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Welcome To Aponi-Vi

Aponi-vi is located on 1st Mesa near an old Hopi village.

Hopi name meaning "where the wind blows down the gap."

Visitors are welcome. Use a Hopi guide, do not draw, photograph or record anything.
Respect tradition.

To help familiarize you with some neighboring communities:

Community  Population Direction Distance
Pinon 1,190 NE 31 mi
Keams Canyon 260 E 29 mi 
First Mesa 1,124 E 18 mi 
Shongopovi 632 SE 10 mi 
Moenkopi 901 NW

32 mi

History resources are sparse for this area.

The Hopi people trace their history back over 2,000 years, but their history as a people goes back thousands of years.

The Hopi say they came from South America to Arizona.

The tribe’s teachings tell of a great flood and other events dating back to ancient times.

The Hopi is one of the oldest living cultures in documented history.

A deeply religious people, they live by the ethic of peace and goodwill.

Their religions and the seasons ruled activities of their lives.

If they came from the South it suggests they descend from Palio man who migrated by boat down the west coast from Kamchatna Peninsula Russia.

First mesa view from flat prairie land

Note lots of sagebrush and very few trees.

 Canned Histories TM by donkelly