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Volume XXXIV, Fall 2011
The Kettle

Kettle 2011

The beautiful cover for this year's publication of The Kettle was painted for the Melting Pot Genealogical Society by Hot Springs' native and watercolorist, Richard Stephens. To view more of Richard's work, visit his website.


Title Page 1
Editor's Corner 2
Contents 3
Corporate Members 4
President's Letter 6
Officers of the Melting Pot 7
Dedication 8
Godwin Family 10
Beneath the Weathered Stone, song by Lenny Green 17
Mountain Pine (Browning) Cemetery 18
Arkansas Flag Presentation, Rep. R. D. Saunders 26
Dear Debby... 27
William Augustav "Bill" Seiz 31
Civil War Gravesite Ceremony 48
Batter Up, Hot Springs Baseball 49
Garland County Marriages - "H and I" 51
Pedigree Charts: Golden, Erdmann, and Erdmann 79
Websites for Research 82
Elmer Beard 85
Girl Scout Troop, mid 40's 92
Membership List 93
Benefactors 2010 and Class of '50 Giveaway 101
Pedigree Charts: Bergman, Lambert, Wilson 102
Jim Randall 105
Obituaries 110
Genealogical Codicil 114
Echols/Hurst 115
Pedigree Charts: Lobdell, Patton, Henderson, Walker 122
Library Services 126
Surname Books available in Library 127
A Glimpse Into the Life of Moses Donalds 137
Pedigree of Priscilla Johnston Davis 138
Peak Cemetery 139
POW/MIA and 9-11 flags 167
Probate Records "H" 168
Donations 194
Membership Form 197
Surname Index 199