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Volume XXXV, Fall 2012
The Kettle

Kettle 2012

The beautiful cover for this year's publication of The Kettle was painted for the Melting Pot Genealogical Society by Hot Springs' native and watercolorist, Richard Stephens. To view more of Richard's work, visit his website.


Title Page i
Editor's Corner ii
Contents iii
2012 Corporate Member 1
President's Letter 2
Officers 3
We Are The Chosen 4
Membership List 5
      Membership - Corporate and Other Libraries 12
Surnames Being Researched By Members 14
Samuel M. Smith 20
A Check From the Past, E. H. Vance, Jr. 23
Bailey Cemetery 24
National Park Cemeteries: Crabtree, Chalybeate, Cedar Mountain 26
Holy Trinity Episcopal Memorial Garden 30
Tombstone Cleaning 33
40 Acres and a Mule 34
Lynch Family 36
Rev. Edgar B. Griffin, Marriage Book 54
The Arlington Hotel Secrets - Reunion Memories 57
In Remembrance, Jim Brown 63
Programs 64
Honorary Lifetime Membership 66
The Sentinel-Record, Public Service Recognition 67
Newsletter and Website 68
Did You Know? 69
World's Oldest Running Car 70
Dear Debby 71
MPGS Volunteer Service, HS Middle School Cultural Fair 76
John Andrew Riggs 77
Francis Scott Key and Old Glory 85
Library News 87
Library Acquisitions 90
Publications For Sale 98
The Tankersleys Through Time 99
The War of 1812, 200th Anniversary 111
Garland County Marriages - "J" 113
Donations 128
The Tapp Family 131
Model T Ford 143
Cemeteries of Garland County 145
Early Fire Companies of Hot Springs, Arkansas 161
Rustic and the Thorntons 201
Old Time Herbal Doctor 220
Pedigree Charts:  
     Loretta Henderson 226
     Hugh Ray Walker 227
     Cynthia K. Watts 228
     Dale K. Newkirk 229
     Marshalene Hart 230
Membership Application Form 231
Surname Index 233