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Welcome To Aripine

Kurt Wenner

Once upon a time Aripine was a Mormon farming settlement.
They left when their irrigation wells went dry.
The remains are old cabins, barns and storage outbuildings.
Since the original people are  gone the place as a community of Aripine no longer exists.

To help familiarize you with some neighboring communities:

  Community  Population Direction Distance
  Cibecue 1,331    S 25 mi 
  Show Low 11,763    SE 25 mi 
  Pinetop-Lakeside 4,518    SE 32 mi 
  Young 561    SW 37 mi 

To learn about neighboring communities, please visit the Aripine Neighborhood

The elevation of Aripine is 6,420 feet above sea level, more than a mile high

Old storage silo? 

It seems strange that Aripine would be completely abandoned.
Located at the intersection of four roads, it seems that at least a gas station would be located there.

 Canned Histories TM by donkelly