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Surnames Beginning with A

Abbot/Abbott, Abell, Adams, Adelmann, Adsit, Agee, Alden, Alger, Allen, Alling, Alsing, Alston/Allston, Anderson, Andringa, Angevine, Anthony, Anwyl, Apperson, Archer, Armentrout, Arnold, Arrowsmith, Ashley, Atchison, Athy, Atwater, Atwood, Attwood, Austin, Avery, Axline, Ayars, Aydelotte, Aylmer


See also Essex Co., MA.

"Abbott Genealogy." Rev Abiel Abbott D.D. and Rev Ephraim Abbott. A Genealogical Register of the descendants of George Abbott of Andover, George Abbott of Bowley, Thomas Abbott of Andover, Arthur Abbott of Ipswich, Robert Abbott of Branford CT and George Abbott of Norwalk CT. LJS1

"Genealogical Register of the Descendants of ...Abbot." The Revs. Abiel and Ephraim Abbot, Boston, Munroe & Co., 1847. Register of Abbots descended from the George Abbots of Andover and Rowley, MA and Norwalk, CT and Thomas Abbot of Andover, Arthur Abbot of Ipswich, and Robert Abbot of Branford, CT. [This book is now freely available to download from Google Books.]

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"The Abell Family in America, Robert Abell of Rehoboth, Mass, his English ancestry and his descendants." Horace A Abell and Lewis P Abell, Tuttle Publishing Co, 1932. 313 pp, indexed, includes 8 Abell armorial bearings. Includes various branches of Abells in England. Carries descendants of Robert Abell (born in England, died June 20 1663 at Rehoboth, Mass) to the 10th generation. MI

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"Adams Genealogies, Descendants of Robert Adams and William Adams." Extracted from The Essex Antiquarian Salem Mass 1898 Genealogy on Robert Adams of Ipswich ans Newbury Mass & William Adams of Cambridge and Ipswich Mass. JM11

"Ancestry of Orson William Allen & Lydia Catherine Adams." by Hayle Buchanan, 2003. CID

"A Genealogical History of the Decendants of Stephen and Ursula Streeter of Gloucester, MA 1642 afterwards of Charlestown, MA 1644-1652." Milford B. Streeter, Eben Putnam Publisher, 1896. Extensive genealogy of decendants of Stephen STREETER m. Ursula ADAMS through eight generations. Also includes "an account of the Streeters of Gouldherst, Kent, England". Good index! However, there are many instances of common first names, so, when requesting a lookup, please include at the minimum approximate dates, and a spouse's name if you have it. I also have some Streeter military documents, and Streeter cemetery photos from Lisbon, NH. KM7

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See under Baden, Germany.

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"The Agee Register." Louis N. Agee, Gateway Press, 1982. Mathieu Age(e) and descendants. D11

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"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Vol 16, Pt. 1, JOHN ALDEN." Esther L. Woodworth-Barnes; Genl Soc of Mayflower Descendants; 1999. L10, JVD, MU

"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Volume 16, Part 1: John Alden First Four Generations." General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2002. MC

"Mayflower Families Through Five Generations: Vol 16, Pt. 2, JOHN ALDEN." Esther L. Woodworth-Barnes; Genl Soc of Mayflower Descendants. MU

"Mayflower Families through Five Generations, vol. 16, part 3, John Alden." Compiled by Esther Woodworth-Barnes, edited by Alicia Crane Williams, General Society of Mayflower Descendants, 2004. Vol. 16, part 3 covers the fifth generation descendants of John Alden's sons John, Joseph, and Jonathan. L30, MC

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"The George ALDRICH Genealogy." MU

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"Alger Family Lines." Charles, R. Alger, Heritage Books, Inc. 1994. Primarily lines of Jonathan Alger of Lyme, CT. Also descendant line of Thomas Alger of Taunton, MA. HMCQA

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See also under York Co., Maine, and the Alling and Leek surnames.

"Allen Family of Sandwich, Dartmouth." Anna Allen Wright 1938. Self published. The history of the Allen family, some of the Sherman Family and some of the Braley Family, all handwritten. BB3

"Allen Gleanings Extracted from the Essex Antiquarian." Essex Books. Descendents of William Allen of Salem, Andrew Allen of Lynn and Andover Mass, William Allen of Salisbury, and Joseph Allen of Salem Mass. VW2

"Ancestry of Orson William Allen & Lydia Catherine Adams." by Hayle Buchanan, 2003. CID

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"A History and Genealogical Record of the ALLING--ALLENS of New Haven, Conn." George P. Allen, Price, Lee & Adkins Co., 1899. Desendents of Roger Alling and John Alling from 1639 to 1899. Covers Connecticut, New York, New Jersey and Ohio families. RAH

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See under Sweden.

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"ALSTONS & ALLSTONS of North and South Carolina." CBC


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See also under Harford Co., MD.

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"Andringa: Geschiedenis van de verschillende families Andringa van 1450 tot heden." Andringa Werkgroep, 1983. Genealogies of the Andringa family from 1450 to the mid 1900's. The roots of all branches are in the Netherlands. 404 pages plus a couple folded charts. LB8

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"The Angevine Genealogy." by Clyde Angevine. GS2

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"Genealogy of the Anthony Family from 1495 to 1904." Charles L. Anthony, 1904. Traced from William Anthony Cologne, Germany to London, England and John Anthony a Descendant from England to America. JA2

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"The Anwyl Families" Philip H. Lawson; Margery M. Anwyl; Thomas Anwyl- Davies. Privately published 1999. History of the descendants of Lewis Anwyl of Parc, Llanfrothen (died 1605). GJ

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"Apperson Family in America." Vera Apperson English, self-published 1977. This is a compilation of Apperson family information primarily about the lines descended from John Apperson who immigrated to Virginia in 1675. There is also information on Poindexters and on some unrelated Apperson lines. The information is, of course, only as good as the individual submitters (who are not given). RF1

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"Kin, Convicts & Coalminers." Yvonne Loughnan. self published. 1999. ARCHER family history. 1700-2000. Dundee, Scotland, - Australia - New Zealand. YL

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"Armentrout Family History 1739-1978," by Russell S. Armentrout Traces the descendants of the widow Anna Elizabeth Armentrout and her 7 children. Includes dozens of allied families who lived in the Lancaster, PA area and moved to the Shenandoah Valley ca. 1752, including Rockingham, Augusta, Rockbridge, Botetourt, & Alleghany Cos. in VA and Monroe, Greenbrier & other Cos. in WV. JLS

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See also under Storm surname.

"The Arnold - Martin Family History." Lorena Martin Spillers (author & publisher) 1960. William Arnold, 1759-1825, Revolutionary Soldier, N.C. and his son, James Arnold, 1780-1825, and their decendents. Primary locations: Pittsylvania/Henry County, Virginia; Stokes County, North Carolina; Washington County, Georgia; Henry County, Alabama; Woodville and Pennington, Texas. BA1

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I'll take and share anything you have on Arrowsmith. Josiah Thomas Arrowsmith was a Western US pioneer of 1852, settling in Provo, UT. Married 3 times. He and wives are buried in the old part of the Provo cemetery. I have much information but am looking for Arrowsmiths wherever they might be. Recently visited the ancestral home of Prescot, Lancashire, England and have pictures, histories, maps, etc. to share. LR

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"Ashleys of the Old Colony, based upon the research of R. Eugene Ashley, et al." Author: Robert E. Ashley. Published by Gateway Press (Baltimore, MD), 1981. DSB

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"Genealogy of John Atchison 1744-1803." Floyd Benjamin Bennet and Frank Vanrenssalaer Phelps; Quebecor, Dubuque, Iowa, 1999. Family genealogical information in Family Tree Maker format. Book is 419 pages and includes: Pictures of authors, Atchison Family Chart for 4 generations; Forward; Sources & Acknowledgements; Documents and Index. First region noted is Faquier, Hampshire and Hardy Counties, Virginia. Also includes families in Ohio, Illinois and others. Additional surnames would be Davis and Brown. S21

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"Captain George Athy (of Galway and Maryland) and his Descendants, 2nd ed. 1989," by Lawrence F. Athy, Jr. A guide to the first six generations of the Athy-Athey-Atha-Athon Family in America. Complete name index. Written by a very good friend of mine. I will copy a limited number of pages, or transmit your name and address to him. PSC

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See under New Haven Co., CT.

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"Ye Atte Wood Annals." Elijah F. Atwood; Atwood Publ. Co., Sisseton S.D.; June 1928. Contains brief information about the English ancestors, and extensive information about the first few generations of descendants, of: John Wood, alias Atwood, in Plymouth MA 1635-6; Philip Atwood in Malden MA about 1652-3; Henry Wood (descendants surnamed Atwood)who died in Orange Co. NY 1675; Stephen Wood, alia Atwood, Plymouth MA 1641, the ancestor of all Atwoods on Cape Cod; Harmon Atwood of Boston 1642. SR8

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See under the Straight surname.

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"Descendants of RICHARD AUSTIN of Charlestown, Mass. 1638." MU

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"The Groton Avery Clan", volumes I and II. Elroy McKendree Avery & Catharine Hitchcock (Tilden) Avery, publisher unknown, 1912, reprinted by Higginson Book Company. 1456 pages, with an index that is very, very difficult to use. Without knowing the spouse's full name and dates it is almost impossible to locate the right person within a reasonable period of time, so vague requests fo common names will probably not help locate the right person among dozens or hundreds of people with the same name. I'm willing to try, but if not located within one-half hour I will give up on any search. MI

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See Exline

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"Benjamin A. Ayars, his ancestry and descendants," comp. by Bessie Ayars Andrews. Vineland, N.J., 1912. JM

"Robert Ayars and his descendants," comp. by Frank D. Andrews. Vineland, N.J., Priv. print., 1918. JM

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"Aydelotte Family" by George Carl Aydelott, 1959. RFJ

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See under Ireland.

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