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Surnames Beginning with W

Waddell, Wade, Wadleigh, Walker, Waller, Walters, Walton, Ward, Ware, Warfield, Warner, Warren, Warriner/Warinner/Warrener, Washabaugh, Waterman, Waters, Watkins, Wattleworth, Waugh, Way, Weathermon, Weaver, Webb, Webber, Weber, Webster, Weismantel, Weller, Wells, Werner, Wetherbee, Wheeler, Whidden, Whitcomb, White, Whitney, Whitsitt, Whittlesey, Wightman, Wijffels, Wilcox-Wilcoxen-Wilcockson, Wilder, Wildes, Wiley, Wilkes, Willets, Williams, Willis, Wilson, Wing, Winsor, Wise, Wiseman, Wismer, Witter, Wood, Woodbury, Woodman, Woodmason, Woods, Woodside, Woodward, Wyam, Wiatt/Wyatt, Wyckoff


"Descendants of Alexander Waddell-Eleanor Roush Book Number 3 and Silas Cole Straight-Sarah Ann Attwood Book Number 1." Mary Mildred (Green) Wood and James Allen Wood, Published in 1985. This book has the family histories of Alexander Waddell-Eleanor Roush and Silas Cole Straight-Sarah Ann Attwood. Will be glad to look for your ancestors. MB8

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"The Wades - The History of a Family," by Zada Wade Beadles. Traces the descendents of Zachary and Mary Hatton Wade, who came to Maryland from England about 1650. Family later moved to Tennessee. Nearly all listings are in these two states ONLY! NW

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"World Book of Wadleigh's." Halberts Family Heritage, 1996. Basic genealogy booklet includes Wadleigh coat of arms, early Wadleigh immigrants to the US, & directory of names & addresses of Wadleighs in the US, Canada, Australia, UK, & Netherlands in 1994 (listed geographically, then alphabetically). HLW

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"Wakeman Genealogy." R. Wakeman, 1900. Ancestory of the Wakemans 1630 to 1900, decendants of Samuel Wakeman of Hartford, Ct. and John Wakeman of New Haven, Ct. PJS1

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"Lewis Walker of Chester Valley and his Descendants, 1686-1896." Priscilla Walker Streets, Alfred J. Ferris, Printer, 1896; reprinted 1984 by W. Z. Frederick Walker. Lots of information on Quaker Families in Tredyffrin Twp., Chester Co., PA. JVD

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"The Chesapeakers." Charles S. Waller, Sr. , Gateway Press, 1985. Over 500 pages of information on the Waller family from those who came into England with William the Conqueror, but book concentrates on the emigrant Wallers from Maryland who spread their roots all through the southeastern United States. An amazing compilation. Covers the years 1654-1985. SHB

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"The Descendants of William Walters of Robeson County, North Carolina." William Boyd Walters, 1993. Excellent Genealogy book on the Descendants of William Walters who moved from Dobbs County NC to Robeson County NC in 1794. This book is now out of print. MW5

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"Byberry Waltons." Norman Walton Swayne, Stephenson Bros. Philadelphia PA 1958. Descendants and predecessors of Nathaniel, Thomas, Daniel and William Walton. ML1

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"Ward Family; Descendants of William Ward, who settled in Sudbury, Mass, in 1639 with an Appendix, alphabetically arranged, of the families that have intermarried with them.." Andrew Henshaw Ward. Samuel G. Drake, Boston [MA], 1851, no copyright [in public domain]. no index for Ward. almost no history, just genealogy. JW

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"Ware Genealogy; Robert Ware, of Dedham, Massachusetts, 1642-1966, and His Lineal Descendants." Written by Emma Forbes Ware, 1901. Compiled genealogy of Robert Ware, who arrived from England by 1642 in Dedham MA, to the ninth generation; 335 pages with index. BLL

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See under Maryland (general) and Maryland (Anne Arundel Co. and Howard Co..

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See under Bierly surname and Umatilla Co., Oregon.

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See also under Massachusetts, Mayflower.

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"The Warriner Family of New England Origin." Rev. Edwin Warriner, Joel Munsell's Sons, Publishers, 1899. A history and genealogy of William Warriner pioneer settler of Springfield, MA, and his descendants embracing nine generations from 1638 to 1898 with an appendix containing genealogical notes of other persons and families in America bearing the same name. SURNAMES: WARRINER, WARINNER, WARRENER. TLF

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"260 Years of the Washabaugh Family In America." Craig Washabaugh, Prescott Press, 1997. Compiled genealogy and history of the Washabaugh family from the Colonial years to the present. TI

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"Descendants of Robert Waterman of Marshfield, Mass. through seven generations." Edgar F Waterman, unknown, 1939. Allied families are Allyn, Barker, Bassett, Beebe, Bourne, Bradford, Brett, Bryant, Clark, Culverwell, Cushman, Fitch, Ford, French, Giffored, Griswold, Hackley, Haskell, Pember, Sherman, Sturtevant, Tomson, Tracy, Van Vliet, Van Wagenen, Gardenier, Woodward. 741 pp. Indexed. MI

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See under Maryland.

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See also under Maryland.

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See under Isle of Man.

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"The Story of My Life." J.W.W. Waugh, (privately published), La Plata MO, 1929. Life of JWW Waugh (b 1850 Buckhannon WV, d 1931 La Plata MO), with family genealogy. This genealogy covers the Waugh family in Missouri and West Virginia. JB9

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"Descendants of Robert and Hannah Hickman Way of Chester Co. PA." An excellent genealogy with many Chester Co. Quaker families. MJO

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"The Descendants of Isaac and Sarah (Hobson) Weathermon." compiled by Forrest L. Jones in 1982. The progenitor of this family was Christian Weathermon, Sr. Isaac Weathermon was his great grandson who moved to Missouri. Book includes some early history of the family. CW

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"History and Genealogy of a Branch of the Weaver Family." Lucius E. Weaver, Rochester, New York, 1928. Descendants of immigrant Clement Weaver. BD

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"The Webb Family of Franklin County, IL." SSC

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"The Richard Webber Family." Lucy A. Washburn, Compiler, 1908. John Webber, b. 1700 in London, emigrated to Rehoboth, MA, 1722. Married Hannah Rounds, May 4, 1737. This book was written for the descendents of Richard Webber, 4th generation from John. The families lived in MA, CN, OH. The book was written in Medina, OH. MS7

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"Hybrid Vigor 1711-1987." Les Weaver, Vantage Press Inc., 1988. Family history Weber/Weaver, Bare, Parsons, Pounds, Saul; PA, etc. not indexed. Some images, willing to scan. K21

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"History and Genealogy of the Gov. John Webster Family of Connecticut." William Holcomb Webster and Rev. Melville Reuben Webster, E.R. Andrews Printing Company, 1915. Indexed listing of ten generations of descendants of the first Governor of Connecticut, Gov. John Webster, 1630-1915 A.D. Indexed by surname only. AW3

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"A History of the Weismantel Family." Evelyn Boyce, August 1986. MW2

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"The Weller Family." Written by Robert G. Weller, 1941. A family history of the Wellers and all associated families in the Hill Church area of Berks Co. begining in 1750's into the 1930's. Published for the 51st Weller Family Reunion June 29th, 1941. KW1

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See also under Duplin Co., NC.

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"Christoph Frederik Werner Family." Lucille Gaines O'Brien, privately published, approx. 1975. History of the family, including descendants. Christoph Frederik Werner born 1816 in Prussia (Germany) and his wife Johanna Wilhelmina Kohler, born 1816. JG5

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"John Wetherbee of Marlboro and Stow Massachusetts." Ethel Wetherbee Mazza, 1991. Compilation of the first five generations of the descendants of John Wetherbee. JS29

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"Wheeler Family in America." by the American College of Genealogy. VFD

"The Wheeler Family, Settlers of Colonial New England Vols I-IV." VFD

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See also under Nova Scotia, Canada.

"The Story of Some Descendants of Rendol and Sarah Whidden of Calais, Maine also Genealogical Notes from the first generation to land in America, on both the male and female lines, where available." © 1970 by Foster C. Whidden and Rae W. Greene, their grandsons, and Amy W. Greene, their great, great granddaughter. 250 pp. no index. illus., info has been added to a Personal Ancestral File genealogy database cross referenced to the printed edition. Families included: Allen, Arnold, Ballard, Bartels, Bassett, Bechtle, Bennett, Blain, Bourne, Brown/Browne, Bunker, Burrell, Cargin, Carpenter, Chipman, Clark, Clinch, Clough, Cole, Cook, Crandell, Cunningham, Dale, Dorman, Downs, Drew, Dunton, Durgin, Eaton, Ellis, Fogg, Fosdick, Foster, Ganong, Gibson, Goddard, Grainger, Greene, Hague, Handy, Harvey, Haynes, Herzog, Hinkley, Holbrook, Hobart, Hull, Jackson, James, Jenckes, Johnson, Jones, Kemp, Leach, Lowe, Lowell, Manning, Mason, Mathews/Matthews, Mayhew, McCray, Moses, Norsworthy, Nute, Orr, Parks, Parsons, Pumphrey, Redfield, Reed, Sargent, Scott, Shepardson, Simonds/Simmonds, Smith, Spencer, Stowell, Talbot, Tupper, Turner, Walker, Weaver, Wheaton, Whidden, Whitney, Willix, Woden, Wright. RW

"Whidden Connections." © 2004 Charles Edgar Whidden II, reproduces Genealogical Record of The Antigonish Whiddens and a brief historical outline of the province of Nova Scotia and of the county and town of Antigonish © 1930 D.G. Whidden [David Graham] about 250 pp, no page numbers, no index, illus.,.this work focuses on the ancestral line of Whidden and related families connecting to royalty and notables like Charlemagne, others. RW

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"The Whitcomb Family in America." Charlotte Whitcomb, pub. Charlotte Whitcomb Oct. 1904 Minneapolis, Minn. HDP

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"The Ancestors and Descendents of Carolus (Charles) White and Margareta Van Culen." David E. White, 1995. This book actually contains a number of family histories. Some of these cover almost 200 years of descendents. Those families with much information include: Andrews, Avery, Baccus, Beeman, Bray, Brown, Dodd, Erwin, Gowin, McSwain, Morrell, Randle, Rubottom, Ruterford, Smith. Includes Jersey Co., Greene Co., and Macopin Co., IL. DH11

"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Vol. 13. Family of William White." General Soc. of Mayflower Descendants, 1997. DSB, LL2

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See under Duel/Duell.

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"Annals of a Scotch-Irish Family: The Whitsitts of Nashville, Tennessee." William H Whitsitt, Richmond, VA 1904, re-print 1995, CWM

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"Memorials of the Whittlesey Family." John S. Whittlesey, Henry N. Whittelsey, Charles B. Whittlesey- 1860. Descendants of John Whittlesey of Connecticut. JK6

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"The Wightman Ancestry." Compiled by Wade C. Wightman published by Bookcrafters, Chelsea, MI 1997. The Wightman family in America. ME

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"Stamboom Familie Wijffels." Dr. Honore Wyffles, Hubert Wijffels and Harrie Wijffels; Barle-Nassau-Hertog Publ 1989. Genealogy of the Wijffels and other Roman Catholic Families originally from the area bordering Zeeland Netherlands and Flanders Belgium 1590-1989 including US immigrants. 215 pp. Indexed. LC

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Wilcox-Wilcoxen-Wilcockson. JJ3

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"The Book of the Wilders." Edwin M. Wilder, M.D./Justin E. Wilder, publisher, 3rd ed., 1998. History of Wilder family in England and America. LH7

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"The Historical Collections of the Topsfield Historical Society." Vol XI, 1906. Walter Davis, Jr., 1906. Wildes Family of Essex Co., MA begining with the brothers William and John Wild/Wilde/Wildes who arrived on the Elizabeth in 1635. There's no index, but if you can specify a parent or birth time frame I'll try to locate your information. CS2

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"South-Western West Virginia Descendants of Thomas and 'Jenny' (Sellards) Wiley." Harold R. Smith, P. O. Box 346, Ranger, WV 25557. Available from the Jenny Wiley Association, Box 217, Auxier, KY 41602-0217. BJW

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"History and Genealogy of Thomas Wilkes (ca 1735-1809) and His Descendants." Ivan Ernest Bass, copyright 1965 by Ivan E. Bass, Washington, DC, printed by Carr Publishing Co, Inc, Boyce, Va. Descendents of the sons of Thomas Wilkes of NC, b. abt 1735, d. abt 1809. Sons are Reuben b. abt 1763 - d. 1830 in SC, Abner abt 1766 - 1839 in MS, Francis 1768-1834 in AL, Richard 1769-1840 in SC, and William abt 1775 - 1838 in SC. Send as much identifying info on the person you are looking for and will send info if they are in the book. Many names repeat. CR6

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"Long Island Genealogies." Mary Powell Bunker, Genealogical Publishing Co., 1976. Thomas POWELL (b. 1641), Richard WILLETS (bef. 1657), and descendants. Includes early Powell wills, marriages, and land records. Also HALLOCK, TITUS, TOWNSEND, WILLIS, SEAMAN, BIRDSALL, JACKSON, MERRITT, MOTT, PEARSALL, UNDERHILL, WRIGHT and more. JJ6

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"Descendants of Roger Williams, Book I, Waterman and Winsor Line." Dorothy Higson White & Kay Kirlin Moore, Gateway Press, 1991. Contains descendants of Roger Williams through six generations (Waterman line) and five generations (Winsor line). (The book is indexed.) T3

"The Genealogy and History of the Family of Williams in America, More Particularly of the Descendants of Robert Williams of Roxbury." Stephen W. Williams. Merriam & Mirick, Greenfield [MA], 1847 [now in public domain]. Unindexed. Includes descriptions and engravings. JW

"The Life Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Wiliams of Roxbury in his Majesty's Province of Massachusetts Bay in New England 1607--1693 with Biographical Sketches of ....." Harrison Williams. W. F. Roberts Co., Washington, DC, copyright 1934. copy 228/300. Lots of history, indexed, 10 generations. JW

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See under Virginia.

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See under York Co., ME.

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"A Historical and Genealogical Register of John Wing, of Sandwich, Mass., and his Descendants. 1662 - 1881." Rev. Conway P. Wing, D.D. 1881, reprinted by Higginson Book Company. The first Wing genealogy by Rev. Conway Wing, written in 1881. He later published an expanded edition in 1888 [see below]. RTW

"A Historical and Genealogical Register of John Wing, of Sandwich, Mass. and his Descendants, 1632 - 1888." Second Edition Rev. Conway P. Wing, D.D., New York, the De Vinne Press 1888. Second expanded edition of the Wing genealogy. This formed the basis of Col. George W. Wing, development of "The Owl" and the "Wing Family of America, Inc." Much of the Wing Genealogy in the Owl from 1914-1924 came from this book. [Col. Wing also included updated information he found as well.] RTW

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"Down Winsor Way." Vivian Winsor Toothaker, Oct 1962, Cuddy's North Park Printery. A family history and genealogy of the Winsor family, all descending from Henry Winsor and his wife Jemima (Cook) Winsor. They arrived in Ny abt 1848. Well-indexed. CL3

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"The Wise Kin Now And Then." Mary Agnes Wise, The Gregath Publishing Company, 1998. Names, dates, and information on the descendants of Joseph Wise, born between 1765-1770 in NC. This book is primarily focused on his descendants in Alabama. MER

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"The Wiseman Family and Allied Lines Vol. 1." Eugene M. Wiseman, 1991. DD

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"Wismer Family History." A J Fretz, Mennonite Publishing Co., 1893. A family history on the Wismer family starting with Jacob Wismer b. 1684. Indexed. TP1

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"The Descendants of William Witter and Hannah Churchman of Lynn, MA." Harold Witter, Gatweay Press, Inc., Baltimore, 1991. 13 generations of Witter starting with William Witter b. England about 1584, d. Lynn, MA 1659. Indexed. I have started to enter data in The Family Edge. Much of the data has been submitted by members and descendants of the families. Will search index; copy pages; supply GEDCOM for data that is entered (not much yet but it will grow). GK

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See also under Gloucester Co., NJ.

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"Genealogical Sketches of the Woodbury Family, Its Intermarriages and Connections." Charles Levi Woodbury, John B. Clarke Company, 1904. Selected biographies and genealogy of the Woodbury Family in New England. 251 pages. Not indexed. BR5

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"Descendants of Captain John Woodman The Man from Oyster River [New Hampshire]." Eloise Woodman, 1997. This is a large book. Please include as much information as possible on the Individual(s) you are requesting for Look-up. DH5

"A List of Some of the Descendants of Mr. Edward Woodman Who Settled at Newbury Mass 1635." Compiles by Jushua Coffin, Printed for Cyrus Woodman At The Union Office, Newburyport Mass 1855. JM11

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"Charles Woodmason: The Carolina Backcountry on the Eve of the Revolution." Richard J. Hooker, Editor, Published by the University of North Carolina Press, Chapel Hill, 1953. This is the diary, sermon book, and letters of newly ordained Anglican minister named Charles Woodmason who traveled throughout the back country settlements of South Carolina for six years starting in 1766. He centered his travels around Camden, SC and traveled along the upper Wateree and Catawba rivers, to the settlements on Lynches River, and as far as the Cherokee towns beyond the Saluda River. He describes the people and the life of the times and names individuals, churches, and places that he visited. If you are interested in life in the back country of SC before the revolution, this book provides good insights. K26

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"Woods-McAfee Memorial." Dr. Neander Woods, 1905. Reprinted 1998 by Higginson Book Company. Details the McAfees and Woods who immigrated from Ulster, Ireland in the mid 1700s and settled in Virginia and Kentucky (notably Mercer Co., KY). One of the primary subjects of this book, James McAfee Sr., is my 6th-great grandfather. INDEXED. JRT

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"Descendents of James Woodside." by Robert C. Greiner, 1994. RC5

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"Descendants of JOHN WOODWARD of Lisbon, Maine." Frank E. Woodward...Photoduplication project of New England Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, MA indexed by June D. Brown 1991. Some descendants of John Woodward (1746-10/17/1817). L10

"Descendants of RICHARD WOODWARD, New England, 1589-1982." Norma Slater Woodward....Gateway Press, Baltimore, 1982. Also partial lists of descendants of Nathaniel Henry, and Allied Woodwards. L10

"Some Descendants of NATHANIEL WOODWARD who came from England to Boston about 1630." Harold E. Woodward, New Eng Historic Genealogical Society, Boston, 1984. 11 generations. L10

"Woodward/Woodard Ancestors of New England." Lindsay S. Reeks, Gateway Press, Baltimore, MD 1995. Some of the descendants of Richard Woodward who came from England to Watertown, MA in 1634. L10

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"Descendants of William and Margaret Wright, 1707-1776, of Tinkling Spring, Augusta Co, VA." William E. Wright, unpublished draft of a work in progress, 2000-2006. I am the author/compiler. Between 1784-1791, the five sons of William Wright moved to Bourbon Co, KY. Between 1799-1811, these five sons moved to Adams, Brown, and Highland Co, OH. I will do look-ups from this book only for people willing to exchange information on their descent from William Wright of Tinkling Spring. BW9

"The Wright-Chamberlin Genealogies." Eunice Miena Barber, 1914. Genealogical data about two families, the Wrights (beginning with Deacon Samuel Wright in Northampton, MA) and the Chamberlin/Chamberlain family (beginning with Richard Chamberline of Northfield, MA and the state of Vermont), and their descendants. Eunice Abigail Wright married Abiel Chamberlain. [This book is freely available from Google Books.]

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"Génealogie famille WYAM (Belgium)." Marcel C. WYAM, 31.05.98. MCW

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See also under Virginia.

"Families of Joseph and Isaac Wyatt (Brothers) Who Were Sons of Zachariah ("Sacker") and Elizabeth (Ripley) Wyatt, of Durant's Neck, Perquimans County, North Carolina." Compiled for private distribution by W. Carl Wyatt, Copyright, 1950 by W. Carl Wyatt (deceased). Listed are descendants of Joseph and Isaac Wyatt and their relationships to each other. For some, there is a bit of information concerning occupations, education, etc. There is an alphabetical listing at the back of the book for all of those living in 1950 so those are very easy to look up. Please send as complete names as possible with dates and state if possible. Descendants included in the book would have been born after 1797 and before 1951. Those living in 1950 are the easiest to look up. I cannot send scanned pages or photocopies since this book has a 1950 copyright. PF1

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"Old World Progenitors of the Wyckoff Family." William Wyckoff, author; William Leroy Wyckoff and Herbert James Wyckoff, publishers; 1930. J13

"The Wyckoff Family in America, Volume 1." Published by Wyckoff House & Association Inc., 1980. J13

"The Wyckoff Family in America, Volume 2." Eleanore M. White, author. Published by Wyckoff House & Association Inc., 1983. J13

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Surnames Beginning with X, Y, or Z

Yoakum/Yocom/Yocum/Yokum, Young, Youngs

Zornig, Zug/Zuck/Zouck/Zook


"Jachim, Joachim, Jochems, Yoakum, Yocom, Yocum, Yokum Family." H.C. Smith, MD, Private Publication, Copyrighted 1963. This is an exhaustive, though somewhat flawed listing of the Yoakum (any way you spell it) family in the United States. It includes personal information submitted by families, census information, military service, etc. I have update information when contacted by families contained within it. RG1

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See also New York, Utah, Youngs.

"Brigham Young-His Ancestry-His Family Group". It was compiled by the Brigham Young Family Association, 1997. This book goes back from Brigham Young 64 generations. Brigham Young was a 5th generation American born in Whitingham, Windham, Vermont. Before that (1658) his parents came from the British Isles. There are lines from all over Europe represented; Spain, Hungary, France, Holland, Ireland, Hohemia, Finland, Denmark, Wales, Scotland, Germany, Norway. There is a good index included in this publication. JB15

"Forever Young - Kith and Kin of James & Mary (Kellough) Young." Miriam Young Pack. YOUNG and related families from South Carolina (1786) to Alabama (1818). JI

"Life and Labors of the Late Alexander Anderson Young, of Missouri, Minister of the Gospel in the Cumberland Presbyterian Church." Revs J B Fly and L A Dunlap, Perrin & Smith, 1881. Life history of Alexander Anderson Young, son of Adam Young and Martha Barnett Young, born 04/10/1805 in Wilson County TN. Married Ann Steele, of Green County MO 02/16/1837. A fairly complete biographical-genealogical history of Rev Young. (Obtained this book at a garage sale in MO many years ago, hoping to find descendants who might treasure it; that is where the book belongs. There are no Youngs in my own ancestry.) M7

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"Youngs Family: Vicar Chrisopher Yonges, His Ancestors in England and his Descendants in America." Selah Youngs, 1907. The descendants of Rev. Christopher Youngs of Southwold, Suffolk, England; the founder of Southold, Suffolk County, New York - Long Island. Also links into many other families in Southold. Information from 17th-19th C. CG5

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"Zornig Family." Buscher, Schultz, Hofer; privately published, 1997." Descendants of Hans Zornig and his wife Antje, from Ostfriesland. Includes descendants in Germany, Brazil, Australia and United States. Includes birth, marriage and death dates. Some surnames are Zornig, Kneppel, Schultz, Rehder, Lohmann, Krohn, Dreesen, Goopy, Wiese, Bohn, Bley. A9

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"Only a Twig - A Branch of the Zugs/Zooks from Pennsylvania." Lois Ann Zook ; Pubished by the Author ; 1979. Names include: Beeghly, Beiler, Blough, Byler, Detwiler, Esh, Fisher, Fry, Hertzler, Hochstetler, Hooley, Kanagy, Kauffman, King, Kurtz, Lapp, Lehman, Mast, Miller, Overholt, Peachey, Plank, Schmucker, Schrock, Stoltzfus, Troyer, Weaver, Yoder. T14

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