. You may choose to have your samples destroyed after the specified tests are completed. You alone determine how your test results are made available and utilized. You may choose to participate in various matching databases where you can choose to release your e-mail address in the event of a close match with a cousin.

More detailed technical and procedural information is available at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA).

FCGS members will have a price schedule that will save FCGS members up to $60 per test. Of particular interest to those electing to perform DNA testing will be the "Project" web page, which explains the details of the FTDNA "Surname and Geographical Based Projects. These projects are available to FCGS members who elect to have one or more DNA tests through the FTDNA-FCGS arrangement.

To learn more about the Y-chromosome (Y-DNA) tests (i.e. a male test only) click HERE.

To learn more about the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) tests (for males and females, but helps trace the strictly maternal ancestral line) click HERE.

Click HERE for a detailed explanation of FTDNA test results.

FCGS members will have a discounted test price for many FTDNA tests. We hope to see many FCGS participants in this potentially valuable project.

E-mail our Fresno DNA Project Leader for access to the FCGS order page, questions or comments. Place "DNA Test" in the subject line of your email to the project administrator.









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