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Welcome To Shongopovi, Arizona

Hopi word Songòopavi


Three Mesas shown on the map.

These mesas are located within the larger Navajo reservation.

Location: Shongopovi is a Hopi Village on the Second Mesa.

In 2000 Shongopovi had a population of 632.

This area has been occupied for centuries, so we are looking for information sufficient to support a modest sized written history.



American Indians constituting the westernmost group of Pueblo Indians, mostly live on reservation lands in northeastern Arizona surrounded by the larger Navajo Reservation.

The name Hopi means "peaceful ones." Most of their traditional settlements were on high mesas and consisted of terraced structures of stone and adobe.

Their precise origin is unknown, but many researchers agree that they descend from the   Anasazi Pueblo peoples.

Before the Spanish came, the Hopi supported themselves by growing corn, beans, squash, and melons.

Sheepherding was added after contact with the Spanish, as did the aquisition of horses.

Traditional Hopi life was steeped in religious ceremony held in semi-underground kivas and the use of masks and costumes to impersonate kachinas, their ancestral spirits.

Today there exist about 15,000 Indians of Hopi descent.

We are writing a history of the Hopi culture on this mesa, and same for the Hopi in other parts of Arizona.

If you have some history to share, you can help. Admin