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Welcome To Walpi, Arizona

Walpi is the first village on the First Mesa inside Hopi Reservation. 

About a dozen or so Tewa Indians live there without electricity or running water. 1941 dated photo left.

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Walpi is a village in Navajo County. It is on First Mesa in the Hopi Reservation. It is inhabited mainly by the Hopi-speaking Pueblo (Tewa), several of whom live without running water or electricity.

This system of villages are based around three mesas in the traditional pueblo style which has been traditionally used by the Hopi.

Walpi is the oldest village on First Mesa, having been established in 1690 after the villages at the foot of mesa Koechaptevela was abandoned for fear of Spanish reprisal post 1680 Pueblo Revolt.

The Tewa people live on First Mesa. Hopis also occupy the Second Mesa, and Third Mesa.

The community of Winslow West is off-reservation trust land of the Hopi tribe.

We are writing a short history of the Hopi, including their deep ancient history. If you have information we can use, you can help and receive full credit for your contributions.

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