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Military Records

  • Civil War
    Many websites offer information about Pima county people's involvement in the Civil War.
    "Arizona's Civil War story is a colorful one. Colonel John R. Baylor of the Confederate States of America defeated Union troops in Arizona and New Mexico in March 1861. Arizona became a Confederate Territory when it was annexed by President Jefferson Davis. Baylor was later named governor in January 1862. He set up a territorial government for the Confederacy with its own constitution. It was not until General Carelton and the California Volunteers recaptured Tucson in June 1862 and drove out Confederate forces was Arizona under Union control. Arizona became a territory under the Union flag February 26 1863. The Battle of Picacho Pass, 'the westernmost conflict of the Civil War,' was fought on April 15, 1862. It took place between Tucson and Phoenix near Picacho Peak."
  • World War I
    Ancestry made WWI Draft Registrations available for free searches. You may be able to find your male ancestor's full name, birth date and place, residence at the time, and ethnicity.
  • World War II
  • Korean Conflict
  • Vietnam Conflict
    The National Archives has many records available free online at NARA WWII Army Enlistment Records.

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