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Welcome To Holbrook, Navajo County, Arizona

Young named it after H.R. Holbrook. James H. Wilson was the first Post Master

In 1895 Holbrook became the county seat of Navajo County, and in 1917 was incorporated as a city.

Arizona Place Names 

Indians had a favorite crossing of the Little Colorado River translated as Horsehead Crossing.

In 1871 a man named Padilla built the first house and a saloon near the ford. He hired a man named Berado to manage the saloon. That place became Berado Station.

In 1881 John W. Young, a railroad contractor, set up headquarters two miles east of the future Holbrook.

In 1881, where the original railroad tracks ended at Berado Station, the railroad started extending tracks to Los Angeles, California.

In 1882 Holbrook was founded and named after H.R. Holbrook who was a railroad engineer. Berado moved further east to Albequerque. . 

This is Holbrook City hall and superior court.

In history just one man was hanged for murder on these premises.

Today the Indians hold dances every week on this lawn, and people come from afar to see them.

That is not me in the doorway.


Holbrook is also known as The Gateway To The Petrified Forest. If you are interested in how the forest was formed, goto the website.


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