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Cibucue, Apache Indian Village at Fort Apache

Welcome To Cibuque Village, Arizona

Cibecue, an Indian Camp, Farm, and Creek 

In August 1881, Captain E.C. Hentig with six enlisted men of the 6th Cavalry under command of General Carr, were killed here in a fight with White Mountain Apaches.

Nock-aye-de-Klinney, Apache Medicine Man, was killed by the troops. Hurley, interpreter at Apache, shortly after the fight, told the author that when General Carr asked an Apache scout what they called the place, he replied "She-be-Ku," meaning "My house". Carr accepted this as a name for the place.

Three White Mountain Apaches, Dandy Jim, Dead Shot, and Skippy, enlisted Indian scouts who turned against troops at the fight, were tried for mutiny at Fort Grant and were hanged there on March 3, 1882. Two other braves were sentenced to Alcatraz prison for life.

Dead Shot's wife hanged herself at San Carlos the day of the execution.


Apache nightmare:  
The Battle of Cibuque Creek by Charles Collins. 

Aftermath of Cibecue : court martial of the Apache Scouts, 1881.  
The Court Martial by Sidney B. Brinckerhoff 

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