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Ancertors of 10017 JONES

1. JONES, Living, Born on 22 Jul 1940 in Greybull, Wyoming

Jones married Fred Edward Pentico.

2. Ray Dee JONES, Sr. Born on 19 May 1913 in Waterloo, IA. Ray Dee died in Santa Rosa, Ca, on 12 Apr 1996; he was 82. On 3 Sep 1938 when Ray Dee was 25, he married Dorothy Inez HOFFMAN, in Wheatland, Wyoming.

3. HOFFMAN, Living, Born on 29 Jun 1920 in Little Bear, Wyo.

4. Carl Fremont JONES, Born on 10 Oct 1888 in IOWA. Carl Fremont died in Casper, Wyo, on 12 Mar 1962; he was 73. On 18 Jan 1913 when Carl Fremont was 24, he married Victoria (Ida) FOULK, in Albert Lea, Minnesota.

5. Victoria (Ida) FOULK, Born on 6 Nov 1897 in Washburn, IOWA. Victoria (Ida) died in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Buried in Cheyenne Wyoming..

6. Cecil Lee HOFFMAN, Born on 9 May 1891 in Moravia, Iowa. Cecil Lee died in Wheatland, Wyoming, on 24 Oct 1962; he was 71. Buried in Wheatland, Wyoming. Cecil Lee married Inez Mae SCOTT.

7. Inez Mae SCOTT, Born on 6 Oct 1892 in Taylor Twnshp, IOWA. Inez Mae died in Wheatland, Wyoming, on 14 Nov 1961; she was 69. Buried in Wheatland, Wyoming.

8. Calvin Fay JONES, Born on 15 May 1843 in Rensselaer Co NY. Calvin Fay died in Nashua, IA, on 23 Sep 1910; he was 67. Buried in Oak HIl Cemetery Nashua IA. On 5 Jul 1868 when Calvin Fay was 25, he married Hannah YOUNG, in Butler Co., Iowa.

9. Hannah YOUNG, Born on 13 Sep 1850 in Illinios. Hannah died in Iowa on 27 Jul 1941; she was 90. Buried in Chickasaw Co IA Border.

10. Harvey Edward FOULK, Born on 18 Oct 1867 in Illinios. Harvey Edward married Margaret Mae EASTMAN.

11. Margaret Mae EASTMAN. Margaret Mae died on 23 Jan 1958 in Washburn, IOWA. Buried on 23 Jan 1958 in Washburn, IOWA.

12. Franklin Cornelius HOFFMAN, Born in Greene Co, PA. Franklin Cornelius died in Jun 1940 in Wheatland, Wyoming. Franklin Cornelius married Samantha Abigail DUVALL.

13. Samantha Abigail DUVALL, Born in Pennsylvania. Samantha Abigail died in Iowa.

14. Cornelius SCOTT, Born on 31 Jan 1856 in Moravia, Iowa. Cornelius died in Lenox, IA, on 4 Dec 1918; he was 62.

16. Noyes JONES, Born on 31 Mar 1808 in Renssaeler Co, NY. Noyes died in Chickasaw Co., Twp Bradford, IA Border, on 17 Apr 1881; he was 73. Buried in Oak Hills Cemetery, Nashua, Chickaswa Co., Iowa. In 1832 when Noyes was 23, he married Susan Madison, in Mount Holyoke, Massachusetts.

17. Susan Madison, Born on 24 Mar 1818 in MASS. Susan died in Chickasaw Co., IA Border, on 13 Feb 1881; she was 62. Buried in Oak HIl Cemetery, Nashua, Chickasaw Co., IA\.

18. Abraham YOUNG, Jr. Born in Maine. Abraham died in Iowa? Abraham married Hannah OEN.

19. Hannah OEN,

20. William Henry FOULK, William Henry married Katherine MYERS.

21. Katherine MYERS,

22. George EASTMAN, George married Lydia TROWBRIDGE.


24. Sanford HOFFMAN, Born on 24 Nov 1834 in Greene Co, PA. Sanford died in Moravia, Iowa, on 17 Jun 1903; he was 68. Buried in Moravia, Iowa. Sanford married Rachel PLANTS.

25. Rachel PLANTS, Born on 25 Oct 1836 in Greene Co PA. Rachel died in Moravia, Iowa, on 13 Jun 1920; she was 83.

28. John SCOTT, Born in Kentucky. John died in Missouri. Buried in IOWA, Ringgold. John married Rebecca MORROW.

29. Rebecca MORROW, Born in 1821 in Mercer Co KY. Rebecca died in IOWA.

32. Noel JONES, Born in 1785ie in Near Albany NY. Religion: Baptist.Noel married Susannah.

33. Susannah.?,

36. Abraham YOUNG, Sr. Born in Maine.

40. Peter FOULK, Jr. Peter married Sarah SHOWALTER.

41. Sarah SHOWALTER,

42. John MYERS, John married Sarah Elizabeth (Jane) FOULK.

43. Sarah/Jane Elizabeth FOULK,

48. Henry HOFFMAN/HUFFMAN, Born on 29 Oct 1803 in Greene Co, PA. Henry died in Aleppo, Greene Co., PA, on 15 Sep 1879; he was 75. Buried in Windy Gap Cemetery, Aleppo, PA. Henry married Elizabeth HIGGINS.

49. Elizabeth HIGGINS, Born on 16 May 1809 in Greene Co, PA. Elizabeth died in Aleppo, Greene Co., PA, on 3 Feb 1877; she was 67. Buried in Windy Gap Cemetery, Aleppo, PA.

56. Robert SCOTT,

58. JOHN MORROW, JOHN married Patience TUTTLE.

59. Patience TUTTLE,

80. Peter FOULK, Sr. Peter married Catherine Indian.

81. Catherine Indian,

84. Valentine MYERS,

86. Peter FOULK, Sr. Peter married Catherine Indian.

87. Catherine Indian,

96. Henry HUFFMAN, Born abt 1740 in Maryland. Henry died in Greene Co, Washington Co, PA, in 1812; he was 72. Buried in Jan 1812 in Greene Co, PA

Henry married Catrouch ( Catherine) FRY.

97. Catrouch/Catherine FRY, Born abt 1770 in Virginia. Catrouch ( Catherine) died in Greene Co, PA, abt 1845; she was 75.

98. Joseph HIGGINS, Joseph died in Greene Co, PA. Joseph married Mary HENDERSON?.


118. Joseph TUTTLE,

160. John FOLK, John married Mary Magdeline STROCK.

161. Mary Magdeline STROCK,

168. Philip MYERS,

172. John FOLK,


194. Abraham FRY,

336. Valentine MYERS/MOYER, Valentine married Margaret.

337. Margaret.?,





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